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Could we possibly heart MOR more? Answer: not possible! It’s one of those lines that excites us on so many levels; beautiful design and packaging, luxurious formulas and absolutely exquisite scents. And it’s no wonder, the line is the product of the meeting of two great Australian creative minds; a visual merchandiser who traveled the globe, and an industrial design graduate who owned an interior design company. Inspired by traditional apothecary, the pair bring international influences and their strong design sense to every item in their catalog of over 250 items. These are the types of products that are so beautiful, you almost feel bad using them! But once you do, you’ll be glad you did. Here’s Christy to tell you more…

I love perfume oils and have always preferred them to sprays. To me, they meld with your skin better, and work differently with everyone’s chemistry, creating true personalized scents. So I was very excited to test the MOR perfume oils ($20) from their Little Luxuries collection (petite treasures to leave you smitten with sweet cravings). I honestly never knew they made perfume oils. But now, I will never forget! From the packaging and beautiful bottle, to the ultra-feminine soft scent; this line has a new forever fan in me!

The oils come in a tube, stylized in a very art deco manner. The glass bottle has a lovely pattern that reminds me of elegant Victorian flocked wall paper. Plus, they’re topped with a roller ball for easy application. The wht team was lucky enough to test three of MORs five dreamy scents.

First up, Belladonna. Described as “a spring symphony of White Narcissus, Moroccan Rose and Pink Tulips enlivened with a sparkling mist of Meyer Lemon, finally sweetened with a touch of French Cassis. Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk to leave a trace of tender warmth.” If that doesn’t sound inviting I don’t know what does. This scent is incredibly soft and feminine, and very calming. I’d never guess that rose and lemon were in the mix, as the real stand out notes for me are the light musk, vanilla and sandalwood. A little goes a long way, and I have found the staying power of this oil to be amazing!

We also tested Cassis Noir.  MOR lists this as “hints of Sparkling Cinnamon Leaf that are followed by Bulgarian Rose, Black Currant Buds and Jasmine.” I haven’t worn this one myself, but I did smell it at a local perfume shop and found it to be more on the alluring side; a very strong, confident female scent. I will be buying this one for Winter, as it’s a warm scent. And though it’s not listed, I found a beautiful amber-like quality to it.

Finally, Snow Gardenia, with “Gardenia, Juniper Berry and Angelica with a touch of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Sandalwood.” I also sampled this at the perfume shop and of the three, this was the most floral. Gardenia really dominated this one for me. A true trip through a soft scented garden, it’s extremely feminine.

MOR Little Luxuries perfume oils Rounding out the collection, they also offer oils in Lychee Flower and one of the scents their most known for, Marshmallow. It’s worth noting that the Little Luxuries line also offers petite body butters, soaps, hand creams and lip nectar as well.

What I love about these oils is that they are fresh and not at all overpowering as some perfumes can be. Instead they linger in a very even, soft kind of way. I’m amazed that they’re only $20! When I saw the packaging alone, I assumed this was a $40 oil, and was prepared to pay that when I smelled Belladonna. Best of all, you can toss these in your purse and carry them with you everywhere! All in all, I found my first taste of MOR to be inviting and elegant. I can’t wait to try more MOR!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s reviews, these look amazing. I wish I had smell-o-vision!

  2. I really love my MOR. I received Belladonna. It is just superb! I hate super sweet and cloying perfumes. And this my friends is not either of those things. The lemon and rose are perfectly balanced and complemented by the vanilla and sandalwood. I completely agree with the description of this scent as being warm. That is the exact feeling I get when I wear it. And it does last forever. Now of course this is great for anytime. But I particularly love roll on oils like this for the summer. They last longer, are great for on the go, and in my opinion work better than traditional scents in the heat. And yes, this stuff smells very expensive. It is so hard to believe the amazing price! I highly recommend MOR and give it a BIG 5 STARS!! I want MOR!!!

  3. I love this brand! Not to toot my own horn, but I sell a bunch of Mor stuff in my online store. I have to say that their packaging is the best I have seen of any beauty brand. And the fragrances are to die for. They are very very strongly scented, so you have to know that you are going to like a scent before you buy it, because it will stick with you all day. Gorgeous stuff!

  4. Ohhhh, this one was nice. I got Cassis Noir and it is so grown-up and sexy… The currant note stuck out for me, but a dark and only slightly sweet currant scent. It then it faded into a more seductive floral, which was lovely.
    It didn’t seem to last as long on me as it sounds from the other reviewers. But I’ve noticed that with roller balls sometimes they deposit a LOT of product and at other times it’s like the ball isn’t in deep enough and when you roll it seems to deposit a tiny bit. (Anyone else ever notice this?) I think that might be the case here, when I checked it out it rolled out less product than my other roller scents do. In any case, I think the lack of lingering for me is an application thing and not an actual scent issue.

    Regardless, this gets 5 stars. It smells WONDERFUL and the packaging is so classy that I’d even keep an empty one on my counter for decoration!

  5. I also tested Cassis Noir, and unlike the experience @lyssachelle had, it was *very* strong on me. Lovely and alluring (perfect word, @christy!) but strong nonetheless.

    I would say “Noir” is an appropriate name, as the fragrance is deep, dark and heady. It’s a scent I will love in the winter, but it’s way too strong for hot summer months.

    The packaging is beautiful, even the cardboard sleeve that protects the bottle. I love the roller ball applicator, and the scent is long-lasting, too. It’s a super-bargain at $20. I just might try another one (or two).

    5 stars for Mor!

  6. I think the fact that these are super strong on some people and faint on others, just goes to prove @christy‘s point that oils really work differently on everyone. They also smell differently on the skin than they do in the bottle. I can’t tell you how many times something smells fab on her and bad on me (and visa versa). It happens way more often than it does with perfume sprays.

    Anyway, I got to try Belladonna. It’s very un-me, but something about it totally entranced me. I’m usually not a “pretty” perfume girl. I much prefer dark, intense sort of scents (spicy or wood based). And Belladonna does very much smell like a spring day; I imagine myself running through a meadow! But what I think saves it from being flower overload (and what drew me to it) is the musk, vanilla and sandalwood notes. They give it just enough warmth, they “sex” it up, if you will. And oh, what a good vanilla! I rarely smell vanillas that don’t make me gag. They’re usually so synthetic and way too sweet. This is more like a vanilla bean pod, rather than a cupcake.

    BUT sadly, count me in the group that the scent didn’t last too long on. I’d smell it as I was rolling it on, but a few hours later and it was barely there. Luckily, with the portability of these I was able to whip it out of my purse and put on more! And they’re so subtle, I didn’t have to worry about scent overload.

    And that packaging? Like all MOR, it has me crazy with love. They really do have some of the best packaging on the market. I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that people with a design background are behind the line.
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Benefit Ultra Shine Lip Gloss =-.

  7. I received one of Mor’s Little Luxuries, “Snow Gardenia” Roll-on Perfume Oil. Stef files in her mind what my likes and dislikes are, so it didn’t’ surprise me to know that she remembered how much I adore the gardenia flower! Naturally, I was happy to get this beauty to test. I have an extensive list of the best Gardenia perfumes out there and have I’ve tried them all- save Mors! It started when I was just a teenybopper- my mother loved this flower too and brought my first gardenia plant home from our flower shop; that was all she wrote! This Snow Gardenia is pretty special. If you don’t’ know already, it’s hard to get gardenia’s scent right. Some are not even remotely reminiscent of Gardenia. I carry this convenient roll-on perfume with me in my purse. It’s one of those fragrances that draw many compliments. Never overbearing and you smell like a bouquet of its namesake. The bottle is plain pretty to look at, it’s lovely. I enjoy having it with me to freshen up and awake my senses throughout the day. I like what Mor has done by including Juniper Berry and Angelica in the mix. It is a wonderful classical fragrance and has a base of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Sandalwood. I love the packaging and everything else I’ve ever had from Mor.. I happily grant five stars!

  8. I also got Cassis Noir and the second I saw the beautiful packaging I was smitten! It’s so pretty that I couldn’t believe it only costs $20.

    And the scent!! I’m extremely picky when it comes to perfumes because often times I’m disappointed with how they interact with my body’s chemistry, but this one was smelled divine! It’s dark and exotic but the sweet floral quality underneath it balances the heaviness. While it does seem to be a good winter scent, to me it seems very sensual and fitting for hot summer evenings (it conjures up images of old exotic places like Cairo).

    I’m also falling under the category of it not smelling very strong on and it wearing off pretty quickly. I actually wish it was a bit stronger on me because of how much I love this scent. At least, as @stef pointed out, the purse sized bottle makes it easy to do quick touch ups!

    Five stars from me for this gorgeous, sexy perfume! I’m dying to try the others now!

  9. I also received Cassis Noir and I am in love love love. I totally agree with everyone else–Mor’s packaging has me at hello every single time. And their scents are all amazing. Mor is a brand that just really speaks to me, and Cassis Noir actually embodies a scent that I have tried to create on my own for many years.

    I’ve always love cassis, and I’ve tried layering some other cassis fragrances I own with rose fragrances. I’ve always thought that the combo of blackcurrant and rose would make for a rich, syrupy, sultry scent, and now with Cassis Noir, I no longer have to keep “making my own” blackcurrant-rose fragrance. This scent is perfect in every way to me.

    As for intensity and staying power, I’d say Cassis Noir is right down the middle on my skin. It’s strong but not too strong, and it seems to last for the better part of the day on my wrists and neck.

    Gotta give this one 5 stars.

    PS: Wonderful review, @christy!

  10. Love it, @kellie76! I want MOR too!! 5 stars all the way on this gem…I tested Belladonna, as well. I agree with the other reviews on this, that the vanilla and sandalwood are standouts here. I am a vanillaholic, so this was a perfect choice for me. I never would have guessed lemon on my own, but now that I know, I can smell it and love it all the MOR for that. I carry this in my purse and apply it every morning on the way to work. That’s so perfect because I am one of those people that forgets to put my perfume on in the morning rush to get out the door. I would have said a month ago that it doesn’t last on me either – I didn’t think anyone else could smell it at all in fact (even though I loved it enough to not care), but my mom one day mentioned that it was really pretty but I had applied too much! I was shocked because I couldn’t smell it at all and had put it on a few hours prior…but the scent was there nonetheless. Makes me a little nervous though – I can’t stand it when someone douses themselves in perfume – I always think how do they not know they’re making us all gag?? So, use caution with applying these – the oils may be stronger than you think. At $20 only, it’s worth it to see if each one mixes with your body chemistry. I’ve got my eye on Snow Gardenia next – love love love ylang ylang (and gardenia when done right). I love the insignia on the top of the cap, too. Understated special touches like that just make me smile!

  11. As everyone has said, the MOR packaging is stunning!! I need a good perfume -I’ve never worn perfume, isn’t that crazy? Just body sprays. But I’ve been wanting to jump in the perfume world. I think…but where to begin? With MOR, maybe? :)

  12. I’m so glad everyone felt the love too :) These really are stunning to look at and smell. @Katie this is a really good way to branch into the perfume world without going straight to a spray! The best part is that the oils work different on everyone. I’m surprised at how many ladies the scent didn’t last that long on, I guess thats part of the thing with the oils..
    Belladonna lasts so long on me, but some other oils I have do fade after an hour or so.
    I think doubling up on the oil and one of their lotions would really enhance the staying power, if you really love the scent.

    So glad everyones wanting MOR :)

  13. I received the Belladonna scent. When I first smelled it I wasn’t so sure this scent was going to be for me. Musk and sandalwood are not my typical scents of choice and that’s all I could smell at first. Once applied I completely changed my mind. It turned into a really pleasing vanilla scent. It’s now one of my favorite oils. Perfect for spring and summer. Love that it comes in a beautiful bottle with a roller ball. Like others, the scent didn’t last that long on me, but I think that’s just my body chemistry. I always seem to need to reapply no matter what the brand of oil. Love that these are perfect for throwing in my purse so I can reapply as needed. Would love to try their other scents too. 5 stars!

  14. This past week’s products up for review really got me (pleasantly) confused with their packaging: first Pin-Up cosmetics masquerading as Benefit, now MOR showing up looking a lot like a Kama Sutra product. Really, I almost missed reviewing this product because of this very reason…this girl’s gotta pay closer attention.
    That being said, I, too tried out the Cassis Noir perfume oil. As you can see from the photo, the packaging looks a little Eastern Indian–exotic–and is the perfect figurative case for what is found inside. The bottle itself could be mistaken for an old Kissing Potion if it weren’t for the lovely tapestry pattern printed on the clear glass (OK, I’ll stop with the “almost twins” thing).
    Clearly, the most important thing in any cosmetic is the quality of the actual product. This MOR Cassis Noir is extremely high in quality. I’ll have to echo @Melinda here and say that the scent can be stronger than one may think. Unlike sprays which are a cloud of fragrance easily able to overwhelm the nostrils, the oil is more subtle in application. The scent is, however, stronger in its concentrated location. Though you may not notice it after awhile, others may. I’d reccommend using sparingly at first and work up to a level of perfumed-ness that’s good for you.
    The scent of Cassis Noir is aptly named as well. Dark fruit and subtle spice is clear. Think Morrocan food–savory with raisins–and you have a good sense of this perfume’s range.
    I’m not one for dark and spicy or peppery perfumes; I tend to go for the clean, fresh, sugary-florarly-springy scents. This was definately not the latter, but it wasn’t so far removed from those that I couldn’t see myself wearing it. Cassis Noir is the perfect bridge from spice to nice…fans of both should be able to appreciate it.

  15. I liked my MOR scent. I received it in Snow Gardenia. The packaging was very pretty, and the size is just perfect for tossing into my purse. However, I found the scent to be just a bit overwhelming for me. I’m not sure if it was the scent itself or that I wore it on a particularly humid day when everything felt heavy-scented to me. I will try it again in cooler weather, but I don’t think that the particular scent suited me.

  16. Just bought one today in Marshmallow! Love it and its so convenient and cute to carry around.

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