Moroccanoil Hair Care Collection Review

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The wonders of argan oil (slowly but surely) made me a believer

Moroccanoil Hair Care Collection on a white backgroundphotos: we heart this

It has gotten to the point that you can’t shake a hairbrush in the beauty aisle without whacking into a product that contains the darling of the beauty world — argan oil – a powerhouse ingredient that contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E that nourish and protect hair and skin. Having been introduced to the benefits of argan oil, in not only my haircare items but also my cosmetics, by my fellow testers on we heart this, I’m pretty familiar with products containing “liquid gold.”

When I received a trio of products from Moroccanoil, I was prepared to be pleased but not terribly impressed. (Another haircare with argan oil? Yawn…) Plus, I received the products just as summer started to hit in Texas; did Moroccanoil really think it could stand up to the sauna that envelops my city every year?

However, having been a tester for a while I should know better because I was blown away by the subtle differences that Moroccanoil had on my hair!

Created after a trip to a salon in Israel gave co-founder Carmen Tal startling results, Moroccanoil was brought to the US a few years ago and has become a powerhouse in the haircare industry. Starting with the original Moroccanoil Treatment for dry hair, the company has branched into skin and spa treatments and is a favorite of high-end salons and celebrities.

Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner on a white background

The Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner ($20.60 and $21.60 respectively) were a welcome change as I’d run out of my favorite brands and had been making due with lesser drug store versions.

Using them for the first time did not make me a convert; the shampoo lathered nicely and the conditioner is that perfect consistency of thick yet thin enough to coat your hair evenly, but (at first) neither product seemed like something to write home about. (But keep reading!)

Moroccanoil Treatment bottles on a white background

Having been overly spoiled by slick packaging, I was more impressed with the Moroccanoil Treatment bottle, prettily encased in amber glass and with a pump that doles out the perfect amount of lovely smelling oil. I tested the standard version which is suitable for all hair types, while a fellow tester checked out the Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment (both $40.60) designed for those with fine and light colored hair.

All three products I tested have that argan oil smell that you either love or hate; warm and a little exotic. For those that aren’t fans of the scent, it’s worth noting that the smell only lingers with the Treatment oil and even then it’s subtle.

Moroccanoil Treatment bottles with packaging

The Treatment oil held more promise; thinner than more frizz treatments. This allowed for light application on dry hair to give shine or control frizz, and heavier use on my damp curls when I needed more control. But overall? The experience was good but fairly average, I thought…

It wasn’t until I got a compliment on my hair weeks later that I took a good look in the mirror. My hair did look a little bit more tamed and seemed to be standing up to the recent Texas summer humidity. Plus, it HAD seemed a bit shinier than usual.

And…wait, did I really notice less hair falling out in the shower? Upon further inspection, it seems that Moroccanoil had been slowly but surely transforming my hair into softer, shinier, more manageable curls right under my nose. Sneaky, sneaky…

The Moroccanoil Treatment will definitely be in permanent rotation in my beauty routine. It’s lightweight and great on wet or dry hair, the shine and smoothing powers are up there with any other serum on the market.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask with black and light blue packaging

Intense Hydrating Mask Swatch

I’m excited to see how my fellow testers fared with a few of the Moroccanoil hair products, especially the Intense Hydrating Mask ($32.80). Ideal for those in need of extra moisture or conditioning can benefit from this dense mask promises a “5-minute revival treatment” that improves the texture, elasticity, shine and manageability of your locks.

Moroccanoil Frizz Control spray with light blue packaging on a white background
Another tester tried out the Frizz Control spray ($32), packaged in the pretty glass amber bottle. This spray is crafted to eliminate frizz and control static in any weather – from the dry conditions of winter to the high humidity of summer.

Plus, make sure to check the comments for the low down on the Luminous Hairspray ($21). This lightweight and flexible hairspray is infused with argan oil and promises to fight frizz and add shine while giving long-lasting hold without any sticky residue.

No phosphates, sulfates or parabens
Signature warm argan oil scent
Gentle yet effective cleansing, moisturizing and frizz control
A little goes a long way

Signature warm argan oil scent, not everyone’s favorite
Price on the higher end

If your hair is in need of an overhaul and you’ve been wanting to jump on the argan oil bandwagon, Moroccanoil is definitely the brand that you should let pleasantly surprise you.

we heartsters and testers – have you fallen in love with the power of argan oil and the Moroccanoil hair care line?

Moroccanoil products are available exclusively through partner salons nationwide. To locate a salon near you, use the salon locator by visiting the Moroccanoil website via smartphone.

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  1. I’ve heard so much hype about this stuff I started to not believe any of it, until I tried my first product.. I have the Frizz Control spray and it really is a miracle oil! I like to let my hair air dry a lot because its thick and takes a long time to brow dry but when I do this it often poofs out like a fro.. Especially if I try to go a little longer without a trim, so I started using this to spritz my damp hair after a shower, comb it through and let it dry.. Now my hairs MUCH more controllable and sleek.. My pro AND con about this product though is that its so light! This is great for not weighing down your hair but bad because you feel like you need more! haha

    Great stuff! I’m looking forward to trying more!

  2. I have thick, unruly naturally curly hair. And I am always looking for the perfect products to tame my hair. I am currently using an Argan cream and really loving the results. It does do a beautiful job with refining my texture and helping to create natural looking and soft curls and waves.

    Based on this excellent review I must give the Frizz Control Spray a try as well. I love to air dry my hair. It sounds like it would be a great product for me.

  3. @lyssachelle , I really appreciate your review because I keep looking at these MoroccanOil products at the store, not sure if they’d be worth the investment. Now that I know, it’s going to be hard to decide what to try first. Can’t wait to hear what the other testers have to say, too!

  4. Keep in mind that these products are also chockablock with silicones, so people with curly hair might do better to buy straight argan oil (available very inexpensively from a number of Amazon sellers, among other places). Silicones seal your cuticle, which reduces the look of frizz, but also makes it impossible for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft leading to more dryness over time; they also require drying sulfates to fully remove them from your hair. Plain ol’ argan oil will deliver all the benefits of these products with none of the drawbacks, plus save you a ton of money!

  5. Great post @lyssachelle! I absolutely adore Moroccanoil! I feel in love with a salon sample a few years ago and have been using it ever since. It smells amazing and makes my hair so soft after using it. It also really brings out the color of my highlights, which is always a plus! You are definitely right in saying that a little goes a long way. If you use too much, it won’t settle as well, but it also makes the bottle last longer!

  6. I’ve been using a bit of Argan oil on my hair after I get out of the shower to help control and tame frizz and noticed that over time, my hair felt less greasy and just healthier and softer–I think Argan oil needs time to work properly. While I only have wavy hair, I do have 3-4 seriously kinky ringlets at the base of my skull and the oil has worked wonders at softening those and easing them up a bit–I was beginning to lose hope about them. :P
    I am really intrigued by these products because I’m trying to grow my hair and I’ve found that the well water we have is so harsh that I need products that are beyond fabulous to counteract its effects. I’m going to have to check these out!

  7. I’ve been curious about Moroccanoil products for a while now as well and this definitely made up my mind that I need to try these immediately!

  8. Moroccan oil is the most interesting ingredient. The few things I have tried that have Moroccan oil –have given me great results. I am checking this line out!

  9. I got to try the Frizz Control spray, and oh, this stuff smells wonderful! Okay, I just wanted to get that off my chest! I know about frizzy unruly hair –Granted, It looks a lot better since I started getting Keratin treatments last year but even still, I need help in keeping it the way I want. I like this because I have flyaways that need some control too. I use just a little more than they say to on my damp hair. I use closer to 6-8 pumps. The pump works perfectly.. I have long hair and a lot of it. Most importantly, I like this because it free from phosphates, sulfates and parabens. I refuse to use products with them anymore. My hairdresser has this line at work and when he likes something it’s usually because he likes what it does. This bottle should last a long time too. I love the cool packaging and colors.. Super inviting. I’ll be buying this when it runs out. Five Stars.

  10. I’ve used argan oil in my hair, just not this brand. I have a bottle of Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil for my hair which I use for heat styling and it’s worked well so far to protect it and get it looking shiny. THanks for the post!

  11. Hm…I will have to add at least some of the treatments to my list of “Things to Try Out.” I wish they sold them online though :(

  12. I have been curious about trying Moroccan Oil products, but was afraid they would be too heavy for my fine hair. I was thrilled to read in @lyssachelle review that there is a light formula!
    Sounds great!

  13. Awesome review @lyssachelle! This is HG material for most of my friends. I hear so much about it but I’ve never bit the bullet and given it a try. That might change really soon :) I had no idea they had a light formula. I have fine hair so that would be excellent for me to try!

  14. I chose to test the Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment, not because my hair is fine (it’s super thick) but because I’m blonde and the “for light colored” recommendation intrigued me. This is, hands down, my favorite leave in oil I have EVER used.

    I love the smell; warm and spicy, but soft. I don’t think I’ve applied it once and haven’t smelled it first! And I LOVE how light it feels. I use silicone products every time I wash my hair. I love the smoothness that they impart. This feels much lighter than any in my arsenal. But seems to deliver better results with a smaller amount of product. It’s more like oil rather than a thick, slippery weirdness (don’t get me wrong, that feeling was fine for me for years!) It feels more natural. Argan oil is 3rd on the ingredient list (yes, after two ‘cones) but that’s higher in the list than some products I’ve tried that tout it.

    I don’t even use a whole pump of it (and I gotta give it up for the glass bottle and that pump), just a half on my wet hair. Then another half pump when I’m styling. And voila, my hair feels smooth and healthy. And if I somehow get too much, I rub it on my skin!

    5 stars, I will buy this again and again.

  15. I tested the Luminous Hairspray. Disclaimer–I don’t really know what argan oil smells like on its own. However, I am very particular about fragrance in my products, and I didn’t find the scent to be overly powerful or offensive, it just has a very tiny bit of spice/musk to it. It has pretty decent hold, and a little bit of natural looking shine. The best thing about it is that it’s not sticky like some hairsprays are. It has decent hold, and is lighter feeling than my Herbal Essence hairspray.

    At $21, the price is a little bit high, considering it’s solidly above average but not exceptional performance, I’m going to give it 3 and a half stars.

  16. I started using this stuff before all the Argan oil hype and haven’t strayed over the years. It just works so well. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the Argan oil. I don’t really think Argan oil is anything that special – coconut oil is really best for hair. But I think moroccanoil is just a very well-formulated product. Of course there’s other good products that give similar results out there, but this one just happens to be my favorite. Plus I usually am not a big fan of scented products, but I LOVE this one!

  17. I received the Intense Hydrating Mask for testing and I love it! I have very, very thick curly hair and all the sun and surf it’s seeing this year have really taken their toll. I love slathering this stuff on, wrapping my hair up in a turban, and letting it set in as I soak in the tub. The scent is fantastic and reminds me of my grandmother in a pleasant sort of way, sort of powdery while also being bright and floral.
    After I rinse it out I find my hair to be incredibly soft and shiny- even a ride in the convertible can’t knot and poof my locks! It’s recommended for use once or twice a week, but I find myself using it less often because I want to stretch out every last bit! I’m nearly out of it as it is, and it’s definitely a rebuy.
    I give Moroccanoil Hair Care’s Intense Hydrating Mask 4 stars, with one removed for the price point. $7 cheaper and it would be an easy bump up.

  18. Question: What is the distinctive scent of the Frizz Control that I’m smelling? It’s NOT the scent of argan oil. It’s something familiar, but I can’t place it. Where have I smelled this before? I love it but not knowing what it is, is bugging me! Pls ask the manufacturer and respond, if you can!

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