Mother’s Day Gifts That Make Up For Being a Brat...

Mother’s Day Gifts That Make Up For Being a Brat…

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(This post contains affiliate links)

Mother’s Day is next weekend. Have you found the perfect gift for her yet? If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Anything is possible with two-day shipping!

Side note: Am I the only one who feels like NOTHING you get your mom can ever pay her back for those years of screaming “I hate you!” around the age of 13? (Oh, you are not. -Editor-in-chief and former child brat) Well, all the Mothers Day gifts on this list certainly can’t hurt…

Candy Flower Bouquet

What: Flowers or chocolates, the eternal present dilemma. Get this adorable gift from Sugarfina and you can get her BOTH! Eight stems, each with tulle petals of dark chocolate dipped in a delicate sugar shell and attached to fabric-wrapped stems, turn candy into an edible centerpiece. Best of all? Made in Italy. Mom will surely appreciate how chic you’ve become.

Where to Buy: Sugarfina ($40)

Beauty School Mani/Pedi Kit

What: Remember when you were young and you and your mom would do “spa” days? I so fondly remember putting faux foils in my hair, and “painting” highlights on my mom’s hair with water and a paintbrush. As I got older, and we moved to clear coat and the ever-lovely blue eyeshadow, I really began to learn about makeup and beauty. Yet somehow I knew a trip to an actual spa just wouldn’t be the same. Seeing this mega kit made me TOTALLY flashback to those bonding days. **Bonus points if you have a sweet little girl and are creating these same memories with her.

Where to Buy: Sally Beauty ($129)

Cashmere Robe

What: Isn’t it fun to buy someone something they’d probably never splurge on for themselves? That would be the case when it comes to a cashmere robe. Does she NEED it? Probably not. But would she LOVE it? Definitely. We know it’s extravagant, but isn’t she worth it?

Where to Buy: Shopbop ($478)

A month of meals from Blue Apron

What: This one comes from Stef – We signed up for Blue Apron about six months ago and, not to be dramatic, but it has changed our lives! Why? Not because of the obvious reason: they’re delicious recipes, shipped directly to your door with everything you need to prepare them. It’s because my husband has discovered he likes to cook because of them! So my suggestion is get your mom a one month subscription and give your dad a giant hint; mom needs a month off from kitchen duties!

Where to Buy: Blue Apron ($59.99, three meals per week for two people)

Affordable Custom Jewelry

What: Custom jewelry is always a great choice and is such a unique gift. My mom actually HAS this necklace! Stamped and so cute, it’s the perfect, sentimental accent to each outfit. The charms are 3/4 inch in diameter. Have the name of each of her kids added, or even words or initials. You can choose up to 5 charms.

Where to Buy: Etsy ($10-$32, depending on chain and number of charms)

What are you getting your mom for Mothers Day? And tell us your worst “I was a brat” story in the comments!

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