Movie Inspired Fashion - 3 Valentine Day's Looks

Movie Inspired Fashion – 3 Valentine Day’s Looks

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Valentine’s Day is almost here. And although the sentiment behind the day is lovely, the holiday itself can be a little stressful. If you’re single, you might feel like everyone else is coupled up. If you’re coupled up, you might be remembering that time your significant other got you a wilted grocery store bouquet to declare their devotion.

But fear not – no matter what happens on V-Day, you can still look Aphrodite-esque. To get you in the mood for love, here are three looks inspired by romantic movie heroines to see you through date-night, a party or girls night out.

Look #1: Keira Knightly as Cecelia Tallis in Atonement

If you like your romance fraught with the sweeping tensions of war, false accusations, and bittersweet endings, “Atonement” is for you. All sad parted lovers aside, though, have you ever seen a more gorgeous dress?

For a Valentine’s dream date, try this version of the green gem:

The sheer beauty of the original dress Keira wore, created by costume designer Jacqueline Durran, is hard to beat — but I think this emerald-green confection from Thomas Wylde comes close. If you have a fancy-pants Valentine’s date or event in the works, this gown would leave a definite impression. The bodice features sparkling glass beads and tiny metal crosses, creating a gorgeous contrast against that deep, intense green.

To make the green pop, try these golden Diane Von Furstenberg mid-heel strappy sandals; they’re low enough to dance in but still super-glamorous.

If, like me, you have champagne taste but a Two-Forty-Nine Buck Chuck budget, here’s an affordable dupe outfit from Target.

This jade-green Mossimo wrap dress looks fancier than its $34.99 price tag, thanks to the origami-esque wrapped waist and sash.

To really amp up the sparkle, add these De Blossom Sally platform sandals with faux stone accents. And then buy yourself a nice bottle of champers, because you saved so much money on this outfit.

Look #2: Ione Sky as Diane Court in Say Anything

This is a gem from director Cameron Crowe, circa 1989 and also stars John Cusack. Diane is the object of Lloyd Dobler’s affection – she’s a whip-smart student with a glorious brunette mane and some sick late 80’s fashion sense. If you, too, would like a cute boy to blast Peter Gabriel outside your bedroom window, get your hands on this…

This winter white look retains the romantic stylings of the original in “Say Anything,” but gives it a fresh 2013 update.

The adorable lace shift dress from H&M creates such a clean, crisp silhouette – pair it with this dusty-sage triangle scarf from Etsy for some additional romantic flair.

As the crowning touch, slip on this slim rosette headband from Urban Outfitters – because it’s kind of hard to pull off a giant flower in your hair, am I right?

Note: John Cusack is not, unfortunately, included in this ensemble.

Look #3: Audrey Tatou as the titular character in Amelie

Amelie is the epitome of shyly adorable quirkiness – complete with comfy shoes, little printed dresses, and perfect baby bangs.

See what I mean?

This ensemble is great for a more low-key date, or if you’re going to hang out with friends; it’s the perfect blend of cute and comfy.

The Yumi-designed Kyoto Photo Call dress from ModCloth, is darling: it features a blue lace illusion sweetheart neckline, tiny lace cap sleeves, and a Peter Pan collar to die for.

Throw on this scarlet cardigan, also from ModCloth, as the perfect companion to the dress – those embroidered birds give this cardi such a unique look. And lastly, to lend a little toughness to this sweet outfit, slip into these Doc Martens Corin shoes. If you’ve never tried them, Doc Martens are super comfortable and last forever. And et voila – Amelie style in three easy pieces!

we heartsters – What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? More importantly, what are you going to wear?

Amity writes and teaches in Central PA. Her obsessions include: Rodarte (she can’t afford any Rodarte, mind you, but a girl can dream), espresso, books, vintage/thrift fashion and fountain pens. She thinks you should dress like a weirdo once in a while, just to shake things up.

10 thoughts on “Movie Inspired Fashion – 3 Valentine Day’s Looks”

  1. I love this post, @amity ! Your “affordable dupe” finds are amazing, especially that green Mossimo dress! The bird print of the Kyoto Photo Call Dress has stolen my heart, too. I haven’t decided what I’ll wear for Valentine’s Day, but there will be red lipstick involved for sure!

  2. You chose incredible, affordable outfits and provided a range of styles ANYONE can wear! My head is spinning. I have no choice but to choice Mary Janes (ala Audrey Tatou) because of some major foot problems, but the charming dress and red sweater complete the look beautifully. I may opt for the rosette headband–so delicate and flattering. Nails, lips, and blush? Red, of course. Eyes? Sultry, smokey, come-hither. I spent hours doing my eyes for New Year’s Eve; my husband said I looked lovely. I feel asleep without removing my makeup (I know, I know, my hands should be slapped but I was exhausted) and woke up the next morning with him standing over me saying, “Oooh, you did something special with your eyeshadow, didn’t you?” At least it was noted–fourteen hours later!

  3. I loved Amelie’s cute style when I first saw this movie. I don’t know what my boyfriend and I are doing for Valentine’s Day…Probably nothing too special! Maybe go to our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. I don’t know what I’m wearing either!

  4. I like your idea of wearing green because everyone just wears red and they feel like they half to!
    I think this year I might pull out a skirt that I made that has lips all over. It only seems appropriate :)

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