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How the Murad Inclusive Health Approach is helping my skin (and mind, body and soul!)

Inclusive Health via Murad

When Stef and I were invited to the world renowned Murad Inclusive Health Spa to visit with the man himself, we could not say yes fast enough. We’ve been beauty obsessed since our teens, have a lifetime of careful shopping behind us, plus over 5 years in the make up review industry and if asked today to name a great, affordable skin care line, both of us would place Murad vey high on the list. We were thrilled to receive a detailed look at one of our most beloved brands.

If you are like me, you may have I imagined the Dr Murad in some white on white, uber-high-tech laboratory in the Swiss Alps; nope, he’s here practicing his extraordinary skills in the Los Angeles area. Our trip to the Murad Inclusive Health Spa included quality chatting time with the legend himself and we walked away with skincare knowledge that will stay with us forever.

In fact, some of these profoundly simple, but effective “secrets” to healthy skin have already made an improvement in my skin, body, mind and soul. After all, when you physically look better, you definitely feel better emotionally. Which means you’re more likely to stick to those good habits and the cycle keeps repeating. We’ll be listing some of these simple steps that have started to make a drastic difference for us at the end of this article, but first, an introduction to Dr. Murad and the Inclusive Health philosophy.

Howard Murad, M.D. has devoted his life to “to making beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone”. Murad Inc., his highly effective, affordable skincare line was established in 1989 as his way of sharing pioneering skincare formulas (from years of practicing medicine and clinical research) with the world. These “scientifically-proven formulas and (Dr. Murad’s) inclusive approach to overall skin and body health have helped millions to live better lives.”

You can add Stef and I to that list, as just one morning spend with Dr. Murad and his Inclusive Health Practitioners, has helped us both make some positive differences in our lives! While Dr. Murad is a true skin visionary (he pioneered many innovative, now commonplace, treatment concepts including alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants, infusion technology and the introduction of pomegranate into skincare), the concept behind the Inclusive Health Approach is simple and classic.

Inclusive Health via Murad Spa

Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy sets Murad apart from other dermatologists, spas and brands because it “emphasizes that skin is not only the body’s largest organ but is connected to, and reflective of, the health of all systems in the body.” In other words, if you take care of your entire body (fuel it properly, give it both enough exercise and rest) your skin (as the body’s largest organ) will reap the benefits as well. Not to mention your figure, your confidence, and your happiness!

During our talk with Dr. Murad he explained one of the main principles of this inclusive health approach, “What we should do is look at the one indicator of health and youth. And it’s at a cellular level. The one thing that is present in young and healthy cells is that they have more water. We are born with 75% water, we die with 0. Along the way, we lose more and more water. Your skin probably feels drier than it did 10 years ago. Your hair is probably not as shiny and a bit thinner. And many of these things happen so gradually that you don’t even really pay attention to it.”

Of course, part of this is just a fact of aging, right? Not entirely, according to Dr. Murad, “It’s true, you are getting older. You can’t change the fact that you are here on this earth for so many years. But what you CAN change is how well you look and how well you feel during that time. And one thing that will absolutely do that is to encourage and increase the cellular water.”

The Science of Cellular Water™, of which Dr. Murad has been a pioneer in, studies the “ability of cell membranes to hold water…the fundamental marker of youthful good health”. It’s considered the most comprehensive approach to understanding health and aging. The Inclusive Health concept was created to “help the body create stronger, healthier cells” leading to a healthier body and younger looking skin.

Dr. Murad has just released his latest book, the groundbreaking approach, dubbed The Water Secret. It’s methods are simple, effective and attainable for everyone. Many celebrities (including beauty expert Jean Godfrey-June) have raved over the changes they experienced with this approach. And now, everyone can benefit and take steps towards a healthier body and beautiful skin.

Of course, if you can get to the Murad Inclusive Health Spa for a consultation, I highly recommend you do so. This 1 hour assessment with a specially trained Murad Practitioner focuses on three key markers of health: skin health, sense of self and cellular health. A complete physical and emotional review is conducted including a reading of the water levels in your cells and a “MiHi” rating, an indication of overall health. (on a 1-100 scale I rated a 56, Stef a 60). More importantly, your Inclusive Heath Practitioner will then set a 10 week plan (that you can either follow on your own, or with their guidance along the way) to help you achieve your health related goals. From losing weight to stress management to glowing skin, Murad has a plan to build the foundation for any goal.

Since our day with Dr. Murad, I have made a number of changes in my life and I am looking and feeling better for it! I’ve dropped a number of pounds, my skin is clearer and I am happier. Best of all, I started by following just three simple steps gleamed from our day at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa:

• Mom was right, you are what you eat (and what you drink). I know you think that you can drink your 8 glasses of water a day and things are cool, right? Not true, if your diet is full of unhealthy “extras” like sugars, salts and fats, the water you consume will work to flush those from your system, instead of absorbing into your body and cells. A healthy diet full of good, clean food allows the water you drink to do its job.

EAT your WATER. You do not have to be chained to a water bottle all day. In fact, the more water you can eat, the better. Fill your diet with foods containing lots of water and reap the benefits. Snacking on a cucumber not only gets you a couple of ounces of water that your body will better retain, this snack comes also comes with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber (to help keep you full).

Don’t just wash your face. Just yesterday a friend said my skin was “glowing” and I owe it to this tip. My Inclusive Health Practitioner advised me to treat all of the skin from my face down the neck to my decollete , the same way and with the same products. In hindsight, this makes so much sense! The skin on my chest acts much like my face (it flushes when stressed and is prone to break outs), and using all of my regular face products – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, even masks) on the entire area has worked wonders in giving me that healthy glow.

Just five weeks since our visit (half the time of all the standard Inclusive Health Plans), my skin, my body and my overall happiness is much improved. Thanks Dr. Murad!

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  1. WOW! What an insightful post. So much of what you said makes so much sense! I love that these tips are simple, down to earth and accessible to everyone. I have been on the healthy trail for a while now. When it amazes me how much sugar, salt and other preservatives are in prepared foods.

    I am going to have to get Dr. Murads latest book! Did you guys happen to buy any cool stuff during your visit?

  2. @hao9703 – So much sense, right? We kept repeating it all morning that we were there “this makes so much sense!” And it’s things you KNOW already. But are so hard to put into practice for some reason. But Dr. Murad and his staff spelled it all out so clearly that when we left we felt like we were on a mission. Who doesn’t want to feel better? If you could do A, B and C and be guaranteed to feel better, why wouldn’t you?!

    My practitioner Julietta (who along with Tyna’s, Julie, was just so amazing! Friendly, knowledgeable and totally nonjudgmental, even when we gave them our dirty secrets) gave me this questionnaire where I rated areas of my life. Then showed me that the 3 areas I scored lowest were all related. They were: I am at my ideal weight, I am routinely getting as much exercise as I should and my life has the right balance for work, relationships and caring for myself. And there was one cause for them all: STRESS. Stress makes me overeat, I feel stressed, so I think I couldn’t possibly have time to exercise (the world might fall apart while I’m on the treadmill!) and stress affects my work and home life. It all seems so obvious now, but it somehow wasn’t.

    Julietta showed me ways to chill the freak out (to get all technical on you). Simple answers that I basically gave her myself. For example, I like playing with my dogs, it makes me happy. So, get off the damn computer for a half hour and go outside with the dogs!

    And how cool that we got to meet with Dr. Murad?! He is like an encyclopedia of skin knowledge! The most interesting thing for me was to see how happy his staff were. I’ve never seen a bunch more happy to be at work! And everyone had real genuine respect and love for him. Everyone lit up when he walked in the spa (including me and Tyna!)

    We walked away with a skin care routine custom suited for both of us, and we’ll be sharing with you in the next few weeks what products have been making our skin especially happy.

    What a day!

  3. What a nice looking facility at Muriad. Great post too, @tyna! I bet you had a great time talking to the MAN himself! I love Dr. Muriad’s philosophy on life along with his amazing products. I guess keeping it simple has great rewards! Eating right, exercise and drinking lots of water… I mean eating water! Did you see how great he looks? I was just looking at their site and I’m just looking at pictures that can always be touched up but you two saw him in person! What did you think? The man looks fantastic! He’s a living walking advertisement for his line!

  4. I love Murad products yet knew nothing about Dr. Murad’s history or philosophy, @tyna. So, so cool that you and @stef got to meet him, and the consultation sounds amazing. Thanks for letting us live vicariously! I’m going to pick up The Water Secret for sure.

  5. One additional note about Dr. Murad’s book, “The Water Secret.”

    It is available for preorders now at, Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, and and will be at other major retail locations beginning August 30 for $18.95. If you preoder now, you can receive a terrific free gift from Murad!! For a limited time, Murad is sending a free AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser ($65 value) to customers who preorder the book online through September 6, 2010. Everyone that forwards their online order confirmation from any of the above retailers to [email protected] will receive the cleanser shipped directly from Murad.

  6. What great reminders! Especially to take care of my neck and chest with the same care as I do my face…I always get lazy and I need to get back to my routine!

    There is a reason Murad has been around all of these years…he (and I imagine his strong team) create superb products and services. I was lucky enough to have him on my insurance years ago (how crazy is that?) and was able to see him for a dermatology visit. Ever since then I’ve been enamored with his inside out approach to skin care.

    I feel remarkably calmer when I’ve had the water in its various forms – cucumber is going on my shopping list right now! Needed the reminder – again.

    Thank you @stef and @tyna … and Murad!

  7. Great review @tyna! It sounds like you and @stef had an awesome experience. I love Dr. Murad’s holistic approach to skin care. It just makes sense. I drink a boat load of water. And if I don’t everything just gets out of wack including my crazy skin. I am really contemplating getting the book. A free cleanser of that caliber is an amazing incentive to buy.

  8. Excellent post @tyna! I am especially appreciating the “you are what you eat” tip – so often I have relied on all the water I drink to make myself think I’m healthy, but that absolutely makes sense that if you are eating excess sugars, salts, fats than all that water is just working to flush out the junk rather than working in your favor…I will remember this one!

  9. Great post @Tyna! I am shocked to read that we lose all our water in our lifetimes! I am absolutely going to “eat my water” from now on!
    Thanks for words to live by…

  10. Great post @Tyna. How awesome you girls got to meet the man himself…so jealous! I love so many Murad products. It’s one brand I always go back to over and over again.

  11. Very cool! I definitely am what I eat. When I eat junk, I get bloated and feel gross. But when I put good stuff into my body, it looks strong and lean and feel healthy!

  12. I am so jealous! I’ve loved Murad products for years (very simply, because they WORK) and I am now wanting this new book. I swear, once you hit 30, you start noticing the signs of aging and I want to fight it tooth and nail.

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