My Multi-Tasking, All-Natural Secret Weapon for a Clean Home and Body

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Castile Kiss My Face Peace Soaps – the Green Monday Review

Castile Kiss My Face Peace Soapsphotos: we heart this

Sometimes the best things in life are those little extras, like hand lotion that doubles as frizz cream in a pinch or lip balms that can soothe tattered cuticles. I’m a sucker for multitasking (productivity experts be damned), and when I can get more than one use out of a product I feel like I’ve hit a beauty bonus jackpot!

But what about simple products, like soap? Soap really needs to do just one thing – clean. And the castile Peace Soaps from Kiss my Face do just that. So what do they clean? Well, everything. One of the best things about these 100% natural castile soaps are that they really are potent enough to tackle your worst messes, and safe enough for any surface (around your home or on your body).

Castile Kiss My Face Peace Soaps

The Green Monday approved Kiss My Face Peace Soaps (about $8) are all natural, biodegradeable, and vegan and they come in four fantastic scents: Pomegranate Acai, Lemongrass Clary Sage, Lavender Mandarin and Grassy Mint.

Like all Kiss My Face products you can feel safe knowing that these soaps are not tested on animals, are free of parabens, SLS and artificial fragrances and serious consideration is given to the environmental impact of the products.

But did you know that Peace Soaps are a do-gooder multitasker? In fact, 10% of proceeds go to Seeds of Peace, an organization that brings teens from conflicted countries together to learn leadership skills and how to foster peace in their communities.

My castile Pace Soap soaps lives in my shower. It’s the best for using when there’s a ton of product in my hair, and I can use it all over for a super quick shower. When first using KMF Peace Soap I poured out just a tiny amount. I quickly discovered that KMF Peace Soap isn’t as concentrated as other castile soaps, so I needed to use more product. There wasn’t a lot of lather, but the soap quickly did its job and cut through all the stuff in my hair without much effort.

And the smell! Oh, the smell. I tested out Peace Soap in Pomegranate Acai and WOW! The smell is lush and full, true to nature with no synthetic qualities, and without the slightly green scent that other pure castile soaps can take on.

Closer look of Castile Kiss My Face Peace Soaps

So, about that multitasking – I’m going to let you on to my biggest and easiest cleaning tricks right now. The best time to clean your shower/tub is while you’re bathing. While you let your conditioner or hair treatment sink in, grab a sponge, add some soap, and get scrubbing!

The Kiss My Face Peace Soap cuts through the soap scum that can build up around the drain with ease. Additionally, when used to fill up soap dispensers it doesn’t gunk up the spout like other soaps can, a major plus for me.

In my opinion, Kiss My Face is a great green staple. And the Peace Soaps are a wonderful addition to the already luminous array of products available, and one that I’ll be keeping on hand!

A true multi-tasker for home AND body
Yummy and unique scents
A gentle, but effective cleanser

100% Natural
Free of parabens, SLS, Phtalates and artificial fragrances
Vegan and Cruelty-free

Thinnish consistency
Minimal foam

So what’s your favorite multitasking trick? Could Kiss My Face Peace Soap tighten up your routine?

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  1. I tried the Pomegranate Acai soap. I didn’t use it for any household chores but kept it in my shower instead. I’m not usually a big fan of multitaskers because they always seem to do a so-so task across the board. Then again, often times you will find that one job they do extremely well and I find myself going back to that product again and again (Mrs. Meyers household cleaner is like that for me).
    For body cleansing and shampooing I’m not a huge fan. I did like the faint scent of pomegranate that danced with that familiar old castile scent. What I didn’t like is that it was so drying to my skin. My face and arms were parched and itchy after using this that I had to use an oil to moisturize. It seemed to suck the oil out of my hair, too; so much so that I had to use lots of conditioner (leave-in) to get a comb through. Since that, I’ve been using it as bubble bath, adding eucalyptus oil to the water as well. This seems to work well–just not well enough to justify my purchasing on a regular basis.
    Now, if someone tells me this works great on the stovetop…well, then, I shall reconsider. 2 stars for performance+1 bonus star for eco-friendliness

    1. You’re right, it can be drying. I use it mostly when I have a lot of stuff in my hair and I need the serious cleaning power, but conditioner is a MUST. I don’t have much problem with it drying out my skin (any more than any other soap), but I tend to have combination/oily skin.

      It IS pretty great on the stove top! I mix it equal parts with shredded Fels Naptha soap, apply a layer to the stove top (I have a ceramic top stove, so it’s easy for me to slather all over) and let it sit for a bit. A wet sponge later and it’s cut through all the grease and gunk leaving me with a fresh smelling kitchen and a shiny stove! It’s also a really great addition to my scrub bucket on mopping days, or cleaning the grease/splatter off of the range hood and back splash.

  2. I have used Dr. Bonner’s Castille soap for years and this sounds similar (and cheaper?). I will definitely give The Kiss My Face version a try!
    Great post

    1. I don’t know about @mandaleem but I like Dr. Bonner better. I don’t know if it’s the amount of essential oils or what, but Dr. Bonner’s has never dried my skin out so…and my skin isn’t generally dry. I do like adding it to my bath, though…not a lot of bubbles but I like the soak when I add some extra bath oil.

    2. I *do* like Dr. Bronner’s better for some things- It’s much more concentrated (therefore possibly more cost effective?), it lathers better, and Dr. Bronner’s has a GREAT reputation for treating their workers, community, and the environment well. Bonus: emergency bathroom reading with those crazy bottles! Part of my Dr. B’s love is the fact that I grew up with it- I don’t think I’ve been without at least one bottle since I was born!

      Kiss My Face Peace Soaps are better for “I don’t want suds” cleaning, HE washing machines, and filling soap dispensers (Dr. B’s gunks them up). Last but not least, KMF Peace Soaps smell fantastic, not quite so stereotypically hippy as Dr. B’s.

  3. I like Kiss My Face products also- will have to give it a try!
    I have Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soaps in the house and have for years – it’s a great company and product.. this reminds me of that and looks super too..
    I can still hear my Nana telling me how when she was a young girl she would use Castile soap on her hair and it would make it so shiny..

  4. I’m another Kiss My Face fan, @mandaleem . My local Whole Foods always has a great display of their products and I find new items hard to resist! I’d like to try this in Lavender Mandarin.

    1. Can you imagine washing towels or your delicates in Lavender Mandarin?! It would smell fantastic!! I want a bottle just for that.

  5. I got to try the lavender mandrin. I really like it as a shower gel–despite the fact the consistency is rather thin. As an actual cleanser in the bathroom–I felt like it needed a bit more “oomph” so I added some baking soda to scour the tub and shower.

    The smell is quite nice and I enjoy a little aromatheraphy. All in all–because it is afforable, accessible, green and a multitasker. I give it four stars.

    1. Great idea with adding the baking soda! I often do that when cleaning my (tim?) toilet bowel for the deodorizing properties (hey, I live with a bunch of boys!). I’m moving into a new house which is going to require some serious cleaning and I’m going to have to try this!

  6. I tested out the Lemongrass Clary Sage and really loved the green, fresh scent and the multi-tasking goodness of this cleanser. As mentioned the consistency is fairly thin – so I used a washcloth and/or sponge when using this as a body wash in the shower.

    However, since I loved the smell so much (and hate most cleaning product scents) I used this mainly for household cleaning. It’s a fab, basic cleaner and with a little elbow grease, could clean most anything on my floors and counters.

    Now I can’t wait to take both @mandeleem Amanda’s advices and use this in the shower on both my body and the shower – along with and @hao9703 Holly’s advice – and add some baking sugar to the mix. I’ll exfoliate my body and get a shiny, white tub all at once. Yay.

  7. I really want to switch over to more natural cleaning products, so maybe I should try this castile soap. I just hate how strong regular cleaning products smell.

    1. Castile soap is GREAT for an all-purpose household cleaner, and KMF Peace Soaps smell fantastic- not too heavy, no trace of chemicals, etc. I highly recommend! Also, pick up some Fels Naptha while you’re at it- the two make a powerful, natural team. Good luck!

  8. Anything that makes my life just a little bit easier can’t be bad! I’m still loving the Peace Soap line from Kiss My Face, and it’s keeping my cleaning closet smelling lovely! My husband is almost a bigger fan of castile soaps than I, and I think he’s used more of the Peace Soap than I have. I still wish there was a little more lather (I think that would make it better for washing the dogs and hair in general) and that it was a little more concentrated, but overall I’m happy to have added it to my arsenal.
    For their peace mission, green status, and crud-cutting power I give Kiss My Face Peace soaps a strong 4 stars!

  9. Love a reasonably priced green product! The lavender mandarin sounds really good and I have been looking for more chemical free products to use for cleaning.

  10. Wow, home AND body is pretty terrific sounding! I use Mrs. Meyers cleaning products but they are no way made for my body. This sounds like a mash up of Mrs. Meyers and LUSH haha! I would love to try this product sometime. I like cleaning supplies that aren’t terrible for your skin if it happens to get on it during or after cleaning. Great review, @mandaleem!

    1. In small amounts, for a small load, yes! I wouldn’t use much, or use it for a full/really soiled load, but you can TOTALLY use it in your HE machine!

      (I’m about 99% sure that if the manufacturer knew you were doing this it would probably void your warantee or something, and it’s probably not recommended, but I’ve totally done it. My silky skivvies and where they go prefer natural soaps!)

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