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Let me begin by saying I have dry and sensitive skin and I am constantly searching for the perfect body cleanser. I have tried soaps with olive oil, oatmeal and aloe. When those didn’t work I tried some more with cocoa butter, seaweed and honey. I’ve purchased department store body washes and farmers market soaps, and still never found something that really worked for me. So I was hesitant when I found out my first review was going to be a bar of soap. Was I going to be able to find anything to heart about my bar of MOR Soap? In a word – yes.

I have found it – that miracle product I’ve been looking for my whole life. This beautiful bar of MOR soap ($14) loves my skin just as much as I love it. The moment I opened the box and saw the bar sitting there I was in heaven. We appreciate our packaging inspiration here at wht, and this company might just hold the crown for the most lust worthy packaging ever. (It’s true, I had a bar of MOR Soap on my vanity for over a year, unopened, because it was just. too. pretty. to use ~ Tyna)

Everything about the this product is perfect to me, the beautiful packaging, the generously sized, engraved bar, and the amazing scent. I tested the Snow Gardenia scent, which wht described in a MOR perfume oil review as “a true trip through a soft scented garden,” and “extremely feminine and floral”. This scent is a mixture of Gardenia, Juniper Berry and Angelica with Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Sandalwood, with Gardenia jumping out as the dominate note. Our review team will be by in the comments to review other (amazing sounding) soaps including the Kale & Watercress and Italian Blood Orange.

I was so excited for that first shower, and my MOR did not disappoint. The lather is less bubbly then you would expect, it’s more like a creamy rinse then a typical bar of soap. The soap goes on smooth and rinses clean, no filmy feeling or greasy residue. The only thing this bar leaves behind is an overall smoothness, which probably comes from the Shea butter in formula. I also love that is has Vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant.

This soap just makes me feel like my skin is naturally smooth, soft, and perfectly balanced all day and all night. MOR has turned my daily shower into an indulgence. I’m not quite sure if it’s the combination of Vitamin E and Shea butter or the triple milling this soap goes through, or some other amazing secret they aren’t talking about, but this is the best soap I’ve ever used. I feel more optimistic going into the winter dry skin season then I have ever been, because I have MOR on my side.

The bar has been in steady use for 2 weeks and looks no smaller then the day I unwrapped it. Actually the only negative thing I can think of is that the bar is just a little too large for my hands to easily hold in the shower. But I’m not complaining, MOR soap does everything you could expect from a bar of soap and a whole lot more.

I’m officially addicted, and I can’t wait to try MOR of their amazing products. we heartsters and testers – did you fall in love with your MOR Soap (or are you still waiting for just the right time to unwrap the bar of perfection?)

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  1. I’ve used (and loved) other MOR products, but never their soaps, so I read your post with fascination and now I’m obsessing over the photo. Great job, @pinkshaya!

  2. Nothing else has touched my skin since I opened this soap! I absolutely love everything about it, and highly recommend it to everyone. I’m already planning on giving MOR to a few friends for the holidays. This soap is definately worth 5 stars in my book and I’m very excited to see what everyone else thinks.

    PS – I found MOR soaps and body butters at Nordstrom Rack a couple of weeks ago, the marshmallow scent is to die for! And don’t worry @kari I still plan to give you the Casis Noir body butter.

  3. MOR’s packaging is so beautiful I’m afraid that I’d never get the guts to open it! I’ve never used their soap, but I’ve been able to try some of the hand lotion before and it’s amazing. MOR really hits a home run with every fragrance and I imagine that their product catalogue is no different. Great review @PinkShaya ! I’ll be on the lookout for a chance to try this soap.

  4. @mandaleem I’m not going to lie, it took me 3 days to open this soap, it was so pretty and my whole bathroom smelled good with it sitting on the counter. But I’m really glad I did. I’ve already picked up 3 more mini bars to try out different scents.

  5. The minute I opened my soap, I wanted to wrap it back up again! I’d love to have a bowl of a bunch of these sitting on my bathroom counter (in this dream I also have a bathroom counter that has space on it!)

    I got to try the Italian Blood Orange, my second MOR soap. Previous releases came in boxes. New releases are wrapped in a gorgeous paper with a wax stamp looking embellishment. Both beautiful!

    I have to agree with everything @PinkShaya wrote. These are incredible soaps. They do feel so creamy. And I think this creamy feeling is why they aren’t particularly sudsy. From what I’ve always heard, the more suds (and sudsing agents) the more drying the soap. No fear of dryness here!

    They are a tad on the big side. So they’re a bit cumbersome to hold for awhile (and I do mean a while! If you keep this out of the spray of water in your shower, this soap last for-ever!) And I kind of wish that it smelled a bit stronger. The smell is gorgeous and I could do with it lingering a bit more.

    But overall, this is a beautiful, creamy soap that makes a wonderful addition to a bathroom.

    4 solid stars from me!

  6. Oh, I want to get MOR of this soap. I remember when MOR packaged the soaps in gorgeous boxes too @stef. Just amazing and like @tyna, I still have the pretty pink box it came in.. That was how pretty it was. Now, the new releases are just as pretty, and are reminiscent of the lovely soaps from Fresh. I think they look as great as the product inside. Great review!

  7. I have to agree @stef that they are a little too big for the hand. I have actually thought of cutting mine in half (like you can do with soaps from Lush), but was afraid it would crack and I’d loose too much soap. Did anyone try doing this?

  8. Wow, those are some beautifully packaged soaps!!! The hubby only uses bar soap, so I try to buy him some “nice” bars to use…I’m thinking the Italian Blood Orange bar has his name written all over it…
    The bars are almost too pretty to unwrap, though…. *mesmerized*

  9. @pinkshaya, YES! I was wondering if you still had the body butter for me! LOL. I loved my Cassius Noir oil so much that I’m pretty much a sucker for anything of theirs with that scent.

    And now I must try the soaps! These sound fantastic and considering @pinkshaya knows how brutal Minnesota winters are on the skin, then these soaps sound perfect to keep skin smooth and soft!

    Great first review Shaya!! :D

  10. I really love MOR’s scents. But I have only used their perfume oils. Love them!! And yes the packaging is always to die for. But I am typically only a shower gel person. MOR might just be the brand that pushes me over to the “bar side” again!! We shall see.

  11. thank you for the great review @pinkshaya! I’m such a consumer – when someone says something is perfect for them I can’t ever turn away that easily without considering trying it :)

  12. I love bars soaps with beautiful packaging, so I would probably have a hard time opening these too! Maybe if I bought two of the same I could use one and keep one in it’s packaging to display!

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