Nail Polish Porn: ORLY Mayhem Mentality

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Picasso had his blue period, I am clearly in an orange…


Date: June 16.2013
Polish: ORLY Mayhem Mentality, an outrageously neon coral-leaning orange cream. We’re talking practically glowing neon.

Mayhem Mentality is part of the new Mash Up collection for summer 2013. I’ll be bringing you all the shades over the next few weeks, because I’m downright obsessed with every one of them. The collection is just so colorful and summery, the bottles alone make me happy!

Orly Mash Upshiny happy polish

Photos don’t do Mayhem Mentality justice. It’s seriously neon. So neon that it’s hard to capture the intensity of it. And rather than just a straight forward orange, it has a bit of coral to it that makes it really creamy looking. The formula is a dream too, especially for a neon; 2 coats, no streaks.

I love the ORLY design all around; a rubber gripped handle, an old school round brush and a big ol’ bottle. These very well may be my favorite polish packaging design (big praise coming from a packaging snob like myself.)

Orly Mayhem Mentality

Check out the footage of the ORLY team participating in the Color Run. How fun does that look?

we heartsters, are you a neon fan? I highly suggest you give this a glow, er…go!

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  1. @stef, this is SO summer! I love it and am going to do my toenails and fingernails in an orange hue when we vacation next week.

    1. Unless you’re as pale as me. Then they just draw attention to your freakish paleness. Awwww… *hangs head in shame* :( lol

  2. You are such a lover of ORANGE!
    It looks fantastic on you too, by the way @stef
    These are very summery looking and my toes would so wear them well. I have something very similar on now, but not as great of an orange, that’s for sure! That looks like it was fun.. but what were they breathing in? I’m just hoping it was safe!

  3. That color run looks fun! A couple of my friends did one this year and said it was great. I love that there was an ORLY team–it makes so much sense! Especially with all of the pretty, bright colors in this collection. I’m already trying to decide which colors I want for my fingers, and which ones I want for my toes…

  4. I am in fact a fan of neon. This looks great and I’ve got my eye on the lavender and turquoise ones up there too!

  5. Ooh, this collection is looking gooood…and what better way to start off with a bang like Mayhem Mentality? I didn’t think I can pull off orange nail polish, but I”m loving it for summer for sure!

  6. Neon orange! How beautiful is that?!
    I have to treat myself to Mayhem Mentality– and maybe that mermaid blue shade, too! Orly has never let me down, so it will be a worthy splurge for sure.

  7. You do look great in orange. I think I am having my orange period too! What a fabulous color for Summer.

  8. That orange is killing me with it’s gorgeousness…

  9. It’s great to have summers off because I can rock neon on my fingers and toes and not worry about it looking work appropriate! I have my eye on the pink of course!

  10. I was supposed to do a Color Run last year, but being pregnant kinda threw me off course. Oh well! I totally plan to do one in the future.
    With our current heat wave, neons are natural! It definitely feels like summer when you can have crazy bright nails and no one thinks any differently. Mayhem Mentality is fantastic, but I love Pretty Ugly, too!

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