NARSissist Unfiltered I Cheek Palette swatches and review

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It’s no secret that I’m addicted to blush. If you were to meet me in person, we’d be talking about blush probably within 10 minutes. It’s truly one of my favorite things in the world! And recently added to my list of “favorite things in the world” is the new and limited edition NARSissist Unfiltered I Cheek Palette. This massive palette contains six, count ’em, SIX gloriously bold shades of NARS blush. If you’re into blush even a fraction as much as I am, you know that NARS makes some of the best blushes out there, so you know this beauty is a must-have.

If you were to meet me in person, we’d be talking about blush probably within 10 minutes.

This bold orange-tinted mirrored palette opens to reveal a very large mirror, perfect for touch-ups and travel. And the real stars of this palette are the six very generously sized blushes within. Five of the blushes are brand spanking new and exclusive to this palette and one shade is a repromote (Exhibit A). If the allure of 5 new blush shades isn’t swaying you, then let’s do the math: One .16 oz NARS blush will set you back $30. Each pan in the Unfiltered I palette contains .12 oz. of product, so you get. 72 oz. of gorgeous for $59! That is an extremely great value for NARS.


The NARSissist Unfiltered I Cheek Palette is one of two new cheek palettes from NARS and it’s the warmer of the two palettes. The colors in Unfiltered I are definitely not for the faint of heart, leaning towards bold bronzes and rich reds. Unfiltered II is cooler and leans more towards pink and peach shades. I will admit, as a very pale girl, I had my concerns about Unfiltered I. All of those concerns were unfounded as soon as I swatched these gorgeous blushes.

The shades are as follows…

NARSissist Unfiltered I Cheek Palette swatches


Watch Me — Opalescent gold sheen
Me First — Apricot sheen
Takeover — Copper rose sheen


Out There — Deep russet matte
Chic — Rich raspberry matte
Exhibit A — Red matte

These finely milled, deeply pigmented blushes give a really lovely flush of color if applied with a light hand. I found that if I overdid it on some of the darker shades (particularly Out There, Chic and Exhibit A), I could easily make them wearable by gently blotting/swiping the excess blush off with a tissue and then throwing a quick dusting of face powder on top, which gave me a “blushing from within” look (that’s my go-to move for highly pigmented/dark blushes and I highly recommend you try it, especially if you are fair like me but fall in love with darker blushes).

A dash of Watch Me at the cheekbones also helped tone down the blushes while accentuating the cheekbone. I really cannot express to you how lovely this palette is, it might require some interpretive dance…

(Good thing you can’t see the interpretive blush dance I’m doing now!)


Overall, if you love blush, NARSissist Unfiltered I belongs in your collection. If anything, I think the value of the palette makes this the perfect way to try out colors outside of your comfort zone. Also, the shade Takeover is pretty much the most glorious shade of blush ever and you can’t get it anywhere else, so there’s that…

Buy it here: Sephora (currently sold out) or

we heartsters: what’s your favorite NARS blush? Is NARSissist Unfiltered I on your wish list now? Let’s talk about blush in the comments below!


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  1. A palette that makes you do a happy dance… ok, you’ve convinced me I need this! Takeover is the shade I’m extra-curious about… I don’t have anything like it!

    1. I’m telling you, you will love Takeover. It’s a really unique shade and it looks ridiculously pretty on fair skin w/ dark hair…consider yourself enabled :D

  2. I was just thinking Takeover looks so pretty and so does Out There, I am ready to try some different colors as I’ve been using same couple shades for awhile now.

  3. Funnnn. I usually stick with muted subtle blush when I wear it–typically I just go with bronzer and highlighter! But this palette is really enticing.

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