Necklace Lengths: Your Styling Guide + Chain Size Chart

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Let’s admit it. When buying a necklace online, the overall aesthetic of the jewelry largely influences us on whether we should type in our credit card details. 

Little do we know that necklace lengths matter too! Where your chain rests when worn can make or break your outfit. 

A woman wearing a white shirt and gold chain layered necklaces.

So what are the different necklace lengths, and how do you sport each size?

With this article, you don’t have to scour the internet for answers. We included a necklace size chart, steps for how to measure a necklace, and all necklace length-related questions!

A Chart on Women’s Necklace Lengths 

Regarding women’s necklaces, there are about six standard lengths to choose from. 

Sure, not every necklace or chain you’ll come across will always bear the exact same necklace length measurement from any of these six types. Still, they generally fall within the standard necklace dimensions.  

Here’s a necklace size chart for a quick overview:

Necklace Length TypeLength Placement
Collar12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 centimeters)It’s tightly worn around the neck and sits above the neck base. 
Choker 14 to 16 inches (35 to 40 centimeters)Sits tightly around the base of the neck. 
Princess17 to 19 inches (38 to 48 centimeters)Its length rests around the collarbone.
Matinee 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 centimeters)A slightly longer necklace that falls beneath your collarbone to the top of your bust.
Opera28 to 34 inches (71 to 86 centimeters)This reaches between the bust to a few inches below it. 
Rope Over 45 inches (114 centimeters)This hangs down the stomach area or beyond. 

Using the figures on the necklace chain lengths chart as a reference, you can determine where each type of necklace falls on an average woman’s body. 

A bunch of gold necklaces hanging on a wall.

The 6 Standard Necklace Lengths

Want to learn more about these necklace lengths? 

The following sections showcase a necklace lengths’ guide on their features:


An indian gold plated choker with pearls and stones used for weddings isolated on white background
  • History: Collar necklaces have ancient origins and were popular in ancient Egypt and Sumeria. They were often made of metals and adorned with gemstones.
  • Length: Typically 12 to 14 inches (30 to 35 centimeters). It’s tightly worn around the neck and sits above the neck base. 
  • Material: Historically made of metals like gold and silver, modern versions can include a variety of materials such as leather, fabric, or beads.
  • Ornaments: Decorated with gemstones, intricate metalwork, or engraved designs.
  • Occasions: Collar necklaces are often worn for formal events or occasions where a bold and elegant look is desired.


A woman with dark make up, black lipstick and black eyeliner wearing a black laced choker
  • History: Chokers have a long history. It was worn by Sumerians and Egyptians and gained popularity in the late 19th to 21st centuries, experiencing various fashion revivals.
  • Length: Around 14 to 16 inches (35 to 40 centimeters). Sits tightly around the base of the neck. 
  • Material: Can be made of a wide range of materials, including gold, silver, latex, beads, satin, velvet, plastic, and leather.
  • Ornaments: Chokers can be adorned with studs, sequins, pendants, or charms.
  • Occasions: Suitable for both casual and formal occasions, chokers are versatile but may be less common in professional settings.


Cropped close up of a woman smiling her husband helping her trying on a pearl necklace
  • History: The princess length necklace became popular during the Renaissance period.
  • Length: Typically 17 to 19 inches (43 to 48 centimeters). Its length rests around the collarbone.
  • Material: Often made of precious metals, pearls, or gemstones.
  • Ornaments: May feature a pendant or additional embellishments, but the length itself is often considered elegant without excessive ornamentation.
  • Occasions: Suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions, including weddings and cocktail parties.


A woman wearing a pink jacket and layered gold necklace.
  • History: Matinee length gained popularity in the early 20th century as a versatile option.
  • Length: Ranges from 20 to 24 inches (51 to 61 centimeters). A slightly longer necklace that falls beneath your collarbone to the top of your bust.
  • Material: Can be made of various materials, from costume jewelry to more precious metals and stones.
  • Ornaments: May include pendants or other decorative elements.
  • Occasions: Matinee necklaces are suitable for semi-formal occasions and business settings.


Beautiful girl with dark hair and bright makeup in elegant dress and necklace
  • History: Originating in the late 19th century, the opera length necklace was favored for operatic performances.
  • Length: Typically 28 to 34 inches (71 to 86 centimeters). This reaches between the bust and a few inches below it. 
  • Material: Often made with pearls or other semi-precious stones.
  • Ornaments: Can be simple or feature a pendant and may be layered for a more dramatic effect.
  • Occasions: Well suited for formal events, including opera performances, galas, and upscale gatherings.


A beautiful woman posing with pearls necklace.
  • History: Rope-length necklaces have been worn throughout history and gained prominence during the 1920s flapper era.
  • Length: Over 45 inches (114 centimeters); can be worn as a single strand or doubled. This hangs down the stomach area or beyond. 
  • Material: Can be made from a variety of materials, including beads, pearls, or chains.
  • Ornaments: May be adorned with various charms, tassels, or pendants; can be versatile in styling.
  • Occasions: Often worn for casual and semi-formal occasions; the length allows for creative and layered styling options.

With its length, a rope necklace can be worn in various styles:

  • Lariat style: This is when you fold the necklace in half, wear it around your neck, and insert one end into the loop of the other. You pull the inserted end in so it hangs between your bust. 
  • Layered style: This is when you wear the rope necklace around the neck, twist it, and wear it once more to achieve a layered effect. 
  • Extra-long: This is when you wear the necklace as is, so it hangs down to the waist. 

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for Your Face Shape

Believe it or not, your necklace is more than just an accessory! 

Whatever necklace length you choose to wear, this can accentuate your face shape positively or negatively. 

This suggests you carefully think through the necklace dimensions you opt for and ensure that it matches your facial shape well. 

Here’s a table for a quick overview:

Face ShapeBest Necklace Length
Heart-shaped faceCollars and chokers
Diamond-shaped facePrincess or collar length
Round faceMatinee or opera length
Oval facePrincess, collar, matinee, or opera length
Square facePrincess or choker length
Oblong faceCollar or choker, princess or matinee length
Inverted triangle faceMatinee or opera length
Rectangle facePrincess or matinee length

For a more in-depth discussion on why these necklace lengths suit your face shape best, read on:

Heart-Shaped Face

In a heart-shaped face, the forehead is the widest part of the face, tapering down to a pointed chin. It may include a widow’s peak.

Best necklace length: Collars and chokers. Shorter lengths help balance the tapering chin, creating the illusion of fullness in that area. Long necklaces with a V shape can accentuate the jaw and chin, making them appear more slender.

A young woman in a pink dress posing on a purple background.

Diamond-Shaped Face

The diamond face has a narrow forehead and jawline, with cheekbones being the widest part of the face.

Best necklace length: Princess or collar length. These lengths complement the natural balance of the face by emphasizing the cheekbones without adding width to the narrowest points.

A beautiful woman in a fur coat posing for a photo.

Round Face

In a round face, the face width and length are approximately the same, with a rounded jawline and cheekbones.

Best necklace length: Matinee or opera length. Longer necklaces help elongate the face, creating a more oval appearance and adding vertical lines that balance the roundness.

Close-up of woman wearing a Jewelry, bijouterie and accessories.

Oval Face

An oval face has a forehead slightly wider than the curved chin, with balanced proportions.

Best necklace length: Oval faces are versatile and can carry almost any length well. Princess, collar, matinee, and opera lengths all work well with an oval face shape.

Studio portrait of a happy young woman posing against a dark background.

Square Face

In a square face, the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in width, creating a strong and angular appearance.

Best necklace length: Princess or choker length. These lengths soften the strong angles by adding curves and drawing attention to the neck rather than the jawline.

Young beautiful woman with stylish jewelry on white background

Oblong Face

An oblong face is similar to the oval face, but the oblong face has a longer shape and often a higher forehead.

Best necklace length: Collar or choker to create the illusion of a shorter neck. Princess length also works well by adding width and breaking up the length of the face.

A bride in a wedding dress posing for a photo flaunting her accessories

Inverted Triangle Face

An inverted triangle face has a broad forehead tapering down to a more narrow jawline.

Best necklace length: Matinee or opera length. These longer necklaces help draw attention downward, balancing the broader upper face.

fashion studio portrait of beautiful gorgeous woman with dark hair with luxurious necklace and headband, wears elegant suit

Rectangle Face

A rectangle face is similar to a square face but has more length and less width.

Best necklace length: Princess or matinee length. These lengths add width and help break up the length of the face, creating a more balanced appearance.

A beautiful elegant woman wearing jewelry and posing for a photo.

Your Neck Size on Choosing the Right Length in Necklaces

Imagine this: you purchased a choker only to discover that its standard dimensions are too small for your neck size! 

You might also end up disappointed if a certain necklace length doesn’t exactly fall where you expect it to rest. 

To avoid this, take your neck’s circumference using a measuring tape and pit it against the figures on the necklace size chart. 

If your neck is lower or higher in its measurements than the standard necklace lengths, that would require appropriate adjustments.

Here are the recommended number of inches to add after determining your neck size:

  • Add 2 inches for a comfortable collar length. 
  • Add 2 inches from the collar length if you aim for the choker length.
  • Add 2 more inches to achieve the princess length, starting from the choker. 
  • For a matinee, adding 1 to 5 inches to the princess length would be the way to do it. 
  • As for the opera length, add 4 to 13 inches to the matinee necklace length.
  • And for the longest necklace length, the rope can be achieved by adding 23 more inches to your opera necklace. 
A display of silver chain necklaces in a black box.

How To Complement Your Body Type and Height With Necklace Lengths

Your body type and height also influence the necklace lengths you should go for. 

Remember, where your necklace falls draws the eyes to that area, more so if the jewelry has eye-catching designs or has used materials that reflect light. 

Here are a few examples of why it’s important to choose the right necklace size for your general silhouette: 

  • If you have very broad shoulders, the choker or collar necklace will accentuate them even more. Avoid this by opting for those that end on the lower bust or stomach. 
  • If you’re petite, wearing long necklaces will make you look stunted. Opting for the collar to princess lengths will reverse this outcome.
  • Tall women will do well with any necklace length. Chokers and collars will not make them look short, while longer necklace lengths will highlight better their coveted height. 
  • Busty women should avoid wearing necklaces below the bust since the hanging ends won’t look that flattering. On the other hand, small-busted women can wear any length. 
photo of a black girl with long hair posing and wearing sports clothes.

Which Necklace Lengths Suit Your Outfit’s Neckline? 

Of course, your perfect necklace length would also depend on your outfit of choice. 

Although when it comes to fashion, everything should be based upon your taste and preferences, the endless options regarding ensembles can make it challenging to make all pieces complement each other!

If you’re unsure which neckline matches which necklace length, here are the full-proof combos you can follow:

NecklineBest Necklace LengthAdditional Notes
Crew neckCollar
CollarCollar length
ScoopBold choker
TubePrincess length
Boat necklineChoker
V-neckPrincess length
High neckOpera or rope
PlungingMatinee or lariat
Off-shoulderCollar or choker
Square necklineCollar or choker
CowlNo necklaceOpt for earrings instead
HalterNo necklaceOpt for earrings instead
SweetheartPrincess with pendant or matinee

Tips on How To Measure a Necklace Length 

Planning to expand your necklace collection? 

Before you start your shopping trip, you must know the exact measurement of the necklace you want for yourself or someone else.

This will save you time as well as the risk of ending up purchasing the wrong size. 

For Yourself

If you’re picking out a new necklace for yourself, here are tips on how to measure your necklace length:

  • Use your existing necklace as a guide. Already have a necklace with the length that’s ideal for you? Simply find out its measurement and determine which necklace length type it is!
  • Create a mock necklace. Saw an ad for a gorgeous necklace? If you want it for your collection, check its length, get a piece of rope, cut it into the same length, wear it on your neck, and find its placement on your body. 
  • Experiment: If you’re unsure what necklace length suits you, take a piece of rope, chain, or string, wrap it around your neck, and see what specific length is the most flattering. 

You can then measure it and head your way to the jewelry shop. 

For Someone Else

It can be tricky choosing the right necklace length for someone else, knowing that there are several factors to consider, such as their facial features, build, and wardrobe. 

To make things a little easier for you, here are some tips to remember:

  • Take a hold of their existing necklace and record its length. 
  • Consider their wardrobe style and observe what necklace length they wear often. 
  • If you want to be on the safe side, choose the princess length for women and a 20-inch necklace for men. 
  • If you are still unsure about the necklace length, consider an extender. This would allow them to make the necklace longer or shorter!
Woman owner of jewelry shop presenting gold necklace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Standard Men’s Necklace Lengths?

The common necklace length for men is 20 inches. 

Still, the exact measurements will vary based on your neck size. 

For reference, here’s a table showing what the necklace lengths are for men:

Necklace LengthsNecklace Placement
18 inches
(45 centimeters)
This is considered the choker length. It typically falls an inch below the Adam’s apple. 
20 inches
(50 centimeters)
This rests on the collarbone or one or two buttons below an average man’s shirt.
22 inches
(55 centimeters)
This is the ideal length for sporting a dog tag, pendant, or cross and it sits below the collarbone.
24 inches
(60 centimeters)
This lies flat on the breastbone and can be worn with a dog tag, pendant, or cross. 
30 inches
(76 centimeters)
This is the longest men’s necklace resting below the breastbone, typically worn as a chain without decor. 

What’s the Most Attractive Necklace Length?

The most attractive necklace length is the princess type, which also explains why it’s the standard and popular necklace measurement among women. 

With its dimensions, anyone, regardless of body type and face shape, can look stunning in a princess necklace length. It also mostly complements any outfit, especially day-to-day wear. 

A beautiful woman in a black hat and pearls layered necklace.

Your Necklace Length Matters

Just like shopping for your clothes, it’s also crucial that you think through the necklace you purchase. 

Its length, although it may seem insignificant at first, can impact your entire ensemble and how your physical features look. 

That said, before you decide on what length your necklace should be, think about how it would match your face shape, body type, height, and outfit; don’t just solely base your decision on the jewelry’s aesthetics.

By taking your time to find the perfect neck accessory length, you’ll be able to realize the best look your features can offer! 

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