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The Beauty Scientists Have Done It Again!

There are skincare lines that lure us in with pretty packaging, and there are others that hook us with technology. And then there is the rare line that offers both. NeoCutis is packed full of so much scientific power, they almost could have skipped the gorgeous containers… but I’m glad they didn’t.

The cool blue oval bottles with their futuristic silver lids look like something beamed from the future to save humanity – or at least my skin.


Just like the bottles, the stunning science behind NeoCutis seems not of this world. Medical researchers at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, having noted that fetal skin could heal without scarring, extracted powerful proteins from a single donated biopsy of fetal skin.

The resulting cell bank was originally used for wound healing and burn treatments; eventually, this cell bank provided a supply of fibroblasts used to produce PSP (Processed Skin Cell Proteins), NeoCutis’ proprietary skincare ingredient.


We received two of NeoCutis’ Bio-restorative products featuring PSP, a patented ingredient the company describes as “the most complete combination of growth factors, cytokines and interleukins” designed to reduce signs of aging and enhance results of cosmetic procedures. While I have yet to undergo the latter, I’m a little obsessed with the former, and couldn’t wait to dive in to testing.


First up, let’s talk about the Bio-cream Bio-restorative Skin Cream with PSP ($98). Just a tiny pump of this rich, white cream was enough to completely cover my face and neck. Despite its rich formula, it sinks right in, plumping skin for immediate improvement.


NeoCutis says results should be seen within two months of daily use, but after just two weeks, my skin looks and feels smoother and younger. The crinkly smile lines around my eyes, for instance – they’re softer and less noticeable.


Next let’s delve into the Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream with PSP ($85). This light cream contains PSP and hyaluronic acid to help rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye, and – most exciting to me – caffeine, which has an instant effect on puffiness.


The eye cream also diminishes the appearance of under eye darkness. While the advertised anti-aging benefits will take time, I can actually see my puffiness diminish after I dab this cream on, and believe me, I would pay for that any day!


PSP revitalizes aging skin and may help enhance the skin’s natural healing abilities
Free of fragrance and color additives
Non-comedogenic; dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested
Beautiful, ice blue packaging
Products are concentrated, so only a tiny amount is necessary per application

Expensive (but based on the anti-puffiness effect and smoothness of my skin, well worth the splurge)
• “Extracted powerful proteins from a single donated biopsy of fetal skin” – Sorry, that ooks me out a little bit ~Stef

we heartsters – Have you discovered the science – and cool blue packaging – of NeoCurtis?

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  1. @turboterp – Great review. I have personally purchased both the face and the eye cream in the past. I was especially impressed with the eye cream. There as no time at all before I could see a difference. I purchased these products at a medical spa. They let me know right away that these are very concentrated products. You truly only need a tiny amount. My experience with the face cream was not as positive. My sensitive skin did not care for it and broke out. (This was disappointing because this is such a quality product.)

    1. Holly was kind enough to let me try this, since it didn’t work for her. But while it didn’t do anything bad, it didn’t do anything noticeably good for my skin either! At $98 I’d like to see some results.

      Also, I’m with Stef–um, ew. Couldn’t you get it those proteins somewhere else? ANYWHERE else?

  2. Nice! This really looks amazing to me and it always gives me extra confidence in a product when Scientist are involved in developing it. I love good skincare! When that happens it’s always well worth it if it works so well. I love the packaging too.. super stylish and clean looking. Great review @turboterp!

  3. I just noticed the Con @stef added and laughed. I actually got a little (okay, a lot) freaked out when I first read about the science behind NeoCutis, but after learning more about the process and how far removed it is from the original donation, I felt better. Here’s what NeoCutis has to say about it:

    “To be clear, our products do not directly use the originally donated tissue in any way. We only use proteins derived from cultured skin cells (grown from a dedicated cell bank).”

    But yeah, it’s a little ooky. Fabulous products, though!

  4. I gotta admit, I’m a sucker for packaging and this looks very sci-fi and fancy! Did you hum the Star Trek theme song while you applied this, @turboterp?

    I’m with @stef, I’m a bit ooked out. However, I know there are things in my current skincare regime that I have to “LALALA, NOT LISTENING!!” when someone brings them up, so I’m sure I could do that with this brand! :-)

    1. I hear you, but it feels so good and leaves your skin like a baby’s!

  5. So glad we agree on the total beauty of this line, @turboterp! Pricey? Yes. Worth it. Yes again! I’ve fallen hard for the Neocutis “Bio-Gel.” The clear liquid is packed with the same “powerhouse” nutrients as the cream, along with sodium hyaluronate. This potent humectant attracts and holds water, making it the ultimate skin moisturizer. It seeps into skin easily, leaving behind a feel of total velvet and no oily residue. Moreover, it feels refreshing as it revives and rejuvenates your complexion. It is perfect under foundation. Thanks, @turboterp!

  6. I’m a teensy bit “ooked out”, too (lol), but not enough that it would stop me from using it if it makes me look younger/better. I’m super intrigued by the eye cream—I’m in constant search of my holy grail eye cream. *ponders*

  7. You like my technical term “ooked out”, eh? But don’t get me wrong, a little ooking never stopped me from trying products! Especially one that everyone who has tried seems to like so much.

  8. I have tried almost every high end brand there is. Nothing has compared to Neocutis so I have been a devout user the last few years. I was in sticker shock when I first saw the price but it has been well worth the investment. My skin looks younger and healthier.

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