Neova DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY (SPF 44) and ACTIVE (SPF43) Review

Neova DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY (SPF 44) and ACTIVE (SPF43) Review

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Finally, an SPF that does it all – and doesn’t feel like SPF!

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Sitting in my office at 4PM on a Friday, I’m struck at the remarkable power of the sun. Even sitting at my desk I’m not fully protected from those harmful rays, so I try to be careful with my sunscreen regimen but it’s so easy to “forget”.

Too many otherwise great sunscreens oxidize, leave a strange film on my skin, don’t moisturize enough or feel heavy on my face. To find one that hits all the right notes is great, but to find one that can protect and is downright fantastic? Hello Neova!

Neova is a pioneer in smart sunscreens. Not only do their products offer a physical sun block but with the DNA Damage Control line you also get “significantly improved appearance of photoaged skin.”

First in the line is Neova DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY in SPF 44 ($39). Protecting from both UVA and UVB rays, it also offers hyper antioxidant defense and light-activated enzymes to counteract common signs of sun damage.

The scent is just what you would expect, classic sunscreen, but that’s where the ordinary expectations end. Once applied Neova Everyday dries to a smooth, matte finish without a hint of tackiness. It’s gentle enough that even when applied very closely to my eyes there is no sting. (Okay, at the risk of looking like an idiot, I did accidentally get a glob of it in my eyes. No sting and easily wiped out!)

By the end of the day my skin looks just as fresh as it did the first thing in the morning. And the formula felt light and comfortable all day. The only downside is it’s not as moisturizing as I would like, so I like to apply it after a very light coat of another moisturizer.

Next up is Neova DNA Damage Control ACTIVE in SPF 43 ($46). Just like Everyday it boasts a physical sunscreen as well as a photodamage reversing cocktail, but Active is also water resistant! Perfect for those days when you’re expecting to spend some time poolside or working hard.

The formula and finish are very similar to Everyday, but I found that it was a little less matte when dry. If I’m going to be in the water I tend to care less, but if I’m going to be around a lot of people I swipe on a little bit of powder to tamp down the shine a bit.

So what about that photodamage reversal? Well, I’ve been using both the Everyday and Active formulas for a little over a month now and I do see some lessening of my freckles! My nose has a light smattering of freckles that now are less noticeable. I’m pleasantly surprised to have such obvious results so quickly!

Gentle enough to be used around the eyes
Matte finish
Real reversal of photoaging!

Sunscreen smell (I’m neutral on the smell, but I know some folks hate it.)
Not incredibly moisturizing

we heartsters – do you follow recommendations for wearing sunscreen? Could Neova’s promises of better skin help push you to the Smart Sunscreen side?

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11 thoughts on “Neova DNA Damage Control EVERYDAY (SPF 44) and ACTIVE (SPF43) Review”

  1. I tried Neova Silc Sheer 2.0 (basically a tinted version of the above sunscreens) back in Oct. for WHT. While I don’t know how much “DNA damage control” it did, I do know that I really liked it. I wouldn’t hesitate to try either of these sunscreens. I do like the tinted version because it helps with my blotchy skin, but I’ll need a regular version for the guys! :)

    1. I wish I could get my husband to wear sunscreen! He’s part Armenian and has beautiful skin, but he refuses to wear sunscreen despite the fact I keep telling him how important it is. If you can get your men to use it, tell me how!

  2. This stuff looks great! I also like he price points too, as I’ve definitely shelled out $50+ for a good sunscreen before. My combo skin will probably love that it’s not too moisturizing!

    1. I think Neova EVERYDAY would be absolutely perfect for combo skin! In fact, I’m pretty sure I can get away with wearing it alone on a hot/humid summer day.
      Good sunscreen comes at a cost, and I’m with you- I think a price range in the $30’s is pretty reasonable. Cheaper sunscreens always oxidize my makeup!

  3. Sing three verses of “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” here (by the recording artist of your choice). I am horrified that I used to douse myself in baby oil to literally fry my skin! Now I do everything possible to avoid the sun’s potent rays. This brand is foreign to me, but the “pros” listed above make it a great choice to keep my skin safe. Thanks, Amanda, to introducing me to another new and great product (just jotted down on my “must buy” list)!

    1. Sure thing @Gigi ! I’m pretty lucky- my mother always insisted that I practice safe sun worship so I have very little sun damage. I get a few freckles on my nose and shoulders during the summer, but otherwise I’m clean. Neova really did make my freckles less noticeable, so I highly suggest you give it a try!

  4. I received DNA Damage Control Active SPF 43 for testing, but since it’s currently winter in sun-starved Michigan, I have only been able to test it so far when I went to Florida recently for a vacation. I can’t speak to the reversal of sun spots yet since i was only able to test it a couple times there, but I can say that the 80 minute water resistance seems pretty accurate. I thought it soaked in very nicely and I did not think it looked greasy at all. I don’t mind the scent either – it’s much more subtle than many sunscreens. I love the ingredients in it though, and feel quite safe and protected having it and look forward to testing it further when I get more time in the sun and water! Great review!!

  5. @mandaleem – You are singing my song of “Protect your skin from the sun!” While, I was not a tester of this product. I want to tell all the readers out there I LOVE NEOVA!! I used to use their Creme de la Copper as my holy grail moisturizer. I’m unable to find it locally anymore. But, when @lipglossandspandex got to try the Neova Silc Sheer 2.0, I practically got on both knees and begged to try it. She is a wonderful sport and did share. After this review, I am going to have to try BOTH of these.

  6. Great review, @mandaleem! EVERYDAY sounds like a wonderful product and I have it on my must-try list thanks to your feedback.
    I tested Neova DNA Damage Control ACTIVE in SPF 43, which is perfect for days when I’m out running or hiking (or swimming when the weather gets warmer). It’s a heavy-duty sunscreen that stays put even when I work up a sweat, which my eyes appreciate– no burning! Yes, it has that sunscreen smell, but I see this as a trade-off for dependable protection. I agree with Amanda that ACTIVE is not matte enough to wear on its own (or even for non-outdoorsy days)– it’s a heavy product. Because I used it sporadically, I don’t have feedback about the photodamage reversal claims, but it certainly protected my skin from the sun and was extremely waterproof. 4 stars.

  7. I really wanted to love this, simply because of the higher spf. Sadly, my skin doesn’t agree with MOST facial sunscreens–I almost always break out and I know it’s the sunscreen because the breakout is very specific to a sunscreen reaction–we’re talking on parts of my face that never breakout. So, while the smell wasn’t overtly sunscreen-y, the texture of this was lovely, and this dried to a fairly matte finish on me (You HAVE to let it sink in for 15-20 minutes before applying makeup or anything else, or you just wipe away the sunscreen), this broke me out like the Dickens.
    However, I know that most people don’t have skin as sensitive as myself. My husband used this for weeks and had no issues whatsoever. In any case, I’m giving this 4 stars because it worked fine for him, but I’m taking away a star because no matter what anti-acne skin regimen I used while using this, I still broke out.
    (Pssst: If you’re super sensitive to sunscreens on your face like I am, try Murad’s. It actually improves my skin clarity, which is kind of magical)

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