New Black, MAC Me Over – review, photos & swatches

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photos: we heart this

Hold on to your chapeaus folks, it’s New Black, a stormy collection that is one of three parts of the MAC Me Over launch. It’s also downright gorgeous and has me oh-so excited for fall.

Developed through an online contest, MAC asked entrants to complete the following statement “MAC Me Over! Because…” Six people were chosen by Vice President and Creative Director James Gager (we’ll share two in the bottom of each of the collection’s posts), and three collections were created/curated to MAC the winners over. The collections, 51 pieces in total, are a mix of new limited editions, relaunches and permanent colors.

Let’s get right to it, because New Black has cast a spell on me that I can’t wait to share…

Evil Eye quad

Evil Eye eye shadow
One of only two quad of the whole launch, I think this was the biggest breathtaker of all 26 items we got a chance to look at. So beautiful, so gothic – it sums up New Black perfectly. I also thought that warm toned me couldn’t get anywhere near it. Happily, I was very wrong.

clockwise from top left: Palace Pedigreed, Spellcaster, Moody, Evil Eye

Palace Pedigreed is a red plum with a satin finish and a subtle plum pearl. Spellcaster is a dark, matte violet that would not play nicely at all; very chalky, very naughty. Water helped a bit, so using it as a liner will be an option. Evil Eye is matte as well, but so much smoother and a fabulous green tinged charcoal grey. Moody is pure beauty, and per MAC, a blackened green? I don’t see a speck of green in it. To me it’s dark shimmering violet grey.

Palace Pedigreed, Evil Eye, Moody, Spellcaster

Here’s a quick smoky eye with just Evil Eye on lid, Moody in the crease, black liner and lots of mascara.

Fluidlines are some of the best creme eye liners in the business. Wet enough to work with, but not so wet that you have to worry about smearing. And one they’re dry, you don’t have to worry about them all day. Love ’em. We got to try three of these dark beauties.

Dark Envy is a shimmering emerald green with bright green micro-shimmer.

Midnight Blues is a blackened navy with bright navy micro-shimmer.

MAC calls Avenue charcoal black. I see it is a dark coffee shade with gold micro glitter. This is the most glittery of the three fluidlines.

Nail Lacquer
Purple Majesty is a dark, gothy purple creme that I don’t imagine leaving my fingertips all fall. Three coats give you brilliant coverage and great shine.

Prince Noir, Rebel, Smoked Purple

Prince Noir is a matte oxblood red shade. It’s absolutely divine. As with all mattes, do yourself a favor and exfoliate your lips first. They’re dry and will show all flaws. A bit of work, but totally worth it for a color so gorgeous.

Rebel is a rich yet bright fuchsia satin with subtle fuchsia shimmer. Very pretty (and much more wearable than the two mattes).

Smoked Purple is a matte dark blackened purple that looks like the lipstick version of the Purple Majesty nail lacquer.

Prince Noir, Rebel, Smoked Purple

Here’s a look at two of the six winners and their winning answers…

Nicole DiCrescenza:
“I want to spread the versatile, unique and artistic philosophy that M·A·C Cosmetics illustrates! M·A·C products allow me to imaginatively morph my original look into a multitude of unique appearances. My features offer a universal quality that can be manipulated for the future world of M·A·C designs.”

Ian Marc Saisselin:
“With my American/French genes I feel I represent a worldly look. I am a college student majoring in English with a Philosophy minor. I am a dedicated volunteer, humanitarian and lover of animals. I am a strong yet sensitive type, which I think truly shows in my eyes. I would love to be M·A·C’s new face.”

we heartsters, do you need a New Black in your life? I think you do!

MAC Me Over – New Black Collection

Evil Eye Eye Shadow x 4
Evil Eye – deep yellow grey (matte)
Palace Pedigreed – deep berry with dark soft pink pearl (satin)
Spellcaster – blackened violet (matte)
Moody – blackened green (vxp)
$38 US/$45.50 CDN

Dark Diversion – darkened plum
Avenue – charcoal black with gold pearl
Midnight Blues – blackened blue
Dark Envy – blackened green
$15 US/$18 CDN

211 Pointed Liner Brush
$18 US/$21.50 CDN

Rebel – vivid pinkish-purple (satin)
Prince Noir – deep blue-purple (matte)
Smoked Purple – deep eggplant purple (matte)
Runaway Red – rich red-blue (satin)
$14.50 US/$17.50 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Purple Majesty – deep purple (creme)
Deep Sea – deep teal (creme)
$15 US/$18 CDN

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. This collection seems like a much more wearable version of Style Black. I want to marry all the fluidlines, especially the green and navy blue. And the oxblood lipstick is gorgeous and unique. I have a pair of oxblood Doc Martens that would match it perfectly!

  2. I just fell off my chair. Avenue and Prince Noir I LOVE YOU! How have I lived without these? That eyeshadow pallet? Its like they channeled my inner gothy teenage self and made a collection just for her. Luckily she always likes to peep out a little in the fall, so this is perfectly timed.

  3. Wow, this collection is gorgeous! I can’t wait for fall because the Evil Eye Quad and Rebel, (wow that lip color is amazing), are going right on my list of must haves! I love that MAC always finds a way to revamp basic colors into a new color collection/combo that spices up my daily routine!

  4. These are just gorgeous. The eye palette makes me drool and Purple Majesty??? LOVE. Even Prince Noir is giving me pause, and that’s a way deeper color than I’m used to wearing. BUT, these collections are all about pushing your boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone, so I need to just shut up and do that!! :-)

  5. Even though I can’t wear purple shadows, I will buy the Evil Eye palette because Moody and Evil Eye MUST be mine!

    I’m also transfixed by the Purple Majesty polish. So dark and pretty… I love it!

  6. I don’t normally swoon over MAC but this collection has me in love. So fall, so perfectly dark and gorgeous. I might need 1, 2…okay maybe 6 things.

  7. This collection is ridiculous!! I love MAC!!!!!

    Purple Majesty reminds me so much of Chanel’s Vamp…God bless the 90’s!

    That Rebel lipstick is beautiful. It is just the right amount of dark and light. It is a beautiful contrast.

    Palace Pedigreed, Evil Eye, and Moody are all such gorgeous, sultry shadows. I want them all!!! Ahh, to be rich!

    It is looking like it will be a mighty nice Fall with MAC!!

  8. Ahh! I love the summer but this collection has me dreaming of fall – boots, jackets and richly colored make up! Love and must get my hands on the quad – I neeeed Palace Pedigreed,Moody, and Evil Eye!

    And liquid eye liners in pots are my weakness – both Dark Envy and Midnight Blues are calling out to me. I especially adore dark blue and green liners – how to pick just one?

  9. @Tyna, there’s no way I could pick just one of those Fluidlines! I must have them all ;) I already have an obsession with MAC Fluidlines, but these colors in particular are just to die for.

  10. @stef – Those shadows give you gorgeous “Village of the Damned” blue eyes–the color of your peepers is intense in that photo! I am really jealous of the blue-eyed ladies out there *pouts*

    Wow, this is a gorgeous collection that I want to be wearing this fall! That Midnight Blues Fluidline looks unique enough that I can talk myself into adding it to my collection–I bet that would really make anyone’s eyes pop. I’m also crushing on that Prince Noir lipstick in the worst way…I probably have something similar, but I don’t care, I want it :)

  11. I received Rebel in the mail, and I LOVE IT! It’s the perfect fuchsia for fall. And I find it hilarious that the collection is called “New Black,” because a friend and I have been saying in recent months:

    “Fuchsia is the new black.”

    The color is beautifully saturated, glides on like a dream, and lasts for at least 3 hours even with eating and drinking. As it wears off it leaves a bright fuchsia stain, but sometimes that stain sits in the lines of my lips a little too much. A quick layer of gloss or balm fixes that problem and gives a brighter but softer version of the color. I HIGHLY recommend this color for fall!

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