New from Hourglass, Fall 09 review

New from Hourglass, Fall 09 review

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siren When Tyna called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that the latest releases from Hourglass had arrived, my Ooo’s were echoed with hers. We’re HUGE fans of the luxury line. But oh, how those Ooo’s would intensify as she started going through the package! We received three of their newest products for Fall.

First up, their Primer Set, a duo of their best-selling primers. I’ve heard raves about their Veil Mineral Primer. It has an SPF 15, evens skintone and gives you that smooth canvas that primer fans adore. Solar Tan Self-Tanning Primer goes one step further by giving you a natural, glowing touch of color. Honestly, I’m a not a huge primer fan. So I knew we should give this to a tester who’d really appreciate the quality of this duo.

visionareNext up, their gorgeous Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Dune (champagne shimmer/deep olive shimmer). This is one of the most awe-worthy duos I’ve seen in some time. On top of the colors being breathtakingly beautiful, with their tiny flecks of gold shimmer and deep tones (if you’re a green eye shadow fan, like me, you’ll flip), it’s packaged in their unique 360° swivel compact. The lid smoothly swivels at any angle, making application a breeze and keeping your hands free for the high quality brush that’s included. I had to pass on this piece as well, only due to the fact that the item to come had my name written all over it. But this is a duo I will be purchasing…

“There’s also an Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss in a color I can’t find on their site” Tyna tells me. I get excited, “what’s it look like?” I ask. “Like a sparkly fire, it’s called Siren, it’s very you”. Wow, was she right!

This Sephora exclusive shade was only released a week ago and it may just be the most “holiday” lip gloss I’ve ever seen (that’s it above, in all it’s glimmery glory).
I already have a love for the Extreme Sheen collection. I think it’s one of the best lip glosses on the market; creamy, super glossy, really long lasting. But Siren has made me fall even harder. Fire is a very accurate description. It’s a reved-up metallic shade of red touched with orange, totally rich and expensive looking, like the shiniest ornament on your tree. But something about it makes me think of a muscle car too! It’s, in a word, stunning.

Here’s the Hourglass interpretation of the items, how pretty is this?

What do you think about the new holiday items from Hourglass?

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  1. Oh Stef your killing me here. The siren lip gloss sounds and looks gorgeous! I’m also a big fan of their extreme sheen glosses and think I need to add this to my collection. The shadow duo looks equally as gorgeous. Can’t wait to see these in person. Looks like I’m going to Sephora today!

  2. Yep, Siren is pretty great, huh? Mel- it is as vibrant as shown in the pic. It has a really opaque application, and as I mentioned, REALLY metallic. In addition to reminding me of a really primo muscle car paint job, it looks like a nail polish. This is not for the red shy, it’s a real commitment!

    The color is beautiful and the gloss formula can just do no wrong. This is not just a 5 star, it’s in my own personal lip gloss hall of fame.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Anastasia Beverly Hills – review =-.

  3. I was the lucky gal who got to test out the primer set! I will warn that I don’t typically wear primer everyday, just when I want to look really polished, so for the last few weeks I’ve been looking my polished best.
    First up is the Veil Mineral Primer–I love that there is spf 15 in this because I’m not always the best at remembering sunscreen, so I prefer my cosmetics to do double duty. One pump is all you need, so yes, on its own it is expensive, but the set is a great value in that you get a ton of product and a little goes a very long way. The primer itself is very creamy and once applied feels like silk. Now, since I like to be thorough in my testing, I have to say that I had some amazing results with liquid foundation and especially tinted moisturizer. My skin looked virtually poreless. I got a good 4 hours before my oily pores started to break down the primer and foundation, to the point it looked worse than if I hadn’t worn primer at all, but when it did I used some oil blotting sheets and it really refreshed my makeup. I would not use this primer with cream-to-powder or powder foundation—the results end up too cakey and impossible to blend down. Even with the liquid foundation, you want to avoid a thick and cakey one and stick to a thinner one. I know if you’re using a primer you are wanting the foundation to stick and probably want more coverage, but the primer really does make your foundation go a long way. My only real con on this is that it broke me out on my forehead a little bit after a week of wearing it, but I do have oily to combination to sensitive skin, so it doesn’t take much to ruin the delicate balance that is my clear skin :)
    Now for the Solar Tan Self-Tanning Primer—I admit that I feared the self-tanning primer. I am ridiculously pale and my forays into self-tanning have ended up with me looking like a deranged Oompa Loompa. I’m a trooper, though, so I sucked it up and used this primer for a whole week. The primer itself is very similar in appearance as other primers I’ve tried–it’s a clear gel that glides on smoothly. This primer was fine with all kinds of foundation–even cream-to-powder and powder ones. It didn’t give the same full-coverage effect that the veil mineral primer did, but it definitely lessened the appearance of my pores and helped keep my foundation in place longer than on its own. The weird thing is I didn’t tan. Like at all. I made sure I exfoliated before I applied it the first time and I didn’t apply moisturizer because I didn’t want to dilute the tanning effect. I was careful to use a gentle cleanser for the entire week because I thought maybe color would build up over the week and I didn’t want to risk scrubbing it off. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle or if my skin is defective? Maybe I just wasn’t meant to tan? I didn’t break out on my forehead with this one and I didn’t notice any new breakouts as a result of this primer, so that made me happy.
    Overall, these primers performed well as primers, the Veil Mineral Primer was a slightly more powerful primer, but I imagine on the right person the self-tanning one could be excellent. I just can’t tan :( 4 stars because I’m not sure if it’s me or the primer that doesn’t tan.
    I so want to see that Siren Gloss in person…I love opaque, deeply pigmented glosses…I know what I’m coveting now!

  4. Lip-gloss fans and red lip wearers should check out the Extreme Shine in Siren – it really is fantastic. I knew as soon as I saw it that Stef would flip over the amazing color – it looks like a great, red manicure the first ½ after the paint job – super sparkly and shiny.

    Lucky for me , (I’d been searching for a fall, green eye shadow) I was the happy tester of the Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Dune – I love it, of course! Firstly, the packaging is the best on the market. The smooth, swivel mirror/lid is revolutionary – allowing for a perfectly angled mirror anywhere – the sleek, shiny and cool compact just adds to the perfection. Also of note, I’ve been using my Foundation Mineral Powder compact with a similarly designed mirror for over six months now and the lids “mechanics” are still smooth and firmly in place. I can’t express my love enough!

    Onto the equaling appealing colors – a super rich olive green with subtle gold shimmer and a beige-ish shimmering champagne. The shadows are super smooth and glide on, blend and smudge so easily. With a touch of primer (a must for my lids) even the dark green shadow stays in place all day. The deep, forresty black green is fantastic with my normally blue eyes – if I wear a black top and this shadow my eyes take on a green shade! You can also use the shadows wet and the deep green turns almost black and makes a fantastic evening eyeliner. I also really like the medium hued champagne highlighting shade, in the crease and above. I normally shy away from gold based shades, they can look garish on me – but this one adds just the right amount of warmth and color to my eyes. Another enthusiastic five stars for Hourglass! They are quickly moving to the very top of my very favorite luxury makeup lines.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Anastasia Beverly Hills Giveaway! =-.

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  6. I have become a HUGE Fan of Hour Glass, from their sleek packaging, to their amazing quality I am in! I tried the Extrem Sheen in Origami a very pink, pink… but once it’s on it isn’t as pink as it looks in the tube, which is a good thing. Instead it is a very natural shimmer, with high Extreme sheen!

    Super Long lasting, seriously, if Stef the says it Siren has made her lipgloss hall of fame, you know this is a 10 out of 5 star product! She is the queen!
    I totally agree, I havn’t tired Siren, but I LOVE Origami. I give it a super adoring 5 stars, and I am a click away from ordering Siren. It looks gorgeous!

    But for those of you who want a hint of color that will last, goes on smooth and has a very pleasant taste and smell (kind of vanilla-ish) Try out Origami. It’ is the perfect hint of pink, and it lasts and looks gorgeous!
    Very lush. Hourglass as far as I have seen, can do no wrong!! <3

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  8. Wow, that’s some gold shimmer in a tube! Looks like they’d see you coming for miles! Stef, what on earth would you do with out your glosses? I’m getting worried! HA! I love my extreem sheen gloss too.. I’ve had it for a while and love it! It’s the prettiest pink, like Christy says, and stays on a long time! Oh, and it smells great! Very vanillarie- Der…

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