NEW tarte QVC Kit review – what has your makeup done for you lately?

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Get the latest from tarte, on sale July 13th only

NEW tarte QVC Kit reviewphotos: we heart this

What has your makeup done for you lately? A valid question. A question that drove Maureen Kelly to start tarte way back in 1999. They continue to ask it today, and it’s the reason why they keep bringing us products with ingredients that are cutting edge yet natural, not a combo usually found in makeup! But this is tarte we’re talking about…

NEW tarte QVC Kit review

And it’s a question that they’re asking again with their latest QVC kit which will be on sale July 13th for ONE DAY ONLY for $49.98. It’s a six piece kit filled with products that just may make you answer “quite a lot, actually.”

Smitten LipSurgence with a raspberry pink creme shade Smitten LipSurgence

Ah LipSurgence, always a good choice! If you don’t already know its super minty scent and gloss/lipstick hybrid formula that gives shiny/creamy coverage; it’s time you get to know it. They made a change to the packaging. Rather than the previous twist up, it now has a built-in sharpener in the cap. I’m not sure what I prefer; a sharper tip is nice, a smaller pencil not so much. What I do know is that Smitten is a raspberry pink creme that will look good on everyone.

modernEYES creaseless shadow liner duo with a plum brown shademodernEYES creaseless shadow/liner in plumberry (shadow side)

modernEYES creaseless shadow liner duo is a product that’s easy like Sunday morning. A bronzey plum cream shadow side, plumberry, paired with a blackened plum liner, called plum brown. The shadow applies smoothly with no tugging, and blends best with the warmth from your fingers. Once you line your eyes with plum brown, you get this sultry yet simple smoky look that’s fabulous.

modernEYES creaseless shadow/liner in plum brown shademodernEYES creaseless shadow/liner in plum brown (liner side)

I found this wore well most of the day (in its defense, it is 115 in the desert right now!) I’d say I got a solid 6 hours before I noticed light creasing.

shadow, liner, Smitten LipSurgence swatches
swatch: shadow, liner, Smitten LipSurgence

tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara

I’ll be honest, I know a lot of people love Lights, Camera, Lashes; but it’s never been one of my favorites. Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara on the other hand, in it’s beautiful bamboo package, is right up my mascara alley. It’s a Baby Bear kind of formula; not too thick that it clumps, not too thin that you can’t get substantial coverage. It’s just right!

I wouldn’t have thought that clay would be an ingredient that would work in a mascara. I think clay and I think drying. But then this isn’t any ordinary clay. Amazonian clay is not dry at all. It’s rich in plant and fruit extracts from traveling the 4,000 mile journey along the Amazon River. And as a matter of fact, the clay helps absorb excess oil to help keep your eye makeup in place. There’s good reason this is one of tarte’s star ingredients!

Tyna and I listened to founder Maureen Kelly talk passionately about Amazonian clay a year ago when it was being first introduced to their products. It’s exciting to see more and more items released that have this wonder clay in it, as they’re so proud of it. And I love using it!

Amazonian Clay Mascara brush

As for Gifted, my only wish is that it had a different style of brush. It’s very traditional as you can see in the above photo and I’m more of a plastic bristle gal myself. But it’s the only thing I’d change about a near flawless mascara.

NEW tarte QVC Kit

The collection also contains two full size face products (and a bonus sneak peek item) that have tarte’s other star ingredient – marcuja oil, aka nature’s “pure milagro” or pure miracle. And I do believe they will have normal to dry girls singing hallelujah.

marcuja 12 hour foundation in medium and tan swatches marcuja 12 hour foundation in medium and tan

marcuja 12 hour foundation has a light, silky feeling but offers substantial coverage. The bonus is a SPF 15 sunscreen that doesn’t have the typical sunscreen scent. I tested Medium and Tan. Medium just about worked on my NC25 skin (which is probably tanned to NC30 at the moment). Check out the full range of five shades over at Beauty Junkies Unite. As an oilier gal and a tinted moisturizer fiend, I found this formula to be a little too rich for me.

foundation brush from the 8th World Wonder kit

Remember the foundation brush from the 8th World Wonder kit that we flipped for? Meet it’s kid sister. And shhh, I think I like the lil’ doppelganger even better. Its smaller size makes it a bit easier to work into smaller spaces.

marjuca oil rollerball

If you want a direct dose, there’s the marjuca oil rollerball. It’s an updated version of their eye dropper bottle. It makes it so easy to swipe wherever your skin needs a bit of extra moisture or TLC, and creates a smooth base for products.

marcuja c-brightener eye treatment

As for the sneak peek, there’s a little jar of marcuja c-brightener eye treatment. This eye cream diffuses dark circles and brightens skin with maracuja, vitamin C, and something I can only describe as fairy dust…

marcuja c-brightener eye treatment swatch

Seriously, look how it sparkles! I can’t wait to get to know it a bit better.

Finally, because this is tarte, do-gooders in every sense of the word, they’re donating 10K of the proceeds of the kit to the Sustainable Amazon Partnership, which helps promote lasting sustainable management of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

tartelettes, we know how you love their QVC sets. Let me tell you, you will love this one as well. Get it here.

we heartsters – what’s your all time favorite tarte product?

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  1. Oh boy this is some nice stuff. Tarte has a way dont’ they? I love modernEYES creaseless shadow/liner in plum brown and also am ooooing over marcuja c-brightener eye treatment! Great post @stef!

  2. What a fabulous set, and at a great price! I love Tarte, but am sad they changed the LipSurgence pencil packaging :(

  3. Uh oh, I already bought the last 2 gift sets from Tarte and this one is tempting too! My favorite Tarte product right now is their Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation, I love it! Of course their mascara is always a staple in makeup bag too! : )

  4. Seriously, tarte just keeps outdoing themselves with these QVC sets – packed with tarte goodies at fab prices. I’m indifferent to the packaging change on the LipSurgence – honestly I’m not the biggest fan of most built in sharpeners, they always seem to make me go thru product faster. I do however love the new shade – I’m smitten with Smitten! What a pretty pink lip color.

    Oh and I’ll say once again, the tarte foundation is brush is ah-mazing. It buffs your foundation or tinted moisturizer into a flawless finish. It’s a must have in my make up routine.

  5. Great kit! I am instantly attracted to the LipSurgence (not sure how I feel about the thinner pencil shape. I love the chubby stick) and the foundation. Tarte’s face makeup never disappoints me and by disappoint I mean break me out. This kit seems like a great value! I already own a couple HSN kits and enough maracuja oil to last me a lifetime ;)

  6. I’ve been trying so hard to curb my reckless beauty splurging but tarte has made it darn near impossible with sets like this one! I’ve been curious about the marcuja 12 hour foundation, so I’m really, really tempted!

  7. I love the Lipsurgences, though I have to say I like the chubby sticks. They’re great for staying power and I love the scent. Smitten looks like a great daytime color.

  8. I’m so glad to hear that they now have a roller ball applicator for the Marjuca Oil! I have the eye dropper version and its a bit tricky for me to use, I tend to be a bit messy and fumble with dripping it onto my fingers without it running off and wasting on the sink counter haha..

  9. I am super crazy for the Tarte QVC kits!! They are always amazing!!! And I am way bummed that I missed this one on on sale. But I am willing to bet that I won’t be able to help myself and will get it anyway. I also psyched about the roller ball applicator for the Marjuca Oil. I really liked the oil but like many others hate the dropper in the old bottle. This set looks like a winner.

  10. I received Smitten to try from this kit. This is my first time using the new casing for the LipSurgence in Smitten. These are by far one of my favorite products from Tarte and I must say, I do miss the chubby shape! The sharpener is cool but kind of awkward since it has this slightly wider top of the cap. I guess what I am saying it doesn’t look that cute anymore. I don’t mind the slimmer size but I had no problem with the chubby size. When it comes to sharpening products, I only prefer to sharpen things that aren’t so “soft”, like most eye pencils. This would make me nervous to sharpen but I’m sure I’ll have no problem.

    The color is gorgeous, work friendly and just an all around great color like @Stef said :) :)

  11. Lucky me, I got to test Maracuja Miracle 12-Hour Foundation in Medium and found it to be everything I expected and more. Perfect for my normal-to-dry skin (but not too moisturizing for hot weather), it has a decent amount of coverage and—- bonus!—- SPF 15, which I personally love in a foundation. I also love the dewy finish and the texture, which is surprisingly light considering the thick formula. The Medium shade is a little dark for me but works great for a faux tan. I will definitely consider purchasing Maracuja Miracle in a lighter shade for winter. If we were giving stars, this would be a 5 star foundation for sure!

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