Noir Cosmetics review – black eye liner bonanza

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We slip into the “Little Black Dress” of eye liners

Noir Cosmeticsphotos: we heart this

I’m willing to bet that if any of you ladies reading this were to go to your closet right this minute, you would probably find a little black dress hanging inside. Am I right? No, I’m not psychic (If I were, I’d have played and won the lottery a dozen times over by now and would be writing this from the comfort of my own private island), but a basic black dress is a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. It’s classic and timeless and suitable for any occasion.

Montreal-based Noir Cosmetics was conceived using this same principle: Black is universally flattering and always in fashion. Created by Caroline Cohen, the line was initially based around black eyeliner. That’s right, ONLY black.

You may wonder at a brand that only offers black eyeliner, but as the black liner obsessed among us knows, there is one (a true deep black, matte black, shiny glittery black, blue/black, etc) for every occasion.

The fine folks at Noir Cosmetics sent the wht review team a few of their eyeliners in various formulations and all, of course, in shades of black.

Noir Cosmetics swatchesBlack Mania Kohl, Lifeline Liquid, Glimmer Liquid, Ultra Rich Crayon, Royal Gel

The team put these LBD’s of liners to the test and will be along in the comments to leave their thoughts on:

Black Mania Kohl Eyeliner Crayon $15 – a super intense black hue in a classic pencil package, the natural wax based formula promises rich pigment and a smooth application.

Lifeline Liquid Eyeliner in True Black $18 – this glam liquid liner is applied with a fine brush and inspired by classic Hollywood beauty (think dark, dramatic, cat eyes). It’s a matte black liner with a quick drying, long-lasting formula.

Glimmer Liquid Eyeliner in Starry Night $18 – here’s your “big evening out” liner! This sparkling black liquid liner has a hint of silver shimmer, a no-fade formula and a fine brush applicator for precision lining.

Ultra Rich Eye Pencil in Black $16 – a chubby kohl pencil that’s “ultra versatile” – the large, rounded tip can handle fine lines and subtle smudges.

Gel Eyeliner Pot in Royal Black $16 – I was the happy recipient of this in Royal Black. This liner is a deep, inky black. I believe my husband dubbed it a “scared squid shade”. (That paints a lovely mental picture, doesn’t it?) In any case, it’s a true black.

I’ve used gel liners before in black and have found most to be slightly muted, but not Noir, it’s the deepest shade of black liner I’ve ever seen.

This eyeliner goes on very smooth and a little goes a long way; this is a dark and dramatic product. My advice on this liner is to prep your eye area with primer before applying this. I would say not using a primer really isn’t an option here. Despite the claim that this is long-lasting, I only got maybe an hour without primer before I looked like a member of Fight Club. With the primer, I got two hours of wear before signs of smudging began.

While this gel may be for “those who dare,” I attempted a more demure look where I applied the finest line into my lash line and smudged it out. This is probably the best application for oily lids.

I would term this a “high maintenance” liner for me. It required constant checking for smearing and traveling. Because of this issue, I’m giving this gel liner a 3 out of 5 stars. It’s possible that those of you with less oily lids may have better luck with this product than I did, so keep that in mind.

Looking for more? Have no fear; the Noir Cosmetics line includes additional products like mascara, brow definers and gels, and even a smoky eye shadow palette to fulfill all of your dramatic eye needs.

we heartsters, like Noir do you always “bet it all on black”? Do you wear black and only black eyeliner? And Review Team, what did you think of the eyeliner you received? Share your eye liner thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for this summary of all of Noir’s liners, @krista ! I’m really intrigued that they offer so many versions of basic and not-so-basic black!

    I tested Noir Ultra Rich Black Eye Pencil, a chubby, super-dark, easily blendable liner. The original point was too thick for me to get a precise line, but it was great for a smudgy eye. I’ve since sharpened it into a smaller point that is more versatile for me. This pencil reminds me a lot of Benefit’s Bad Gal. It stays put and doesn’t smear. Great for creating drama! 4 stars (deducting one point for the too-thick point… otherwise, fab!).

  2. I’m intrigued by the line based off your summary @krista! I’ll definitely have to take a peek.

    It’s hard to find a gel liner that’ll stay! Same with kohls with me. They both just migrate with me!

  3. I got to test the Lifeline Liquid in True Black and it is a daring liner! A nice long applicator with a thin brush helps create that perfect sexy cat eye shape with awesome precision. I love the matte, true black shade because it’s so bold. This also dried fairly quickly and didn’t rely smudge at all. I was always a little fearful of liquid liners until this one thanks to how easily it applied and how fantastic it looks on. 5 stars!

  4. I love the concept of this band, and the packaging looks awesome. However, I have zero tolerance for eyeliner that doesn’t last all day, so it sounds like I’ll be giving this line a pass.

  5. I’m kinda with you on that opinion, Marilyn. If I have a choice between wearing a liner that stays put or one that makes me look like I’ve been out on a weeklong bender, I’ll choose the one that stays put every time. I wear makeup to look better, not worse. The color on the gel liner was amazing, but the lack of staying power was ridunkulous and if I’m going out, it’s usually for longer than an hour. I’m curious to see how the different formulations worked for the others who tested this line.

  6. You’ve got to love a company that chooses a color/product they know well and they stick with it. And really, who needs anything else when you have the perfect black eyeliner? Great review!

  7. Ug. I want my black to stay in place and not travel. High maintenance makes for raccoon eyes on me.

  8. This is some super “sharp” looking eyeliner.(no pun intended) It is vivid and bold. It is really pretty but sounds like a lot more work than I could manage!

  9. Great review! I got to test the black mania pencil. I was very excited to try this black crayon khol pencil. It’s color is a true black just as it is pictured. But, it also does blend well if you would like to use it in a softer application. Just like Krista, I applied this pencil to my upper lashes with a primer and within to hours I had fall out in my lower lashes.

    For me this product’s best use is when I have a special occasion in the evening and I have time to keep an extra eye out on this liner. I am too busy during the day to manage the fall out plus, if my allergies are flaring . . . I have black tears all over my face.

    Three stars for me.

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