Noodle & Boo Maternity repair kit review

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It was the morning of Memorial Day, 2009. Normally, I’d be marinating the steaks, icing down the beer, and counting my packs of cigarettes to ensure enough for me and all my social-smoker friends! What was I doing that Memorial Day? I was doing what they call “nesting.” Eight months ago I would have thought that term only applied to birds. Now I’ve learned it also describes the acts of humans in preparing for our new bundles of joy. You see, I am a 34-year-old career woman who happened to (whoops) get pregnant! So instead of smoking as many cigs as it took to get through my 3 cups of morning coffee and planning my cookout, I was drinking my protein drink, eating my fiber cereal, and finding the perfect drawer for my freshly washed newborn onesies. I certainly never thought this was the path my life would take, but when you see your unborn child actually smile on an ultrasound after her daddy coaxes her into moving around, your priorities kind of change!

Although I am finding myself giving up some selfish ways, one priority I wouldn’t want or try to change is my desire to have smooth and beautiful skin. Pregnancy can mess with that perfect skin condition in ways I could have never imagined – not everyone gets the famed “glow.” Some women get extreme acne, funky skin discolorations, and of course the pinnacle of imperfection: the dreaded stretch mark! To top it off, there is no quick and easy solution for any of these when you have to use extreme caution with any thing you put in or on your body, so as not to harm the developing baby. So, when a company comes along that that takes all the guesswork out of the equation, you are jumping for joy – well, as much jumping as you can do with a basketball in your belly and an extra 30+ pounds!

Noodle & Boo is just that company. Founded by Christine Burger, after finding the need for children’s products developed for ultra-sensitive skin, the company offers a wide range of luxurious products for all ages. Newborns, babies and children with eczema and sensitive skin, and adults are all equally cared for by these products, in which every formula is hypoallergenic and clinically-tested to minimize the risk of allergic reaction. Formulations are also dermatologist-tested and pediatrician-tested. The company fits into our do-gooder category as well, as they donate a significant portion of profit to charity, the packaging is 100% recyclable, and they do not test products on animals.

Being the resident prego on the review team I tested the Repair Kit from their Glowology Maternity line, which includes Afterglow Gel and Perfecting Crème. Afterglow Gel is for firming and slimming. According to the company, this product was developed to work as a cellulite corrector. It is a gel that brightens and tightens skin, prevents stretch marks, and stimulates collagen synthesis with algae extract, vitamin C, and oat and rice proteins. Fat storage is inhibited and eliminated, while cellulite is corrected. Perfecting Crème is for stretch mark control. This thick cream uses a sophisticated peptide compound to build back proteins while reducing the effects of enzymes that destroy proteins. Ultra-rich cocoa butter and avocado oil leave skin soft and smooth.

The results are in and they are impressive, ladies! It’s no wonder this line is used by the stars, or so I was told by the saleslady at the exclusive maternity store, Pea in the Pod, where the line is sold. See the comments for my review, and please let us know if you’ve had the pleasure of using any of these fine Noodle and Boo products.


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  1. Well, to get right to the point – today I am 35 weeks pregnant (out of 40 total) and I don’t have one stretch mark!! I’ve been using both creams faithfully since our fabulous ladies sent them to me a few months ago, and all I have is a silky soft, beautifully scented belly! And that really helps when everybody wants to rub and kiss it. Now it is true that the appearance of stretch marks tends to be hereditary, but the perfecting creme uses the best science and technology to help prevent them by working below the skin’s surface level, in between cells where marks are formed. This creme also works to reduce the marks once they are already formed, so please speak up if you’ve tried and had success with this!

    The Afterglow Gel is the one cellulite product I’ve tried that I’ve actually had some success with and that isn’t sticky and gross smelling! It smells absoutely lovely – I’m not sure exactly what all the scents are but I know it has some lavender, honey, and sweet almond in it – reminds me of a blooming spring garden. It feels so refreshing going on and dries quickly so all you have left is soft, beautiful, and yes, firmer skin. It is algae extract to give skin an immediate tightening effect, and this is no lie – it really does tighten immediately – at least a little! Has my cellulite completely gone away…no. But I’d love to try this again after the baby is born and I’m actually able to exercise (have not done that) and lose weight rather that pack it on (I’m now up to 40 pounds gained with another 5 weeks to go!). I can see where combined with proper eating and exercise, this gel could really do some wonders. I’m planning on getting some more in a couple months because of the start of good results on the butt and thigh cellulite I already had, and the back cellulite, which (Yippee!!) is new. I would highly suggest going for this product if you are serious about getting rid of that cellulite and want to smell delicious in the process – but do use it faithfully morning and night, and combine with good exercise, water-drinking etc, etc!

    I give both Noodle and Boo products a glowing 5 stars and am so grateful for having been able to be the official tester – these really added pleasure to my pregnancy at a much-needed time! Thanks ladies!!

  2. I got to try the Sugar Mama Honey Bar, the creamiest, dreamiest bar of soap ever! Safe for babies but really good for those of us with dry, sensitive skin. Loaded with Shea butter, honey and a bunch of vitamins. It smells yummy and makes a really moisturizing lather. Seriously, I didn’t feel like I needed lotion when I got out of the shower. This is one wonderful bar of soap!

  3. Just wanted to pop in and say Congratulations to our lovely Melinda! It’s so close now – you must be so excited!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

    Great job on your first official review at we heart this!

  4. Sounds like wonderful products. Wish I would have known about them in my pregnancy days. Melinda you are almost there. Hang in there girl! The last few weeks are the hardest, but hopefully they will fly by!

  5. Thanks for the well wishes girls – I am getting excited! Now that I’m out of work, these last couple weeks are the nicest yet out of the whole pregnancy. I know the last month is probably going to get alot tougher – esp if the typical humid Michigan weather sticks around – but so far the attitude is staying positive – with the help of things like pre-natal yoga and comforting products like these. I want to try that Honey Bar for me and the baby next – sounds just as divine as the lotions!

  6. Great review! I’m ordering these for sure for my expecting pals! They sound fabulous!

    & Congrats Melinda!! :)

  7. Bookmarked this page a few months ago while I was expecting. Was just cleaning up my bookmarks and wanted to come back and say thanks for the recommendation. The Perfecting Creme was an absolute treat and I have to say it kept my skin smooth and minimized the stretch marks. I’ve seen other women a lot worse. Thanks again!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..All About Maternity Tights =-.

  8. Thanks for coming back and checking in, Kim! And congrats on your bundle of joy!! Hope you’re getting more sleep than I am =^) I’m so happy to hear that the product worked for you, too. I have to say I agree that it’s a treat to use…I still remember that scent of the cream and look back on it with fond memories – one of the really nice parts of my pregnancy! I never did get stretch marks, very possibly due in part to faithfully using the cream. Reading back through my comments though, I realized I still haven’t started working on that cellulite that built up – time to start exercising!

  9. A request for people to consider the ethics of buying maternity clothes. Really, if people are willing to bring a baby on this planet, you’d better ensure the planet is in a good state! Therefore please try and think about, for example, the materials the clothes are manufactured from, the conditions of the factories where they’re manufactured and the ethics of the clothes retailer. And try to share, rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

  10. I’m too late for that because my laugh lines has spread out to my butt and thighs. But I don’t have in my belly. I can still wear bikini at night. But I have to buy this pregnancy kit if ever I got pregnant for second time around.

  11. I just purchased a bottle of Afterglow Gel and can’t wait to use it after my little boy is born this Nov. After reading many reviews I hope after using the product along with a healthy diet and my usual exercise I get the results I’m looking for. This is my second pregnancy and didn’t gain nearly as much weight as with my first but I do want to get ride of that accumulated cellulite behind my thighs and around my abdomen. Thanks and I will be checking back in in a few months.

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