Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub review

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The all American classic offers new modern formulas

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Some of my earliest beauty memories center around an American classic, Noxzema. My aunt and her daughters used Noxzema – the Original Cleansing Cream religiously. And the scent of the old school formula momentarily sends me back to weekends with my cousins; Saturday nights, full of food, tired from a day of play, freshly bathed and smelling of Noxzema as we gathered in the family room and waited for the Love Boat and Fantasy Island to start.

Many years later and as the co-editor of a beauty obsessed site, you would think I’d be a bit of a beauty snob; I’m not averse to buying drugstore labels…I’m just very particular with my selection. And when I’m strolling through the drugstore aisles looking for cheap beauty thrills, I often reach for the comforting jar of the classic Noxzema cream. So, I was thrilled when the folks at Noxzema sent the review team a brand new product, the Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub from their trusted line.

First things first, this is Noxzema for a new generation – you’ll find a new look in the streamlined, sleek packaging with a shiny metallic blue finish and a range of new products with an emphasis on skin of all ages, not just those with teen-aged skin.

In fact, the Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub and it’s partner product the Clean Blemish Control Foaming Wash were formulated just for adult skin that could still use some help banishing oil and breakouts. And while they work on those problem areas of the face (thanks to Salicylic Acid), they also work with your adult skin – no stinging, tingling or tightness like you’d get with teen products of old.

What you will not find in the Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub upon open the flip top tube is that one-and-only, invigorating Noxzema smell. This product has a sorta sweet, sorta creamy, sorta minty scent to it – and I will say that is my one complaint. I dearly miss that familiar Noxzema scent and wish it was present it all their products.

The thick scrub has a dense, moisturizing consistency that forms a semi-foamy lather when water is added and it is loaded with fine scrubbing granules to reach into every nook and cranny. After spending some time scrubbing away the flakes and dead skin (thanks to the recent cold snap), I spent a few more washing it away. This scrub takes a little longer to wash off than most – all those teeny grains! – but it’s worth the effort.

Best of all, this alcohol-free, oil-free gentle yet thorough scrub can be used everyday (and everywhere). I love a great scrub in the morning and this handy tube has been my morning shower go-to (from face to neck to chest to arms) all month long. It’s balanced formula makes it a true multi-tasker!

Scratch that, best of all is that this multi-tasking, effective scrub is so darn affordable. Retailing around $5.50 a tube, you will be hard pressed to find a better beauty bargain. I’d recommend this product to any drugstore beauty diva, but especially to those starting to reach for the anti-aging products while still suffering from oily, flaky skin and breakouts.

we heartsters and Review Team – do you share my nostalgic love of Noxzema? And what do you think of the latest from the classic brand, the Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub?

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  1. Oh dear Lord, I loved this scrub.
    I hadn’t tried Noxzema in years, so I was surprised to see this as a testing product. But I do love a good drugstore brand and high end products don’t do the wonders on me that they do for others, so I figured what the heck!

    First off, I’m in love with the new packaging. I don’t know if it’s just the pretty metallic blue or the cute little design-y bubble at the top, but I find it really fun. Also, it dispenses from the bottom so there’s no product being wasted.

    But this scrub really does work. I’d count it as my favorite of all time if I hadn’t found another WHT product that I like just a tiny bit better. (I’ll be gushing all over that review too.)
    But Noxzema Daily Scrub is SUCH a great exfoliator, especially now in the winter. It’s not too drying and I don’t get that super tight feeling that I get with other products. I feel clean but I don’t go running for the moisturizer because I’m so clean that I’d all dried out.

    I even like the scent, it’s not the usual Noxzema scent and it has a hint of baking soda…which sounds weirder than it is. Promise.

    I will echo @tyna on the granules; they are tiny but I think that’s why they work so well. And if you’re a sleepy shower-er like me, just watch it around your eyes and nose. I tried using it like my usual creamy cleanser and almost had an incident in the shower. Ow.

    This gets five stars from me. I’m in love. A little old school in your routine can be good for your skin AND your wallet.

  2. Andrea – I don’t think you’re supposed to use the Clarisonic with scrubs. Too much friction!

  3. I actually picked Noxema back up after all the new packaging. I loved it when I was younger (I was obsessed with that Noxema tingle) and I realize that I kind of love again now. The scrub stays in my shower!

  4. I got this to try too and I was really impressed with it. I have to admit though, when I saw it in the box I was a bit disappointed. I thought to myself,” Noxzema? I haven’t used this since middle school. Meh.” But I had just ran out of my own face wash and thought why not? And boy I’m glad I did! The scrub is great.

    This time of year my skin starts rebelling against the cold and starts flaking off. This scrub really got after it and the dry flakey skin came right off and left my face feeling squeaky clean and smooth. I also like that it doesn’t have that tingle effect like other Noxzema products I have used, those left my face feeling like it was on fire and I’m not a fan of that. This one was nice and fresh feeling.

    Like @lyssachelle I’m a sleepy shower-er so I had to stand and let the water run over my face to make sure all the little scrubbies were off. A few times I didn’t do this and when I went to rub my eyes dry it hurt because I still had granules in around my eyes. All in all I liked this product 4 stars from me

  5. I’m with you, @tyna, that original Noxzema smell is the best! I’m sorry to hear this scrub does not contain it, but based on everyone’s reviews, I’d be willing to give it a try anyway.

  6. Andrea – another ‘No’ on the Clarisonic – cleansers with grains are a no-no!

    And while I loce my CLarisonic, I need to have a good scrub with “scrubbies” every few days. It’s one of my little joys. The Noxzema Scrub has been making me happy (as you can see by my above review) as an almost daily scrub in the shower. It works just as well on the chest and shoulders as the face. And it’s easier to rinse it all off in the shower. 4 Stars from me.

    To the folks at Noxzema – please bring us this scrub in a “classic scent” version. Thanks!

  7. I got to try this too, and was really happy with it as well! I used to buy St. Ives Apricot scrub to keep on hand for whenever I ran out of my high end scrubs. But I’ve recently read that it’s terrible for your skin (those jagged little pieces of walnuts create microscopic tears in your skin, ouch!) So, I’ve been looking for a new drugstore stand in, and I think I found it!

    I love that it’s so inexpensive. A lot of time with my pricey stuff I’m afraid to use it because I don’t want it to end (so stupid!) But with this, I don’t have to worry! 5 bucks will get me another tube.

    The grains are really fine, but do a great job. My skin feels really clean and fresh after I use it. Love that it’s so creamy too, but oil free.

    I share the missing of the old school scent. If this smelled like that, I would be so happy! I’m not crazy about the scent, actually. But everything else about it is so good that I can overlook that.

    4 stars from me!

  8. I love it when classic brands invigorate their line by updating packaging and releasing new products, but I’m with the others that I really was hoping for that classic Noxzema fragrance when I opened my tube of scrub.

    I love me some scrubs, and since I use them quite often on my oily skin, I know exactly what I like and don’t like in a facial scrub. I love the tiny granules, and I also love the density of this scrub. Two huge pluses for me. But sadly, I didn’t really *love* the new fragrance, and since this scrub contains menthol, I ultimately didn’t find it a love-match for me (menthol breaks me out). But if you’re ok with menthol (oh how I envy you because soooo many skincare products contain this ingredient!) then I think this is a fantastic new affordable scrub and an excellent addition to those already available at your local drugstore.

    For me personally, I’d have to give it three stars (I’d give it 3-1/2 if I could). But I can see it being a solid four or even five stars for others that don’t have my requirements.

  9. When I was a teen, I used the original Noxema cleansing cream, and the funny thing was that my grandma commented that she had used the same thing as a teen!!!

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