NP Set eyeshadow duos by Napoleon Perdis

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NP Set eyeshadow duosphotos: we heart this

Shopping at Target is probably one of my guiltiest pleasures. I don’t think there is a week that goes by that I don’t stop in for something and leave with a shopping cart full of stuff. One of my favorite parts of my shopping trip is stopping by their beauty department, thanks to all the high-end brands you can find there. So it’s rare that some kind of makeup or beauty product doesn’t get added to my cart.

NP Set eyeshadow duos by Napoleon Perdistop row: Antigua, Saint Croix, Saint Lucia, bottom row: Saint Barts, Martinique, Barbados

I was super excited when I got the job to review NP Set eyeshadow duos by Napoleon Perdis ($10). Napoleon Perdis is one of my favorite Target makeup finds. I first discovered this brand when I picked up a lipgloss on a random whim. Since then, I’ve tried several NP products and I’ve been more than impressed with the professional quality. At $10 a duo, these won’t break the bank.

The eye shadow duos come in six shade combinations, each named after a tropical island.
Antigua – rich brown shimmer and dark nude matte
Saint Croix – shimmering dirty purple and light pink
Saint Lucia – matte medium brown and light gold shimmer
Saint Barts – shimmering apricot with a slightly blue cast and bronze gold
Martinique – shimmering bright smoky purple and white gold
Barbados – medium bronze brown and rich orange gold

Here’s a closer look at them…

Antigua swatchAntigua

Saint Croix swatchSaint Croix

Saint Lucia swatchSaint Lucia

Saint Barts swatchSaint Barts

Martinique swatchMartinique

Barbados swatchBarbados

The shadows are very rich in pigment, go on smoothly and blend easily. I tested two duos, St. Croix, a gorgeous duo of a pearly pink and shimmery grayish plum, and Antigua, a dark shimmering brown and medium brownish pink matte. Both duos are complimentary to each other and can be mixed and worn together for even more color combinations.

• Easily found at Target.
• Professional quality.
• Rich in pigment.
• Blend easily.

• Available in mostly neutral shades.
• A bit pricier than most drug store brands.

The next time you find yourself on a shopping trip at Target, check out the NP Set duos and all that Napoleon Perdis has to offer. You won’t be sorry!

we heartsters and testers, did the NP Set duos sweep you away?

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  1. @tiffany – Great review. I had no idea Napolean Perdis had a makeup at Target. I personally, like neutral colored palette. If I want a pop of color –i just add in a color splash from one of my singles.

    I am just curious because I could very well live under a rock. How long has Napolean Perdis had makeup at Targer? Would you say that the quality is any different from the line that is sold at ULTA?

    1. NP has been at Target for at least 2 or 3 years now. I personally have never bought this line at Ulta. Maybe someone that has can chime in. The quality is very nice in my opinion. Definitely worth a try!

  2. I find my self using these shadows on a daily basis. This line really has a wonderful selection of neutral shades which happen to be my favorite. If you haven’t tried NP’s line at Target, I highly recommend. Great products! 5 stars!

  3. Ooh, I love the gold shimmer in Saint Bart’s, so festive! This is so going on my “we got 4 Target gift cards from relatives for Christmas, what should I buy?” list. Thanks @Tiffany !

  4. Nice review @tiffany! I actually love that these are all pretty much very wearable and neutral :) I also like the price point too.

  5. I never realized NP was at Target, either! I’ve meant to try his line since meeting him, but never did. No excuses now!

  6. I was lucky to receive the NP eyeshadow duo in St. Barts. The payoff and pigment of the shadows are top notch! The duo color is beautiful, but I am not a fan of shimmer, so I will keep this for a big night out or use the gold as a highlight color. A great product, affordable and easy to find at your local Target!

  7. I got to try Martinique, which is not typically a color I’d buy. (I’ve got to tread lightly with purples). But it really stood out to me in the sea of naturals. The purple shade is beautiful, a sooty grey purple with fine shimmer. It makes a gorgeous smokey eye. The lighter shade is a stunner too, it almost looks white in the pan but goes on gold. It’s a great highlighter. But perhaps how I like it best is applied on top of the purple. It totally transforms it into this almost bronzey taupe like shade – it’s the coolest thing! In fact, it transforms every shade it touches, adding a warm gold cast.

    I find the shades work best laid on (rather then swept) for maximum pigment.

    These are fun and beautiful – a Target score if there every was one! 4 stars.

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