Nudestix Concealer Pencil Review + Sculpting Pencil and Magnetic Eye Color

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Nudestix sounds like they might be NSFW, but the products and the brand are totally rated G.

I’d even go so far as to say the products and concepts are quite wholesome: it’s all about embracing our natural beauty.

The line was created by two sisters, Ally and Taylor, who wanted fun and easy-to-use products that added just the right amount of color or coverage.

They even have their mom doing a tutorial on how to highlight and contour (which makes total sense, Stef learned straight from Ally at a QVC event that their mom was one of the founders of Cover FX!).

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside–it’s an awesome concept, like something I would have dreamed about doing when I was a kid.


There are tons of different types of Nudestix makeup crayons: concealer, contour and highlighter, lip color, eyeshadow, brow wax, bronzer and even moisturizer.

Each product comes in an environmentally-friendly reusable tin, which has a large mirror inside of the lid, a sharpener and friendly tips on how to use the product.

Nudestix Concealer Pencil Review

Nudestix-Concealer-Pencil-3Top: Concealer Pencil in Medium 4, bottom: Sculpting Pencil in Medium/Deep

The Nudestix Concealer Pencil (available here in eight shades) is a fantastic matte concealer that can be used anywhere on the face–under eye circles, discolorations, etc.

The pigmentation is pretty good, and it does seem to have pretty good staying power for a cream product.

The texture is really smooth and fairly easy to blend, and the formula contains shea butter and vitamin E to treat your skin to a little bit of TLC.

This product would be especially good for those with drier skin that only needs concealer on a few spots.

While I have oily/combination skin, I used a little primer and tinted moisturizer, followed by the Nudestix concealer pencil as needed with good results. The product is also great for touch-ups.

I tried this in Medium 4, which was a good match for me.

Nudestix Concealer Pencil Swatches

Nudestix-Concealer-Pencil-swatches-4Concealer Pencil in Medium 4, Sculpting Pencil in Medium and Deep

Nudestix-Sculpting-Pencil-swatches-8Concealer Pencil in Medium 4, Sculpting Pencil in Medium and Deep, blended

The Nudestix Sculpting Pencil ($24, available in Light/Medium or Medium/Deep) is a dual-ended crayon with a matte contour shade and a matte highlighting shade.

It’s a WHOLE LOT OF FUN to use, drawing lines and dots all over your face! Use as much or as little product as you need to achieve your desired effect. I tried this in Medium/Deep.

I have NC25-ish skin at the moment, and felt that the Medium/Deep provided a subtle amount of highlighting and contour. I did feel like I was going through a whole lot of product quickly in terms of concealer and contour/highlighter.

And with a $24 price point, it just seemed like it wasn’t a particularly amazing value for the amount of product.

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Duo Review

Nudestix-Magnetic-Eye-Color-swatches-Spirit-9Magnetic Eye Color: Twilight, Lilith, Angel and Spirit

The Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Duo ($29, available in two duos as a QVC exclusive) is a pair of beautiful satin-y shades that are so easy to use either as a base for powder eyeshadow, or on their own.

They apply so smoothly, without any tugging on eyelids, and yet the formula manages to stay on all day without creasing on me.

I tried out Angel (a gorgeous shimmery champagne with a pink sheen) and Spirit (a glam neutral mauve-taupe). Those two colors paired nicely together, with Angel used as a browbone highlighter and allover lid color, and Spirit in the crease and lower lash line.

Angel is a really great product that could also be used on its own as a quick way to brighten the eye area, or as a shimmery highlighter on the cheekbones. Be sure to blend fairly quickly, as once these colors set, they really stay put.

Our team also got to try the duo of Twilight, a grey-based taupe, and Lilith, a light buttery gold.

The QVC duo is a great deal, as the shades retail for $24 each. So, you’re getting a second shade for just $5 more.

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Duo Swatches

Nudestix-Magnetic-Eye-Color-Twilight-swatches-10Magnetic Eye Color: Twilight, Lilith, Angel and Spirit

Take a look at all the products in action…


Nudestix-Looks-during-6During: Magnetic Eye Color in Sprit and Angel, Sculpting Pencil in Medium/Deep and Concealer Pencil in Medium 4 applied

Nudestix-Looks-after-7After: blended and ready to go!

My overall impression of Nudestix is that they’re definitely super fun to use, and perfect for quick and simple hints of color, a smidge of definition, or just a bit of coverage.

Depending on the amount of color you want, you can either pat or dab the color to blend (for more color/coverage), or you can use brushes (which is what I prefer.)

Nude Stix can easily be paired with other products for those that want a more noticeable look.

How about we heartsters – are you ready to get Nude?


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  1. I’ve always wondered about Nudestix–this review was really helpful. The final look is polished and pretty, and these look like they’d be great to swipe on for a quick, low-key contour.

  2. I love that these are a quick little pick me up that I could easily carry with me. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Your contouring photo is amazing @lipglossandspandex – looks like fun! I have the Magnetic Eye Color Duo in Twilight and Lilith and I have to say, I like this even more than I thought I would (and have told many people just that ever since they became mine!) They’re easy to blend and don’t set so quickly that you have to stress about blending. But once they do set, OOOO! They do not budge, crease or fade. LOVE THESE.

  4. @lipglossandspandex — WOW! This is the simple and easy contouring I need. I love the pics! Believe it or not I like the connivence of shopping at QVC. I have learned a lot watching the videos over the years.

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