NuNaat Hair Cream Review

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Budget-friendly conditioning for every hair type and problem

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My hair cannot function without conditioning. With all the blow drying, styling, straight irons, curling irons and product I use on a weekly basis, my hair is crying for relief every time I step into the shower. And normal conditioners just aren’t cutting it anymore… I need stronger, deep conditioning, which is exactly what NuNaat Hair Creams are all about.

NuNaat was inspired by Brazil’s rainforest region and their products are packed with wonderful ingredients like Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Brazil Nut, Pitanga and Green Keratin, just to name a few. Their Hair Creams ($5.99 each) address a variety of hair problems, with a special mask for each one. The we heart this team tested six different cream masks.

NAAT Creams – Buriti and Brazil Nut

NAAT Cream Buriti – for color treated hair
NAAT Cream Brazil Nut – for dry hair

NAAT Creams – Cupuacu and Pitanga

NAAT Cream Cupuacu – for extra dry hair
NAAT Cream Pitanga – for thin hair

NAAT Creams -Aloe Vera and Keratin

NAAT Cream Aloe Vera – for coarse hair
NAAT Cream Keratin – for intensive, restorative conditioning

I tested the Cream Keratin cream and the first thing I noticed (and appreciated) was the size. Housed in giant, screw top tubs, these creams weigh in at 17.6 oz – and for the affordable price, that’s amazing. The directions say to “apply a generous amount” and I was giddy over the fact I could load it on with no worry of using it all up on the first try. The cream has a nice, thick, rich consistency. The masks claim results in five minutes, but you can leave it on for up 15.

The Brazilian Keratin NAAT Cream, is meant to “regenerate hair fibers and restore shine.” I certainly could tell a difference post rinse. I could run a brush right through my wet hair, while my drying and styling went a lot quicker. The end result was a soft, sleek look and minimal fly aways. For the price, this mask definitely delivered a noticeable difference.

I also tried the NAAT Cream Pitanga, which uses pitanga fruit to help control oil. This mask is catered to fine hair and claims to “fortify and add body” to otherwise limp, thin hair.

NuNaat says the creams can be used in combination to achieve customized results for the individual. I was excited to combine the Pitanga along with the Keratin Cream, since my locks are also fairly thin. While, I didn’t see a big difference in volume, the conditioning still left my hair very soft. It also smells great. Both masks have a soft clean scent, but the Pitanga definitely added a slight fruity flavor to the treatment.

You can’t deny the bang you get for your buck in these creams. With a great price, a lot of product, and some pretty solid results, I have to say these masks are an easily justified purchase.

So, where CAN you get them? Naat Creams can be purchased at select Walgreens and Sally Beauty Supplies. And make sure to check the comments to hear how my fellow testers fared with the other NuNaat Creams.

we heartsters and testers – are NuNaat Hair Creams the affordable solution to your hair problems?


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  1. All I can say is WOW… this stuff is great, and I had no idea NuNaat Hair Cream existed before now! I tested NAAT Cream Brazil Nut for dry hair. Like you, @spitfire77 , my hair takes a lot of heat abuse, and I was excited about the big tub o’ product. The first time I used it, I slathered it on generously. The scent was extremely light and the texture was nice and creamy. I worried a little bit that my hair would be weighed down if the product was too heavy, but after five minutes in the shower, the cream rinsed cleanly away. It was easy to comb my wet hair, and I noticed that blow drying went faster and my hair seemed to cooperate in general. The results: silky, smooth hair that felt soft without being over-moisturized.
    The bargain price of these creams is shocking to me because Brazil Nut performed better than very expensive hair treatments I’ve used in the past. I can’t wait to read what the other testers have to say about their NuNaat products. I give mine a solid 5 stars and will be buying other NuNaat creams as soon as I track them down!

  2. Wow you can get these at Walgreen? Awesome! And at $6 a pop, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for the review @spitfire77, time for me to hunt for them :)

  3. I got to try the Buriti hair cream for color treated hair. The first thing I noticed was the shocking pink color, almost like brightly colored frosting. This hair mask made my hair softer, however I’m interested in trying the one for thin hair as well. For the price you get a ton of product and I don’t think I’ll be running out anytime soon.

  4. I was the lucky tester of the NAAT Cream Cupuacu for extra dry and damaged hair. Cupuacu is the nut from a rainforest tree, that is touted as smelling like a combination of chocolate and pineapple and is related to cacao. Apparently it’s used in desserts primarily and tastes like a pear with a hint of banana! I hope to actually taste it someday, but it works really well on my hair, too! The smell is light and fresh and there may be a hint of chocolatey pineapple in there – it’s simultaneously fresh and warm scented. I agree that it’s fun to glob on a big amount and let it do its thing. It rinses away cleanly and leaves my hair silky smooth more than the first day but still with volume. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, but it does help to smooth the flyaways. I use it about once a week, but as the weather turns colder, I’ll probably use it a little more often. I’m sold on this line and would be really interested in trying the formula for colored hair, too. A definite 5 stars from me!

  5. Yeah, for the price, these are great big tubs, and give great results. I liked the smell, the smoothness I achieved, and don’t feel bad about loading it on! I have to check out my local Walgreens, because according to their website, the creams are only available at certain one’s, and they weren’t close to home, for me. But, if I can find them, I will for sure buy more, five stars!

  6. This stuff sounds amazing!! I had never heard of it before but after such a great review I am heading out ASAP to my local Walgreens to pick up a tub. Great conditioner is a true vice of mine!! I can’t wait to try what sounds like a truly great product at a super price. Soft curls for me this weekend!!!

  7. I was dazzled by this conditioner. I got to try the crème Brazil nut. It is thick, concentrated and works great for a time intensive treatment or a quick wash and rinse. I am blown away I can pick it up at Walgreens for such a reasonable price.
    5 stars

  8. I HAVE to try these. Not only for the good results and the great price, but because I desperately just want to dip my whole hand in that tub and slather the conditioner on! (Is that weird? That’s a little weird. But they look SO FUN!)

    Also, I love that they differentiate between “coarse” and “dry”. I spent most of my life thinking my hair was dry when it really is just sort of coarse, and sometimes that requires a completely different type of product. Yay NuNaat!

    1. Ha Alyssa @lyssachelle – I was coming into the comments to say the exact same thing! Big ups to @stef for these photos because while I didn’t test these conditioners I too want to run out and buy one just so I can a) take a deep sniff of the interesting ‘flavors’ and then b) dip my whole hand into the jar and slather it on my head. If that’s weird and wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  9. I loved the Keratin treatment. I have rather fine hair so I did feel like after styling, my hair was a bit flatter than normal. But the overall feel and shine was great. Awesome value for your money!

  10. I tested the Cupuacu hair cream for extra dry hair. My hair is color treated and kind of fried at this point. I do have an oily scalp though. I used this and didn’t have any issues with the greasies, and it did make my hair feel healthier! The price is definitely great, and it’s quite a big tub too. I thought it mostly smelled “clean”. It’s a good product. Not quite HG worthy, but I would definitely recommend it to others! Four and 1/2 stars.

  11. I tested the Keratin cream–my hair is a perfect storm of awful: baby fine, dry ends, oily roots, some grey, color-treated, prone to dullness due to well water…To be perfectly honest, I had doubts this was going to do much for my hair–this lightly scented cream was so lightweight, that I really questioned if it could make an impact. WOW–did it!
    I tested this with clarifying shampoo–I wanted to test this solely on its ability to condition my hair. I slicked a handful of this through my hair, took a tub bath, and rinsed this out–my hair had a lot of “slip” to it which is the only way I can really tell if a conditioner is doing anything. Once dry, my hair felt stronger, looked bouncier, and it was unbelievably shiny and soft–what the heck?!? My hair hasn’t looked this healthy in a long time and weirdly, my roots didn’t get as oily as usual, but I have no idea why.
    How did I not know about this magical conditioner sooner? After trying this after it absorbed for half an hour, I thought I’d give this a whirl with less time–I tried this after letting it sit on my hair for maybe 2 minutes and I got very similar results as when I let it sit on my hair longer. Overall, I’m THRILLED with this treatment and can’t wait to try the Cream Pitanga next! 5 stars from me!

  12. Very neat, they look like they would smell amazing!! I want to try the NAAT Cream Pitanga and NAAT Cream Buriti now.

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