Nutrisystem Twenty Three – Fire Roasted Red Pepper review

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Fire Roasted Red Pepper

I had the most delightful surprise in my latest box of Nutrisystem entrees; the Fire Roasted Red Pepper shown above. YUM! It’s one of their Chef’s Table selections, which are gourmet, fresh-frozen dinners that have been created by award-winning celebrity chefs. It’s a half of fire roasted pepper packed with shredded beef, long grain brown rice and creamy goat cheese in a tangy tomato sauce. And this entree, from Chef Michael Solomonov is DELICIOUS.

Here’s the ironic thing, I’ll be in Philadelphia next week and one of places I want to check out is an Israeli restaurant called Zahav, whose owner is none other than…Chef Michael Solomonov! I can’t wait to act all in the know for having had his food before!

Weekly weigh in
Week twenty three loss: 1 lb
Weight loss so far: 21 lbs
End weight: 174 lbs

The next two weigh ins might be a bit scary due to the above mentioned vacation. But I’ve packed my Nutrisystem meals for breakfast and lunch, plus my protein shakes, so who knows…it may not be as bad as I think…

Hope you’re all having a happy and healthy holiday weekend!

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  1. Good work, @Stef! Another pound down :) It is super hard to eat well on vacation… I haven’t even gone anywhere, but get togethers with family have made it hard for me to stick to my eating plan :( Stay strong !

  2. I bet you’ll do just fine too… all that walking here and there add up for one and you are on a roll! YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. @stef – I really look forward to your updates every week. I am inspired in my own personal journey to make better choices. This quest is not easy and it does not happen overnight.

    Good luck on your trip. My best advice is not to skip meals and have some good “go to” snacks planned.

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