NYX Cosmetics: Complexion Perfection on a budget

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Zap shine and fade pores with these affordable gems

NYX Cosmetics photos: we heart this

As far back as I can remember caring I have had an oil slick of a nose. In every picture it sticks out like a beacon, and has always made me self-conscious. I’ve tried expensive mattifiers, powders, and foundations to get rid of the shine, but it always rears its ugly head eventually. So when I opened my WHT box and discovered a slew of NYX products to treat my worst issue, I was guardedly enthusiastic.

NYX is an ultra-modern, affordable, and cruelty-free company that had already won our review team over with their cosmetics, and this time we were tasked with putting their complexion line to the test.

First up is my favorite, the hypoallergenic Shine Killer ($13). This primer is to be applied before the rest of your makeup routine, be it foundation, powder, or nothing at all on top.

NYX pore killer and NYX shine killer

I had my reservations the morning I squeezed my first pea-sized drop of Shine Killer out of the tube and noticed it looked a bit like Vaseline and felt a little oily. That was quickly dispelled as soon as I applied it to my nose. While it spread like silky smooth butter, it immediately zapped the shine, and gave me a perfectly matte, normal looking nose! What’s even better is that hours later at lunch time, I still didn’t notice any shine, and no product has ever lasted that long on me without some shine peaking through. At the end of my first eight hour work day, just a slight shine was coming on.

I should mention that on that first day, and most thereafter, I did not use any powder or foundation to see the effect of just this primer. When I have used it with makeup, I get even better results and it definitely helps makeup stay put, plus look smoother and more even.

I’m loving the squeeze tube and it doesn’t generally dispense more product than needed. If I do squeeze out extra, I just use the excess around other shiny areas of my face, including my eyelids. This doubles as a good eye shadow primer, as well!

A dab of Pore Filler and Shine Killer swatchesA dab of Pore Filler and Shine Killer

Next up is the hypoallergenic Pore Filler ($13). This talc-free and oil-free primer feels even more silky than the Shine Killer. The light beige potion blends nicely with my skin color and glides over it like a soft powder. While it doesn’t completely fill in my pores, it does visibly reduce their size. The infused antioxidant vitamin E helps enhance and smooth the skin and protects it from damage at the cellular level.

NYX blotting papers

For that mid-day shine peak through, NYX included three varieties of their Blotting Papers ($6) for the team to test. I tried the Green Tea blotting papers, which are immersed with Green tea antioxidants to protect and rejuvenate skin.

They absorb my excess oil quickly and effectively without messing with my makeup, and return my face to matte perfection. It’s very satisfying (and a little gross) to see that oil sucked right up on the paper! There are 100 sheets in the pocket-sized package that are worth every penny.

Tea Tree and Blemish Control blotting papers

The review team also tested the Tea Tree and Blemish Control blotting papers. Tea tree oil is known to reduce and calm acne-prone areas and as a cleansing agent and the Blemish Control papers contain salicylic acid to soothe and calm skin for a more radiant complexion. I’ve had great success with Tea Tree Oil in toners and shampoos, so I’m looking forward to hearing from the team on these blotting papers.

NYX has scored huge in the complexion department with me – no more shine in the family photos has made me an adoring fan and probable lifelong customer!

How about it we heartsters and Testers – Does the NYX complexion line get the same love as the cosmetics line?

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  1. Nice review @Melinda! NYX is such a great brand for affordable cosmetics and these products seem like a fantastic addition! I really want to try the Shine Killer primer! The blotting papers look so awesome too.

  2. I’ve been on the lookout for a new face primer and was excited to see your review. I’m glad it’s so effective for oily skin! However, while $13 seems pretty reasonable, but it’s for only 0.67 fl oz.

  3. These really are quality products for the price. My favorite is still the Shine Killer – it works amazingly well on my shiny nose. In fact tonight I barely see any shine at all and it’s been on for 14 hours! It’s a five star product for me. The Pore Filler works well on me, but something in it doesn’t always agree with my skin and I’ve broken out when using it a couple times. @lipglossandspandex – 0.67 oz does sound like a small amount, but I use such a small amount of it, that it lasts a long time. I havn’t run out of it yet after a couple months and I use it fairly regularly.

    1. That’s great that a little goes a long way! And if it works for you, awesome. I just personally hesitate to categorize these primers as being *especially* affordable, since the NYX primers come out to being $22 per ounce (not that far off from Sephora-type brands). Cosmetic companies of all types are definitely playing numbers games in terms of the amount of product you get for your money, and as you pointed out, it’s also important to factor in what works for your skin type, and also how much product you need to use, which can vary between primers. It seems like more and more drugstore/lower-end cosmetic brands are actually becoming similarly priced per ounce to higher-end cosmetics.

  4. I’m always looking for something to take care of the shine…especially half way through the day when my makeup has been on since the morning. This looks like it could be a great item to try.

    Stay in the Lines

  5. I love the concept of the “infused” blotting papers. I want to try all infused with green tea, tea tree and salicylic acid. I want to try them all.

  6. @Melinda Hmm… your review tempts me to try the “Shine Killer.” Maybe I’ll pick up a tube at Ulta. The “Pore Filler” especially interests me. I love my Fyrinnae primer, but I’m not terribly happy with how it doesn’t fill my pores on my nose and on the tops of my cheeks.

  7. I have been carrying around the Tea Tree Blotting papers since the summer heat and humidity kicked in. First, I have to say I love the scent of tea tree oil and these sheets are fairly strongly scented – so I love them as well. But if you don’t like the scent you may want to try one of the other papers.

    The sheets are nicely sized and it normally takes me one or two sheets to remove all the oil and shine (it’s been a killer last few weeks of sun and high temps, so that’s true of any of my blotting papers). They do a good job of getting the yuck away without disturbing my makeup. And the tea tree oil scent gives me a nice little pick up. For the price and 100 count, I’m going with a solid 4 stars.

    NYX does a nice job of offering affordable solutions and like the other girls after reading @Melinda ‘s review I have added the Shine Killer to my drugstore list!

  8. I’m SUCH a sucker for blotting papers. If anyone says they don’t love seeing all that oil sopped up by the paper, they’re lying. And $6 for 100 sheets isn’t too bad! I’m going to have to be on the lookout for these.

  9. I am all over Shine Killer, I always need oil control, and I love that the blot papers have different problems they address. Putting salicylic acid in a set is a brilliant idea for blemish prone skin, great review @melinda !

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