O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel Face - photos & review

O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel Face – photos & review

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Banish dull, dry winter skin with our latest discovery

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Here in Los Angeles, Korean day spas are legendary for their exfoliation treatments. Following a systematic ritual of saunas and warm soaks in baths infused with mineral water, herbs and flowers, the treatment “highlight” includes an all over and up close “massage” where dead skin cells are sloughed off the body with the equivalent of a beauty brillo pad.

I’m on the shy side (in fact, I’ve never had a body massage) but still dream of entering one of these spas and emerging as soft and pink as a baby. Luckily, O.R.G Cosmeceuticals has packaged the best of these Korean beauty rituals into one gentle and natural formula that lets anyone experience the joy of smooth, supple, exfoliated skin from the comfort of their home.

Stef and I discovered the wonders of O.R.G’s Organic Mineral Peel at IMATS. It was our last stop, after a long, exhausting day of beauty shopping. Honestly, as we approached the booth I had mentally checked out and was daydreaming about kicking off my shoes and enjoying an afternoon nap.

But, within seconds of checking out the beautifully crafted line I felt that surge of excitement that comes when you discover a new “How did I live without it?” product (the latest Hollywood makeup artist must-have, no less!)

The Organic Mineral Peel has two formulas, one for the Face ($44) and one for the Body ($34) and is “the first all-natural enzyme exfoliant to offer instant results within minutes of application.” And that’s not just PR talk – you can actually see those old skin cells roll up, up and away within seconds of application.

Even better, these peels are not only incredibly effective, they’re gentle on the skin and full of good-for-you ingredients including Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vitamins A and B1. Additionally, the Face peel adds in some skin brightening goodies like milk thistle, licorice root and bearberry.

All together, this simple organic peel sloughs away dead skin, reveling brighter, smoother skin that’s perfectly prepped for makeup application and/or self tanner.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars and a couple of hours in the spa to get results. To use, simply spray the liquid peel directly on the skin, wait a couple of seconds for it to activate and then rub your hands (or a non abrasive washcloth) over the area and watch the old cells roll up into little balls. Gently wipe away what’s been exfoliated and you’re good to go!

Pretty simple, no? It’s so fast and effective, I’ve made the Organic Mineral Peel a part of my “going out” makeup routine. It leaves my face clean and smooth and helps foundation, concealer, even blush apply smooth and even for a practically flawless finish.

I’ve been using this peel a few times a week on my face over the last month and am thrilled with the results. My skin looks brighter and smoother and I swear even my fine lines are less noticeable.

I can’t wait to pick up the larger bottle of Organic Mineral Peel Body so I can spray it all over my winter-parched body. I’ve used the Face on a few troublesome spots – my feet and elbows – with amazing results. And for those self-tanning addicts, this product should become the new first step in your regimen.

Watch O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel in action:

Fast, gentle and effective exfoliation
Light herbal scent
Creates an smooth canvas for makeup application and self-tanning

All Organic formulas
Alcohol free
Paraben free
Sulfate free
Petroleum free
Vegan and cruelty-free
Limited availability (but can be purchased on O.R.G.’s website)

So there you have it weheartsters – our latest discovery and Hollywood’s newest beauty staple. Are you as excited as we are about O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel?

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11 thoughts on “O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel Face – photos & review”

  1. It’s just like magic! I was blown away when I saw this work on my hand. It was fast, before you could shake a stick, this product did it’s thing! Instantly! Pretty amazing.. The skin it leaves behind is bright and smooth, like a baby’s bottom! Seriously!

  2. Wow, talk about seduction. When “We Heart This” says something works, it DOES. I am intrigued, fascinated, and would love to try!

    1. Aww, thanks for the love @Gigi – and I have to say again, we were really impressed with these products. Great formulas, beautiful packaging and so effective – what’s not to love?

  3. Wow this product looks amazing! I tend to get dry patches on the side of my nose and in between my two brows and this looks like a natural gentle product that I could use more frequently for those areas…

    1. Erin @spitfire77 – you are right. This is the perfect product for gently removing those little patches of flaky skin that crop up. It will whisk them away and leave your face ready for makeup application. (And what’s up with those flaky areas between the brows? I get that too!)

  4. Oh man, I can see myself becoming obsessed with rolling up little balls of skin. I can be a “picker,” and a less damaging way to get the same results is gold in my book.

  5. I am embarassed to say I’ve been skipping the exfoliation step lately and this is not the time of year to be doing that! This looks like the perfect product to get rejuvenated with – excellent review!!

  6. would love to try this product. Hope it proves to do what it was designed to do. Most of the products are a gimmick, so I would have to see with my own eyes to believe it. Sorry.
    But thank you.

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