OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils – swatches & review

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Color In Or Out Of The Lines With The Latest From Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Part of me is still very much a kid. Sometimes I like to grab an artsy coloring book and some markers or colored pencils or crayons, and just fill a page with dozens of vibrant colors, like I did when I was a kid, without a care in the world. Well, nowadays I do like to have a nice pint of barrel-aged beer while coloring, so I guess some things have changed, but my enthusiasm for good quality coloring utensils has not.


Which is why I was THRILLED to see that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was expanding their line to include the new OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils – a rainbow-assortment of multi-use pencils that can be used just about anywhere, for any kind of effect that your child-like heart desires!

OCC-pencils-3Wearing OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils in NSFW and Black Dalhia

By the way, here at we heart this we are kind of suckers for anything OCC. From their very first product (the beloved Lip Tars), to their Tinted Moisturizer, to their Lip Tar Stains, to their nail polish, to their loose pigments, We Heartsters are pretty much in love with the OCC lineup. And while their line has plenty of bold, runway worthy, electric shades, there are also tons of fantastic neutrals and classic shades. Oh, and to add to their swoon-factor: OCC is cruelty-free and vegan.

But back to the OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils ($16 each). These little beauts come in 11 colors, as well as a clear anti-feathering option. Formulated to be multi-purpose, these pencils can be used on the lips, most on the eyes or anywhere on the body and they don’t contain any carmine, binders, or fillers, just mineral pigment!


Anti-Feathering – clear primer pencil
Pool Boy – aquatic blue. A fun funky shade for eyes or lips.
Hoochie – uber bright magenta
Grandma – the coral in Stef’s dreams, bright and perfect
NSFW – true red. Gorgeous and perfect for a classic matte red lip.
Anime – bright, neon pink. This is BRIGHT, and people will notice!
Pennyroyal – warm medium brown
Sybil – deep dark chocolate
Tarred – inky black
Black Dahlia – blackened red

OCC-pencils-4OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils on the lips – Pool Boy and Anime

OCC-pencils-4BOCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Pool Boy as a liner

OCC-pencils-4CAnother look at Anime on the lips

The Anti-Feathering pencil is a clear primer containing coconut EFAs and Japan Fruit Wax, as well as vitamin E. It’s meant to enhance the look and wear of of your cosmetics. This can be used on eyes or lips. Try it with a Lip Tar!

OCC-pencils-5OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils in Pool Boy, Hoochie, Grandma, NSFW, Anime, Pennyroyal, Sybil, Tarred and Black Dahlia – indoors

I love that the pigmentation of all the Cosmetic Colour Pencils is quite intense, the length of wear is pretty good, and that they leave just a bit of a stain on your lips too. There’s no scent, it’s a simple wood pencil, and the price is fairly standard for a mid-range eye or lip pencil of this quality.

OCC-pencils-6OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils in Pool Boy, Hoochie, Grandma, NSFW, Anime, Pennyroyal, Sybil, Tarred and Black Dahlia – outdoors

The texture of these pencils is a little on the dry side (with Black Dahlia being the driest and hardest to apply. On it’s own looks a little patchy.) Applying the Anti-Feathering pencil or a bit of lip balm before applying helped the color apply more smoothly. I did notice a bit of feathering with most of the shades, particularly if my lips were dry and when I applied the Anti-Feathering pencil without letting it sink in a bit first.

OCC-pencils-7A final look at swatches with matching Lip Tars in Grandma and NSFW

Finally, for me the biggest draw for the OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils is that many of them coordinate with an OCC Lip Tar, and that many of the shades are multi-use, on eyes or lips–perfect for theatrical looks (please note that the red/pink shades are not recommended for use in the eye area.)

Overall, these pencils add another fabulous, full pigmented product to the vivid Obsessive Compulsive Line. And here at wht, we can’t wait to see what they will introduce next!

we heartsters – Are you going color-crazy over the OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils?

photos: Stef and Marilyn for we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone


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  1. What a fun, vibrant, super-portable way to look amazing this spring and summer! I wish they came in a box of 64 with a reasonable price tag. Thanks for showing some of the many possibilities with these. This will be a must-have for me! (As usual, you look AMAZING!)

    1. Aw thank you so much Gigi! I really wanted to come up with some crazy-fun-artsy-runway-type look but just got overwhelmed with the possibilities and got a serious case of artist’s block. haha. A box of 64 would be AMAZING.

  2. I tested the beautiful Pennyroyal and fell in love. It’s absolutely perfect as a lip liner or as all over color– creamy and long-lasting, but not at all drying. I didn’t notice much of a stain, but the color is fairly light so that’s not surprising. I already loved OCC, but this collection makes me love them even more. I know I’ll be adding to my collection.

    Now that I’ve seen these swatches, I’m really curious about the brighter colors. Yes, @gigi , a box of 64 would be a dream!.

    Anime is stunning on you, lipglossandspandex !

  3. I think you really need to wear Pool Boy in a color run–that would be awesome! I tested Hoochie (I mean, it’s called Hoochie, you have to love it) and was impressed with the longevity and color payoff. You definitely need to have well-exfoliated and moisturized lips to wear it, but it lasts sooooo long. I do need to try it out with a Lip Tar, too.

    1. @amity–that’s a great idea! Pool Boy would be perfect for a color run! Maybe with a nice lighting bolt across my eye in Anime (reminiscent of David Bowie?)… The product names are definitely fun. And I agree that exfoliated and moisturized lips are the key to having a flawless application. SO important for this product.

  4. I love these bright and vibrant colors! And NSFW is such a GREAT red, I want it. Sybil looks great too, a deep pigmented brown that I could use to darken up some of my current lip colors. And the price is just about the same as a MAC pencil, but I don’t see colors like Pool Boy at MAC!

  5. @gigi– I would love a box of 64 colors as well! That’s just a funny comment!
    These are bright and beautiful. Yup, gotta get me some soon!
    I love the last picture of you above Marilyn @lipglossandspandex with Anime on your lips.

  6. These looks great. I’m especially interested in Pool Boy and Hoochie. I need some bright colors in my life after this way too long winter we’re having!

  7. The pencils look so pretty together. I know I would only wear a small fraction of them but they all look so fun to have!

  8. PURDY! Love OCC. And I love that the pencils are white instead of black. Is it weird that I just like that they would stand out in a crowd of pencils in my box?

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