OCC Plastic Passion – Swatches and Review

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics returns with another fun and fabulous collection for spring. The OCC Plastic Passion line debuts some new colors that will help you leave those grey days behind and look forward to candy-colored margaritas, flip-flops and lounging by the pool.


I have been a fan of OCC lip tars since I happened upon them and this collection does not disappoint. The Plastic Passion collection says buh-bye to the standard soft pastels of spring collections and ups the color ante with “hyper-saturated hues and technicolor textures.” In fact, OCC claims this line offers their most vibrant line of Lip Tars ever!


I mean just check out Pool Boy from the Plastic Passion Lip Tar Collection. While sky blue may not be your first pick for a lip color, this Lip Tar actually looks amazing on the face – adding life and a shock of color to the face.


We got our hands on three matte medium vibrant hues from the Plastic Passion collection:

Mannequin – Malibu pink
Rollergirl – Vibrant lavender
Pool Boy – Aquatic blue

Lip Tars ($18 each) last forever, but make sure to apply correctly by using the included #010S Short-Handled Precision Lip Brush to dab a small dot of color and build from there. (Adding too much can end up in bleeding around the lip lines.) I like to be safe and outline my lips with clear liner just to make sure and keep everything in place.


Mannequin comes across as a bright, Barbie pink. Rollergirl adds to my growing collection of purple hues as a bright, magenta purple. But my absolute favorite is Pool Boy, the straight up baby aqua blue! This is what Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is known for; colorful opaque Crayola-like shade.

While Plastic Passion is a mixture of matte and metallic finishes, the result is never chalky like some matte lip looks. These hues blend like paints to make a unique custom look. I played a little and combined Pool Boy with Rollergirl to make a tie-dye lip look.


Comedian and YouTube celeb Deven Green is the spokesmodel for this campaign, and Tyna was lucky enough to see this beauty perform at the Hollywood and Highland Sephora. The event highlighted one of the gems of the OCC Plastic Passion line, a beautiful neon green nail lacquer appropriately titled Deven Green.


The OCC Plastic Passion lip tars are accompanied by six Nail Lacquers ($10 each) to round out the collection. The stand out of course being the namesake Deven Green that you have been seeing around the we heart this site the last few weeks (we couldn’t wait to share it!) This vivid green cream reminds me of the same neon green that blares on 80’s horror movie posters. It’s a perfect kitschy neon!


If you are looking to incorporate some bright shades into your spring/summer wardrobe, grab up some Plastic Passion from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

we heartsters – What is the most unusual shade you have ever worn on your lips?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone


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  1. That green polish is out of control!! (In the best way possible!) I wouldn’t be able to stop staring at my nails if I wore it, I’d wander out into traffic or something while admiring my neon fingers…

    I tested Rollergirl and it is crazy pigmented! I’m just stepping my toe into purple/magenta shades on my lips and it is definitely bold, but I still love it. I really like Lip Tars in that they tend to stay put and are not playing around with color—what you see in the tube is what you get. Lip Tar fans need to get their hands on this, you will not be disappointed!!

    1. That’s such a great point @lyssachelle – the OCC shades are so true from the way they look in the package to how they look on the skin. No surprises here!

  2. I love the colors here–like macarons on acid. And the tie-dye lip look sounds awesome!

    As for the most unusual shade I’ve ever worn, lemme go back to my beauty mistakes vault: back in middle school, I was really into the mod look, and I decided that putting STRAIGHT CONCEALER on as lipstick was like the coolest thing ever. And yes, I did look like a corpse with flesh toned lips…womp womp.

    1. HA! I wore concealer on my lips too! Not a good look, to erase your lips…

  3. I wore OCC lip pencil in Pool Boy but only for photos! Rocking the almost neon blue was pretty intense haha. These are fun bold colors I’d probably only use for mixing or costume makeup.

  4. I’ve loved every Lip Tar I’ve ever tried, and I’m sure these would be no exception– okay, Pool Boy wouldn’t work for the office, but it would be fun to play around with! But the Deven Green nail lacquer is my must-have this time around. I’ll never outgrow my love of neon, and this green is flat out perfect.

  5. Deven Green is so fun. I have a feeling this will be gracing my nails a lot this summer. It’s got great coverage too. 1 coat is a tad streaky, 2 coats sorts it all out!

  6. I need Deven Green! That is an EPIC polish. Wow! I love the bright shades from this collection – Kimber, Pool Boy, and Rollergirl are my favorites. I love OCC! Lip Tar is easily one of the best things ever created! <3

    As for the craziest shade ever worn on my lips… I've been obsessed with yellow lately and I rocked OCC Traffic (primary) straight out of the tube. It was a really fun look! :D If I wear yellow lips again I think I'll mix some Feathered with Traffic and do a more pastel yellow lip look. I love playing with color! :D

    1. You totally need Deven Green @Tara! And we agree with you – Lip Tars are the best! WOuld love to see you rocking the OCC Traffic – did you share on the web anywhere? Also – thanks so much for stopping by today and sharing in our beauty obsessions!

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