Ojon Color Sustain – the Green Monday review

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Say goodbye to fading color and damaged hair with Ojon

Ojon Color Sustain collection

I’m a bit of a hair-dye-aholic. From white-blonde to blue-black and every shade in between, my hair has seen it all.

I’ve changed hair colors the way other women buy a new lipstick or rearrange a room. You know, to signify the start of a new season, or “celebrate” the end of relationship or just for a little pick-me-up. Some buy nail polish, I’ll dye (or pay some one else to dye) my hair.

The only drawbacks? Constant coloring can be murder on your hair. The dying and/or bleaching process strips hair of natural protections and leaves mine dry, frizzy and vulnerable to the elements.

Almost worse is watching that new color go down the drain after a few washes. And when I’m counting my pennies (as we all are), the last thing I need is to wash and style my color away.

Closer look of Ojon Color Sustain collection

The latest from hair titans Ojon, the Color Sustain collection just may be the solution to the biggest dye dilemmas of hair damage and fading color. And they do it with natural ingredients and eco-conscious practices!

Renowned for their ingredients like Ojon oil, (aka ‘nature’s golden elixir’), a super rich, revitalizing oil found only in the rainforests of Central America, Ojon the company is committed to “sustainability, protecting the rainforests and preserving the traditional indigenous way of life” of its people.

Plus, all of the Ojon products are made with natural ingredients, and without the likes of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and synthetic color. They are also an animal ingredient free company, with the exception of cruelty-free honey and beeswax.

As for the Color Sustain collection, this four piece line could not have come at a better time. I recently paid to have my hair dyed a fabulous, vivid auburn. This was a splurge, since reds are the hardest colors to keep (as any hair-dye addict knows). I figured come summer, I would cover my roots and fading tresses with a dark brunette hue from the drugstore. Not so fast!

The entire Color Sustain collection contains a breakthrough technology that helps seal in color and keep it vibrant for up to 6 weeks. Each product contains the duel punch of Ojon Oil to help repair damaged hair and Tahitian Monoi to increase shine. And these beauty scientists know their stuff! Using the Color Sustain line has helped keep my auburn hue full of rich reddish warmth and shine without turning it orange or brassy.

I’m loving the scent, feel and effectiveness of all four of these products but I especially adore the Color Revealing Shampoo ($22). This lush, creamy shampoo works into a rich, full lather. Plus the coconut-derived formula leaves my hair so soft, I feel like I could skip the conditioner. (But I would never do that!)

But the big breakthrough, is what this shampoo does – it actually makes hair water-repellent. Remember how we talked about watching your hair dye flow down the drain? The peeps at Ojon recognized “It is water exposure that is responsible for the majority of color loss.” So water-repellent strands of hair equals longer lasting color!

Next up, the Color Revealing Conditioner ($23). This medium weight, hydrating conditioner is the perfect pairing to the rich shampoo. The soothing formula is not too heavy, nor too light and really helps calm and soothe my rough ends. After a shower, I can easily get a wide tooth comb through my wet hair – my big test for any conditioner.

The Color Revealing Conditioner is formulated with Ojon oil, Tahitian Monoi, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract to protect hair color and bring a smooth, light-reflective surface to each strand. Does it work? I’m not a scientist, but I am five weeks into my dye job and where I normally see dull, muddy hair, I’m seeing rich color and shine! Woot.

The Color Protecting Cream ($24) is the icing on the hair color protecting cake. This light weight conditioning cream is packed with the same natural ingredients as the Color Revealing Conditioner and adds an extra layer of shine and protection to hair.

I use a dab of this cream on damp hair to help ease in styling, then use a second teeny dab on the ends of my hair once it’s dry. And while I have fine hair, this does not make my hair limp or greasy.

Finally, there’s the Gloss Finishing Hair Spray ($23.50). For starters, how much do I love that this hair spray contains UVA/UVB sunscreens. Next to water, sun exposure is a prime culprit in causing hair color to fade. Now, when I’m going into the sun, I can add another layer of protection to my hair and keep it in place.

To make it even better, this medium hold hair spray adds even more shine to hair and doesn’t leave a dulling residue. And for once, I love the scent of a hair spray! You won’t be running from the room after you spray your hair with Ojon.

My five week old dye job and I agree – Ojon’s Color Sustain collection delivers what it promises -healthy, vibrant hair that truly holds on to color. While my auburn shade has faded a bit since day one, I have seen a visible improvement in the lasting color. (Week five looks more like week two.) I’m thrilled to be able to give the whole Color Sustain collection an enthusiastic five stars!

we heartsters and testers – are you a hair-dye-aholic? Is the Ojon Color Sustain collection helping to lead you down the shiny, healthy hair path?



  1. While I am by no means a hair-dye-aholic, I do enjoy occasionally boosting my color with a semi-permanent process that is supposed to last 6-8 shampoos but never does. So the Ojon Color Sustain line has my full attention.

    I was the lucky tester of Ojon Color Protecting Cream, which you nailed in your review, @veronica – it smooths my hair and adds shine without weighing it down (despite all the lovely moisturizers).

    It’s concentrated (I just need a tiny bit on wet hair and another optional tiny bit when dry) and it smells great, too! I like it so much, I’m going to buy the shampoo and conditioner for sure. 5 stars for the Color Protecting Cream.

  2. This is a 5 star line! I’ve never given my star rating at the beginning of a post, and that’s how strongly I feel about this stuff! I tested the shampoo and conditioner. The first time I used it I was about 5 weeks in to my color cycle and my hair was a dark brown. I washed and conditioned on a Saturday and that Monday at work I had THREE people ask if I had just gotten my hair colored! It just took the color and made it look so much richer. I didn’t even feel ready to get it re done when the time was up. I then had some more color added and some highlights at my appointment a few weeks ago and I couldn’t figure out why no color seemed to wash down the drain or end up on my towel and pillow cases – until I read Veronica’s review on making the hair water repellent – now it makes sense! This is absolutely amazing stuff and one lady I work with has already gone out and purchased it after seeing the results on my hair! The scent is pretty and the lather is awesome. I also can easily get the wide tooth comb through my hair after using the conditioner. My shampoo is almost gone and I’ll definitely be purchasing this again – it’s my new HG system for my colored hair! Again, 5 big and shining stars!!

  3. I have my share and then some of products from Ojon. The line rates highly in my mind. So when I received Ojon’s Color Sustain Gloss Finishing Hair Spray to test, I was anxious to see if I’d find this up to my high standards! I color on a monthly basis to rid my head of loads silver/grey hair. I like that this hair spray is super lightweight, and leaves my hair with a very natural hold that even controls my wild flyaways nicely. You should not expect a heavy hold with this product. It also seemed to bring the color out more so I could go another week before the next coloring. It’s easy to use and actually smells wonderful to me-like all Ojon products do. What also received high marks from me is how it has UVA/UVB sunscreens within its formula. I give it four stars because I think the price is a tad high. Overall, am pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone looking to lock in their color for a little longer!

  4. @veronica –great review. I got to test the Color Sustain with Tahitian Monoi. To be honest, I did not have super high expectations because I have super thick hair. Long lasting hairspray, no matter how much I use seems like a fairy tale. (My hair stylist says I have enough hair for three or four people.) Hairspray and I have had a dysfunctional love/hate relationship. We are good together at home without much activity but, when I am out and about it will disappear at an inopportune moment leaving me with separation anxiety. However, I am excited to report that this spray is LONG LASTING without a heavy hold. Its scent is not unpleasant and it did not seem to affect my color at all. (I have brown hair with lots of highlights.) My first instinct was to give it five starts but, since Alcohol is the first ingredient I am going to take one star away.

    Four Stars.

  5. I’m a BIG fan of Ojon, for a few years now. I was excited when I got the Color Protecting Cream to try and it did NOT disappoint. @veronica is spot-on with her review; the cream was pretty darn lightweight and silky smooth. I have fairly coarse hair, but just a dime sized amount makes my hair feel great. I’ve been replacing my normal silcone treatement with the cream and although it’s having a bit of a time holding up against the recent heat wave, it works well for control when used with my regular gel.
    I haven’t used it for straightening my hair yet, but the few times I’ve used it before blow-drying, it’s protected it against the heat very well so I KNOW it’s keeping my color in check.

    The consistancy of the cream is thinner than I expected, but the smell is HEAVENLY. It’s sort of lush, heavy on the orange and clove. It’s not overbearing but it doesn’t fade away quickly, so unscented (or more clean scent fans) may not care for it.

    I give a solid five stars. It does it’s job, does it well and then some.

  6. I don’t color my hair, but I used to. surprisingly all of my hair is now all grown out with no more colored/bleached hair…but I would’ve loved this line 6 years ago! :)

  7. I have not dyed my hair in over 5 years, but there was no way I was passing up a chance to try a matching Ojon shampoo and conditioner. I’m selfish that way!

    And I’m glad I am greedy, because this set is awesome. The super lush shampoo is really great – so creamy and foamy and conditioning while really cleaning hair. I also love the soft patented Ojon scent. And that you do not need a lot of shampoo or conditioner per use.

    At first, I was afraid the conditioner would be too light for my knotty hair. It’s a fairly light formula, especially when used right after the creamy shampoo. But, of course, I was wrong. The conditioner worked through my hair beautifully, rinsed well and left my hair in perfect (wide tooth comb-able!) shape.

    After a few weeks, my natural dark brown hair looks deeper and has more shine. Looks like this line benefits those with virgin hair as well. Five stars for both…and now I really want to try the hairspray.

  8. I love this line of products! A lot of times the shampoos made to prevent color fading don’t “feel” clean after I shampoo, and I find myself washing my hair a second time during the same shower. This line feels really clean and my hair is super shiny after. I also love the hair spray; it holds without being stiff. The only negative I would say about the hair spray is that I don’t care for the smell – it’s just a bit too strong for me. Aside from that I love them all and would gladly purchase them!

  9. Dying my hair is one of the first things I do when I want to change up my look :) I do it at home myself, but like to keep the color looking good for as long as possible. My hair is easily tangled, but this line sounds great. The price tag is a little spendy, but if it’s good, it’ll be worth it…

  10. I tested the hairspray and was very pleasantly surprised. I am normally not a hairspray person. And that is partially because I hate it’s smell and the texture and residue it leaves behind.

    This stuff is great! It leaves a nice and soft finish. It provides great hold. The smell is decent. And who can beat the UV color protection? This is what I will reach for any time I need hairspray.

    4 Stars from me! Great review!

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