O'Keefe's Working Hands And Healthy Feet Review

O’Keefe’s Working Hands And Healthy Feet Review

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We Heart This shares a full review on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet products. Check it out to see if these products are for you.The Midwest is a brutal place to live this time of the year. Every winter the snow, cold, and dry air does a number on my skin, especially my hands.

Additionally, since I’m a big believer in diligent hand washing during cold and flu season, sometimes it seems like no matter how much I moisturize, my skin is always cracked, dry, and itchy.

So, trust me when I say, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands moisturizer (available here) has been the absolute skin savior this winter!

And if you’re like me and also suffer from dry, cracked feet, luckily, O’Keeffe’s makes a Healthy Feet moisturizer (available here) as well.

O’Keefe’s Working Hands Review

We Heart This shares a full review on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet products. Check it out to see if these products are for you.

Created over 25 years ago in the kitchen of pharmacist Tara O’Keeffe, the Working Hands cream ($7.99) was originally designed as a solution for her rancher father’s severe dry skin.

Now, this amazing hand cream is available at hardware stores and pharmacies everywhere.

While it seems a bit odd to purchase your skin moisturizer at the hardware store, once you try it you’ll understand why.

This product is seriously effective and aimed at people who work with their hands, but gentle enough for all skin types, so even if you aren’t rough on your hands, you’ll still love how great this product is.

We Heart This shares a full review on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet products. Check it out to see if these products are for you.

I used the Working Hands moisturizer in the morning and at night, usually after a shower when my skin was most absorbent, and the results were swift and astounding!

In just a few days my skin had completely transitioned from horribly dry and cracked to smooth and soft again.

Because the formula uses glycerin as a way to draw moisture rather than oil-based ingredients that can actually repel moisturizer, O’Keeffe’s is very lightweight and works easily into the skin without leaving a heavy greasy residue. Plus, it’s really concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Bonus: you can totally use it on other parts of your body as well; face, elbows, and legs…it works great all over.

O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet Review

We Heart This shares a full review on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet products. Check it out to see if these products are for you.

Even though the Working Hands moisturizer worked so well, I was still a bit skeptical of the Healthy Feet ($7.99) since I’ve tried many foot products with very little results. But this stuff did not disappoint!

Just like the Working Hands, after only a few days I saw terrific results.

We Heart This shares a full review on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet products. Check it out to see if these products are for you.

I followed the suggested directions of applying on my feet after exfoliating, and at night after a shower, and now my feet are baby soft.

The Healthy Feet formula contains a bit more Allantoin in order to absorb into the thicker skin of the feet, and did a superb job of fixing my cracked heels.

No more feeling embarrassed about my feet – hooray.

O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet Ingredients

We Heart This shares a full review on O'Keefe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet products. Check it out to see if these products are for you.

So the next time you stop by the hardware store to pick up some paint or a new drill bit, grab a tub of O’Keeffe’s Working Hands and Healthy Feet for some serious skin salvation!

we heartsters – have you discovered the miracle O’Keefe’s creams while strolling the hardware aisles?

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21 thoughts on “O’Keefe’s Working Hands And Healthy Feet Review”

  1. Wow! This sounds like just what I need! My cuticles and hands are a mess in the winter and I need some long lasting relief!
    Like you, @Kari, I have never been able to find a deep penetrating foot cream either, but O’Keefe’s sounds great!

  2. This looks really promising. I have a few friends who suffer from terribly dry, cracked hands. If I ever see it at my hardware store, I’ll have to pick up a tub or two

  3. This is a great reminder that wonderful products can be found in places others than Sephora! (Not that I don’t love me some Sephora…)
    I especially love this because it’s something I could probably get my alpha male husband to use without whining about the froufrou smell or greasy feeling left behind by my usual lotions or creams.

    Thanks for the review, @kari! Maybe this should start a new series, “Beauty at the Home Depot!” :-)

    1. Laughing aloud here–I don’t know whether my “alpha male” complains more about his raggedy skin or the products I give him to help it!

  4. Just WHAT I need exactly WHEN I need it! This winter has been particularly cruel to my hands and those of my husband. We’ve been layering creams and covering with white cotton gloves (highly romantic, to be sure!). This looks like the answer to the rough, cracked skin we’ve endured. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Oh, your poor husband! I too had moments of bleeding the cracking was so bad. This totally helps so your husband should have relief soon. Side note: don’t be surprised if this stings a little at first! O’Keeffe’s even mentions that stinging is normal in the beginning on severely damaged skin. But after a few days of using this your skin will be in waaaaay better condition.

  5. I should also mention that these don’t have a scent. They just sort of smell like…very plain lotion. If that makes any sense. :)

    Great absorption, no smell, no greasy feeling…this stuff is FANTASTIC. It’s no frills but super effective!

  6. I must try these two! I didn’t start to experience “winter” skin until the last few years. I guess that’s a sign that I’m getting old. I also have dry cuticles! If I skip a day of moisturizing my dry cuticles, they get so terrible, I hate it :( I’ll be on the lookout for this stuff at my hardware store!

  7. I saw this in the drug store the other day, I should have purchased a tub! My hands are shredded from multiple washes (diaper changes with a squirmy baby get messy!) and the brutal cold of winter. And don’t even get me started on my heels! I’m going back to that drugstore ASAP and grabbing a tub. Thanks @Kari !

  8. I did not test this for WHT, but actually bought it about a month ago after seeing it at the cash register at good ol Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It couldn’t have been at that register at a better time because my hands were actually cracked and a little bloody in spots too from the harsh midwest winter and constant hand washing. The salesman said it’s very popular with mechanics – many say it’s the only thing that works on their harshly treated hands apparently. Well, it works absolute wonders. I’ve been using it pretty religously and my cracks are completely gone. The consistency reminds me of Crisco, but it soaks in very well – almost immediately – no residue, no scent. Just an amazing product. For $7, it’s an absolute steal and I’m a definite 5 star user!

  9. I am definitely picking up h=the hand cream for myself, and my woodworker father – who always has split fingertips in the winter. The cracked feet is a necessity for me as well. Thanks for the review!

  10. Kari, great job! As I wrote to you, it worked wonders immediately! We were taken aback by the lack of scent, but it coats hands and protects them from the elements, water, etc. It’s a miracle!!! Thank you, thank you!

    1. I do…and it works great. My skin is very dry on my face and it has helped alot. I don’t know if I’ll use it this summer….but I’ve been using it the last few months and I love it.started out using it under my nose from chopping from a cold….now I use it for my daily moisturizer

    2. Yes I had dry flaky skin on my face and nothing helped so I tried it and now the flakes are gone. I apply it very lightly and then ELF face primer before I put on foundation. My skin looks so much better!

  11. I swear by the foot cream! My heels have always been cracked since my teens. So I could only wear sling backs if I had hose on. Since my sister bought me the foot cream months ago, I will be traipsing into my golden years with my naked heels in display. It only two nightly use for the cracking to stop. I’ve hoarded enough to last me years!

  12. I have for many years used the O’Keefes Hand Cream which works beautifully in keeping my hands soft! With my feet I came across the foot cream and decided to try it! What lead up to this was when my podiatrist ordered some foot rub to help with the pain of my Gout ( I was allergic to what she ordered so I tried everything and it wouldn’t work! I tried the O’Keefes foot cream and within 3 days my foot started getting better and healing! It does what it says and so much more as I will never use anything on my hands or feet but only use O’Keefes!
    Thank you for making a product that really works!

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