Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil and Truth Serum Review

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Your skin can definitely handle this truth!

Ole Henriksen Truth

Oh, Ole Henriksenicon, how I love you. Your products never make promises they can’t keep, and in the age of ridiculous skincare claims, this truthfulness is a precious thing.

Any Ole Henriksen fan is familiar with his Truth Collection, a line of products design to prevent premature aging while brightening and protecting the skin. I tested the award-winning Truth Serumicon, as well as the exciting new addition to the collection, Pure Truth Youth Activating Oilicon, and was as impressed by both products as any skincare I’ve ever used.

In fact, I looked in the mirror after my first application and mentally started penning my love letter to Mr. Henriksen, creator of perhaps the best skincare line ever!

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

The first product of the duo I tested, Truth Serumicon ($48), the Truth Collection’s famous Collagen Booster, more than lived up to its reputation. Natural Health Magazine calls Truth Serum a miracle worker for reasons that were immediately clear from my first dab. This multi-tasking serum instantly smooths out lines and wrinkles while working to prevent further damage.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

I was surprised to learn that the serum is oil-free, because the consistency is so emollient and moisturizing. Just a few drops sink right in, leaving the skin glowing, luminous, and younger-looking. I usually shy away from scented facial products, but Ole Henriksen’s are an exception. Because the serum contains grapefruit and orange extract, it smells so good, it has a calming effect on more than just my skin.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth

The Truth Collection’s newest addition, Pure Truth Youth Activating Oilicon ($45), can either be used alone, or with the Truth Serum to sort of turbocharge its anti-aging results.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth

Pure, unfiltered, unprocessed Rose Hips Oil has power that belies its pretty name. A natural source of Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, the oil activates cell renewal, boosts collagen, hydrates, soothes and heals. I wondered if a facial oil would be too heavy for hot weather, but it absorbed right away. No breakouts, no oiliness, no worries – just radiant skin!

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Oil

Products contain Vitamin C and powerful anti-oxidants, which boost natural collagen and make skin appear luminous
Infused with citrus botanicals, the products smell heavenly
As with all Ole Henriksen products, these are made from ingredients that are pure, natural and cruelty-free
Prices are surprisingly affordable for such high-end skincare

Might be hard to find in your local stores, but you can always order online

The literature that accompanies Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil contains a quote from Ole Henriksen that embodies the positive spirit of the company and the man himself: “Live in the present and focus on love and happiness.” The simple truth – products like these make it a little easier to do just that.

we heartsters – have you discovered the truth about the wonders of Ole Henriksen products? Share your faves in the comments!


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  1. I’ve tried the Truth Serum before and loved it, the oil sounds amazing as well!

  2. I absolutely love Ole Henriksen products! I have both of these, and they’re wonderful!!

  3. Oooh, you’ve totally sold me on these! I am a Henriksen virgin, but I am all about the rosehip oil and both products look fabulous. Ok, now for the tough question: in your expert opinion, if I can only get one, which one would you recommend? I’m really trying to work on hyper-pigmentation currently–so the oil, do you think?

    1. That’s a tough one, @amity … both products have anti-aging ingredients that would help with hyper-pigmentation , but if I had to choose one, it would probably be Truth Serum. That amazing smell– I can’t resist it!

    2. Hi, @amity! I would probably go with the Truth Serum as well (the more Vitamin C, the better). However, Henriksen has an “Enlighten Me” skin tone corrector and a “Lemon Strip Flash Peel” which contain Mulberry Extract and Licorice, also potent in correcting skin’t tone.

  4. I’ve used the Truth Serum before and have found that I can only use it about once a week because my oily skin breaks out if I use it too much–it’s a little rich for my skin type. But it does make my skin look better as long as I stick to the once a week usage.

    If you really want to love Ole Henriksen, try Pure Perfection face cream. I can only use this in the winter when my skin dries out, but it is magical. It clears my skin, gives my skin radiance, and the lines are zapped away. Magic in a jar, folks.

    1. That’s good to know, @krista, because I have oily/acne-prone skin too.

      I haven’t tried any Ole Henriksen products yet, but I love the name of these. “Truth Serum”–that’s cute. :) And I really want to SMELL it because all of you ladies are raving about how nice it smells!

  5. Amazing review – I definitely want to smell it too! Love the name Truth serum. Never tried any Ole Henriksen products before, either.

  6. I am also a HUGE fan of Ole’s products, but I am particularly smitten with Truth Serum and have been devoted for years. I remember the first time I applied it to my skin and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I almost fell over in shock after seeing the instant results. When I was able to think clearly, I too started writing a “You Sir are a wizard and I love you” letter to Ole. The orange serum has changed my skin and I simply cannot be without it. EVER.

    I haven’t tried the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil yet, but have been eyeing it up since it debuted. If it is anywhere close to being as amazing as the Truth Serum is, then it is totally worth pulling out my wallet for. Also, I mean really, who doesn’t need to have their youth activated? Am I right??

  7. Rachel Goldstein says:

    I,too, love the Ole Henriksen line. I use Truth Serum followed by either the Vitamin Plus or Sheer Transformation moisturizers. At night, I use the Invigorating Night Gel and it is fabulous. I DO NOT wake up with oily skin as I do with so many other products. This line is particularly good for those with oily skins – no matter what your age.

  8. I just wrote two articles on Henriksen products. The “Truth Serum” is beyond wonderful. Not only does it make my skin fabulous and conceal any (ahem!) tiny lines and wrinkles, but it dries blemishes. I love how this line works for all women, for those suffering from acne to those with grandchildren.

  9. I love Ole Henriksen products. I have used Truth Serum for quite a while and just started using Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil and it is WONDERFUL! I noticed an improvement with the very first application. Although the smell does take a little getting used to, it isn’t overpowering. I will be purchasing this again.

  10. Wanna buy this! I have been looking for a good serum. (Love the pictures by the way.

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