One Love Organic – the Green Monday review

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Simplify your life with one great and green line!

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Is it just me or does life always find a way of being just a bit chaotic, tossing in stresses and messes every chance it gets. With that much clutter, why should our skincare products be just as complicated? Luckily, One Love Organics, a little company that exemplifies Green Monday ideals, is devoted to spreading their message of simplicity and love, through every one of their products that’s been hand crafted and hand packaged with lots of love.

Created by Suzanne Leroux, One Love Organics was the result of Leroux’s appreciation and study of holistic, alternative forms of healing. Using her training, Leroux designed her line on the belief that less is more. By leaving out all the unnecessary and often SCARY ingredients found in many products, One Love Organics focuses on a handful of simple, natural components that are ethically sourced, multipurpose, and safe for everyone; men and women, babies to grannies!

Offering a simple line of four products, as well as special skin shammies and silver scoop to aid in the use of these products, this company has swiftly found its way into my heart!

The Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser ($29) with glycerin, organic quillaja bark extract, apple extracts and apple seed oil, not only cleanses the face, but also can be used for hair and body!

There is nothing as awesome as being able to jump in the shower and use one product from head to toe! My skin felt supple and rejuvenated, while my hair was easier to comb and had extra shine. Plus, the apple extract gives this cleanser the most delicious apple scent without the use of perfumes!

The Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum ($98), with various essential oils like watermelon seed, neroli, rose and frankincense, plus vitamin E, makes this a great nightly treatment that is anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, repairs damage and hydrates the skin.

While I can’t vouch for any anti-wrinkle effects just yet, I can say my skin is softer and has a more even tone. And like the cleanser, the serum can be used on other areas like the lips, eye area, neck, décolleté and back of the hands.

But the star for me was the Skin Savior Waterless Multi-Balm ($68). Organic virgin coconut oil, organic soybean oil, oat extract, chia seed, pure unrefined beeswax, orange peel wax and vitamin e combine to make this magical balm that smells like oranges and pretty much does it all!

A couple of scoops warmed in the palm, applied to the face, wiped clean and you’ve cleansed your skin of makeup and dirt. But guess what? You can use the same balm to moisturize your face and rest of your skin as well.

Wait, there’s more! Need a protective, conditioning treatment for the hair? Yep, it does that too. A little applied to the ends of my hair helped protect them from daily styling.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can mix this with mineral powder to create a nourishing foundation (awesome tutorials are offered online for the balm and all the products). This is oil based though so just remember it works best in small amounts.

I also got to test the “My New Best Friend” skin shammy ($24), and while you don’t need the shammy, it totally aided in the use of these products, especially the Multi-Balm. Made from 100% dermalogical grade microfiber, it’s great for wiping away product, dirt, and make-up. It’s good for up to 200 washes and used by itself removed the oily mid-day shine from my skin!

A few of our wht ladies got to test, not only the cleanser and the waterless multi-balm, but the Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque ($39), an everyday exfoliator that uses the power of silk peptide, milk powder, and fresh pineapple enzymes. Make sure to check the comments for thier thoughts!

Safe and great for everyone!

Natural ingredients
Animal friendly
Certified by PETA and part of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics

Price – but worth the cost for multi-purpose products and especially for the quality.

Finally, I found these products are super concentrated so a little goes a long way. So if I calculated the cost of all the various products I use that do the same things, I would easily spend just as much (or more) money. And only increase the clutter in my bathroom.

So simplify – show yourself some love by using these fantastic, natural and simple products.

we heartsters and testers – did you and your skin find a new true love in One Love organics?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I love multi-purpose products! How cute is that packaging?
    The balm sounds like it would be my favorite. Hefty prices usually turn me off, but since I’ve been a WHT reviewer I’ve learned that while I hate spending all that money up front, I do much better with expensive products that are long lasting and high quality than cheaper ones that I use up and have to keep buying in the same time period…

    Plus, the balm smells like oranges. I love citrus-y stuff!!! Great review, @kari, I’ll have to put this on my wish-list!!

    1. Thanks Alyssa and you will LOVE the balm! I originally balked at the price but seeing how little is needed and how far it goes, AND the quality, then the price makes total sense. I have a small trial size, but it’s still going strong!

  2. I agree with every single thing Alyssa said! The balm sounds amazing, and wht has taught me a lot about value vs. cost when it comes to high end products. Sometimes the more expensive things are just worth it, and One Love Organic sounds like one of those lines.
    Great review, @kari !

    1. Thanks Melissa! Seriously WHT was eye opening when it came to quality and what is worth paying extra bucks on. Everyone must own this balm!!

  3. I’m going to be so sad the day my One Love products run out. But I’m definitely going order more. These are gentle enough for sensitive skin, work great around the eye area and they smell soooooo amazing! My boyfriend especially likes the smell of the serum.

    It was strange at first using these since I’ve gotten so used to having one product for my face, one for my lips, one for my hands and body, one for eye area…but literally these items can be used everywhere. I had some leftover serum on my hands the first time I used it and was going to just wash it off, but then realized I could just rub the excess on my lips and the back of my hands. Fantastic! Nothing goes to waste!

    Everything was 5 stars worthy!!

    1. Heh, woops, no stars to mark on this one, but you all know what I mean. This stuff rocks!

  4. Kari, thank you so much! My heart sings when someone really gets our line like this! Our line was developed not only to simplify and de-clutter the beauty routine but also to reduce the number of times one has to purchase products during the year. So we made our products significantly larger than most (and the waterless formulas ensure they last forever!) and it is priced accordingly. However, due to many requests, we do plan to release a smaller size balm later in the year!

    1. Suzanne I LOVE your products! I’ve been recommending these to everyone and I definitely plan on continuing to use them! Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

  5. This line looks very lovely, right down to their cutesy labels. I want to try but right now the budget isn’t right. But I never say never to trying new things in the long run, you guys have had more than enough of an effect on my product buying ;)

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  7. I haven’t tried these products yet, but I’m so sure from all of the great reviews that this one might just be the keeper. So I’m holding off on buying a whole new skin care regimen (I’m currently switching right now to a “clean” and organic one)so that I can save up to buy One Love Organics. I’m SOOO excited!

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