Origins Night-a-Mins High-Potency Renewal Cream Review

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Looking for Origins Night-A-Mins? We’ll give you the full scoop on their High-Potency Night-A-Mins!

Okay, I admit it- I can be a real slacker when it comes to my nightly skincare routine. Sometimes I just want to hit the sack with as little effort as possible.

If my skincare doesn’t excite me in one way or another it’s bound for the back of the vanity within weeks.

So, how can a company keep a fickle girl like me hooked?

Promising measurable results in just weeks is one way to do it, and backing up those claims is key.

Thankfully our green and eco-conscious friends over at Origins have done just that- clinically proven results, consumer approved!

For me, a night cream is probably the least exciting skincare product, yet I know it’s a very important one.

When I received Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins (available here on Amazon) mineral-enriched renewal cream I was interested to see how well it would live up to the company’s claims.

Could this night cream keep me interested?

Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins Review

Upon opening the classic Origins packaging and scooping out a bit of product I was struck by the scent.


In a night cream?

I’m used to orange as a reviving scent, not a relaxing one!

As I worked in the cream I noticed the neroli oil behind the orange.

Miraculously enough, mixed together the two oils have the perfect mixture of “spa” scent to calm and relax the mind.

Only a small amount of this lush cream is necessary to cover the entire face and neck and it leaves a very slightly tacky finish that dries within 10 minutes. Then it’s time to hit the sack!

Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins Before & After

I’m happy to report that within 4 weeks of using High-Potency Night-a-Mins my skin has noticeably changed.

Normally the summertime “air-conditioning to humidity back to air-conditioning” thing kills me, wreaking havoc and aggravating my combination skin.

Using Night-a-Mins I have zero dry, flaky areas (that’s right- zero, nada, zilch!) and my t-zone is calmer, producing less oil.

Boasting vitamin C, biotin, vitamin E, valerian extract, neroil oil, orange oil, vanilla, and even salicylic acid, High-Potency Night-a-Mins is a powerful supplement to your skincare routine.

It may even help with your sleep– a clinical study showed that users wearing an Actigraph (a device worn to track movement during sleep) nearly all had longer, more tranquil sleep.

How’s that for the power of a skin cream?

With continued use my face looks smoother and my skin tone appears more even than ever.

Best of all, when I wake in the morning my first thoughts aren’t, “OMG, I need to wash my face.”

There is no lasting film or feelings of too heavy a cream, just perfectly moisturized and balanced skin.

Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins Pros & Cons

Visible results!
Skin appears brighter and calmer.
Spa-like scent helps lull you to sleep.
Helped keep me on a nightly skincare routine.

Slightly tacky feel until it really sinks into the skin.

High-Potency Night-a-Mins comes in both original and oil-free, so there’s a cream for everyone, and the price tag (check the current price here) is typical of most night creams. And yes, I still enjoy using it every night!

we heartsters – has Origins regulated your bedtime routine and your skin with their Night-A-Mins Mineral-enriched renewal cream?

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  1. I was also a lucky recipient of the Origins Night Cream. I was thrilled at the possibility of a night cream for us oily gals (very hard to find, believe me!). Like @mandaleem, I really loved the scent- neroli Oil is one of my all-time favorites!
    Although I loved the feel of the cream, I felt like it was a bit rich for my oily, (acne prone) skin this time of year. I may have even detected a breakout or two, but those could be totally unrelated. Either way, I have stashed it away and will happily resume using it in the fall when my skin can take more moisture. 4 stars, and maybe even 5 come fall!

    1. That’s a bummer about the breakouts. My mother always jokes that as soon as breakouts go away, hot flashes come. So unfair!

      You live in a very warm area, right? I can imagine Night-A-Mins being a little too heavy for those that live in the southern part of the US. Maybe stash it in the fridge to just dab on a tiny bit at night? Or, like you said, wait until fall when your skin needs a little more TLC. Either way, I’m glad to hear how much you enjoyed the oil-free version; I have friends I wanted to recommend it to!

  2. Hi @Stef,
    I should have been clearer that I received the oil free version. I am so breakout prone, the slightest change makes my skin crazy.

  3. @mandaleem – do you know if both versions contain the scent? It sounds fabulous, and I’m going to check out the regular version! Great post!

    1. Yes, I believe both the regular and oil-free versions have the same scent. @Glamazon56 tried out the oil-free version, and she mentioned the same lovely neroli scent.

  4. This sounds amazing, but coming from Origins I’m not at all surprised. They really have become my go to line for skin care.

    1. Origins has really become a fail-safe for me. I know that no matter what I use from the company I’m sure to be satisfied. And I’ve always had amazing luck with the sales staff in store! They really know skin care, and they take the time to talk with me without making me feel pressured to buy. Such a welcome relief when compared to a lot of specialty stores.

  5. Great review! This “spa like” product that also helps with sleep sounds like something I have to try. I sometimes have trouble sleeping and this sounds like a dream come true.

    1. I’m not sure *I* noticed much of a difference in the quality of my sleep, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Hehe, I’d be interested in getting my hands on one of those actigraphs so I could get a “before” and “after” reading!

  6. A spa like product that can double as a sleep aide? I so have to try this!

  7. Well here we are, almost a month after writing this review and yep- I’m still loving NIght-A-Mins! (I did skip it on the few nights when we had that crazy heat wave, but on those nights I didn’t even want my skin touching me, let alone a cream, hahah!)

    A great testimony- I recently had a doctor’s visit to check on my nutrient levels. (Because of my celiac disease and the damage it has caused I’m chronically malnourished and I take rx vitamins.) My doctor said to me, “Well you look like you’re doing much better, your skin looks brighter and healthier.” When we got my lab results back we saw that my nutrient levels were actually *worse* than they were before. My doctor was shocked, and asked me what I was doing differently because I looked so much healthier than I actually am. The only thing I could think of is Night-A-Mins, and another Origins product I’ve begun using (Spoiler alert!).

    Moral of the story? One jar of Origins Night-A-Mins has done more for my looks than 4 different rx vitamins. WTG Origins!!
    5 Stars, no problem!

    1. That is SO IMPRESSIVE!

  8. This sounds like a product that I would highly enjoy because I, too, have combination skin. I think it might be too warm for me to try it now but I will keep this in mind for fall. I love night creams actually and I think that they are fun because they do a ton of work while you sleep :)

  9. I loveee this night cream! I have dry skin and although skin care is super important, I usually forget to put cream on :x This cream is so great that just the scent alone makes me want to put it on every night! For me, it’s not too tacky, I think because I have super dry skin. I just feel super refreshed and hydrated. And my skin does feel much smoother which is alwaysss a good thing! Loveee!

  10. I love Origins, they always have quality products. I’m with you on needing to do more for my nightly routine on my face….I would definitely have to try the oil free version since I tend to be more oily.

  11. can anyone list the ingredients? i can’t find the full ingredients anywhere. and is the oil-free version without the essential oils?

    1. laura – I don’t have the full ingredients list, but here’s what I do have:

      Chestnut Sativa Extract
      Salicylic Acid
      Fennel Seed
      Vitamin H
      Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate)
      Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Linoleate)
      Barley and Wheat Extracts
      Squalane (olives)
      Raspberry Leaf Wax


      Hope that helps!

  12. I’ve been looking through Google to see if I’m the only one with this problem (and it appears I am): I’ve been using this for about a month now and I’ve noticed breakouts on my chin and neck. This isn’t typical for me–I usually have dry-normal skin and only occasionall get a pimple or two. I have a huge cystic zit on my jawline right now and 3 on my chin and this is the only change to my routine :(

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