Orlane B21 Extraordinare Youth Reset – Photos and Review

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One More Reason To Be Obsessed With French Beauty Products!

Getting old is the pits. Although I still consider myself young, I am beginning to see signs that prove otherwise. Crow’s feet and laugh lines are the obvious ones, but there are some more subtle clues that I am just seeing that are a bit harder to correct with creams and potions.

I have noticed that my skin is dull. Lackluster. Lacking oomph. How does one correct that? Exfoliate until my face glows lobster red from all the layers being removed? Tried it…the glow only lasts a few hours. I’ve tried the brightening serums and tonics, but nothing was really giving me that youthful look I was used to seeing in the mirror.

When I saw the bottle of Orlane B21 Extraordinare Youth Reset, I was a bit skeptical. Claims to “reset” your skin to a younger condition. Turns back the clock, a game changer…the reviews claim. Hmmmm.


However, I immediately perked up because I am a fan of the luxury brand Orlane. A French label, founded in 1947 and known for using active ingredients to prevent or turn around the aging process. The house became popular due to Orlane’s anti-aging skincare, namely the B21 Bio-Energic Anti-Aging Complex. B21 is based on the fabulous potential of energy to re-educate the skin. It has adapted to reflect research breakthroughs, but remains at the heart of each Orlane anti-aging formula.


The oval, silver bottle of the Orlane B21 Extraordinare Youth Reset is elegant and sturdy, always a sign of luxury. So I figured, why not? Let’s give this a try…as long as it does not break me out, what’s the harm? The product is somewhere between a lotion and a cream and absorbs beautifully into the skin. It glides on and can be used at any time amongst your various beauty steps. I used it as a single-step nighttime moisturizer since I am on the oily side. Did I mention the scent is divine!?


The formula “acts on the source of aging deep within the cell. The action of 21 essential amino acids extracted from Pale Iris stem cells, work at the core level to help build younger, denser skin.” Testing results boast 97% to 100% improvement in glow, firmness, smoothness and hydration.

Well folks I have to agree! This lotion is such a delight to put on, that I hurry to wash my face when I get home in the evening, so I can put some on. My skin is at a touchy point of the month right now, if you get my drift, and yet my skin looks great! It has a glow that I have not seen in a long time. My skin looks even and hydrated even in this dry winter air. This luxe lotion has not caused me to break out at all which is a HUGE selling point for me as well. Orlane’s B21 Extraordinaire is truly extraordinare!

Now, let’s be real ladies…when I looked up the price, I nearly fell out of my chair. At $250, this is not your CVS, slap it all over your body, cream…this is a serious lady cream! I am already scheming about what I pawn to get my hands on the next bottle.

I can already say with certainty that the Orlane B21 Extraordinare will be my favorite product of 2014!

we heartsters – have you used products from Orlane? Share your experience in the comments!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Orlane! That price does take your breath away a bit, but if it works and you can afford it… Besides, you know what they say about an ounce of prevention! :-)
    Great review, @glamazon56!

    1. This cream is divine! Yes, the price is steep, but who can put a price on glowing skin!? Thank you lyssachelle – it was a dream assignment!

  2. Made from Pale Iris stem cells–that just sounds so glamorous and pretty! And you know what, sometimes the high price is totally worth it. When I think of the ten billion drugstore or mid-price range serums and potions I have cluttering my bathroom, I cringe–could have one super-effective product for the same price. And this sounds like a winner–great review!

    1. My thoughts exactly, @amity . If I could just stop trying for a magical bargain over and over, I would have plenty of money for pricier products (and more counter space, too, now that you mention it). This sounds great, @glamazon56 !

  3. I have never tried Orlane and am very curious. However, before I would want to consider shelling out $250 I would want to try it first. This is one product I would make an informed decision on. However, if I give up purchasing beauty odds and ends on a whim, I could save for this in short order.

  4. This sounds awesome!! My skin has been so weird lately. I feel that it is really changing as I age and I don’t care for it one bit! The price is scary. I wonder how long a bottle would last with regular use. If it lasts awhile it might make it worth while.

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