Orly Flash Glam FX review - glitter lovers rejoice

Orly Flash Glam FX review – glitter lovers rejoice

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Perhaps you’re like me and you think glitter is a magical invention that can cure all, from bad moods to polish boo boos, and you use it liberally to thwart anything that may be coming your way. Or, perhaps you’re more of a special occasion glitter-wearer. In which case, your number one opportunity to go glitter bananas is just around the corner – Halloween. Allow me to introduce to you a polish that both types are going to want on their nails; the Flash Glam FX Collection by Orly ($10).

Flash Glam FX runs the gamut from glittertastic to glitterageous, meaning there’s an OMG amount of glitter in these. Holographic, chunky, fine, hexagonal, bars, flecks; I dare you to name a type of glitter than you can’t find in these 22 lacquers. And of course, since they’re Orly they are big 3 free and have their patented rubberized gripper cap.

So, let’s look at glitter, shall we? And if you need some accompanying Halloween ideas, I got those too!

R.I.P. is pretty much Halloween in a bottle. It’s got chunky and fine orange glitter in a sheer black, jelly base. You can wear this on it’s own, but when it looks so fabulous over a black base (as seen below) why would you want to?
Partnering Halloween costume ideas: pumpkin, Philadelphia Flyers fan, slutty zombie.

R.I.P. from left: over a black base, and two coats alone

Oh how I love Ultraviolet. It’s fine fuchsia glitter and bright purple chunky glitter LOADED into a near clear base. This is a fun polish to play with, as it looks amazing over lots of combos.
Partnering Halloween costume ideas: Barney, Prince, slutty Tinky Winky.

Ultraviolet from left: over a fuschia base, and two coats alone

Embrace is a little girl’s fantasy. Ok, a big girl’s too; the uber pink of your dreams. It’s a very sheer baby pink base with fine pink and chunky holographic glitter. Partnering Halloween costume ideas:Barbie, princess, slutty Hello Kitty. (I hope you’ve gathered by now that I’m totally kidding about these slutty costumes…)

Embrace from left: over a pink base, and two coats alone

I adore Rockets Red Glare. This type of classic bright red is a go-to glitter shade for me for “fancy” occasions. It has a mix of fine and chunky glitter in another near sheer base.
Partnering Halloween costume ideas: yankee doodle dandy, devil, slutty Dorothy.

Rockets Red Glare from left: over a red base, and two coats alone

These shades of Orly Flash Glam FX had near identical types of glitter. I personally look forward to trying some of the shades with irregular shapes and contrasting colors. But for your basic glitter needs, these four are stellar picks.

we heartsters and Review Team – what did you think of the sparkle explosion that is Orly Flash Glam FX?

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9 thoughts on “Orly Flash Glam FX review – glitter lovers rejoice”

  1. The problem with the jokes about the slutty costumes is that I can easily imagine someone doing ANY of them. Our friggin culture.

  2. R.I.P. is the one I got to try, which is the perfect one for me. I love Halloween and especially fun polishes like this one. The little orange glitter reminds me of a tiny pumpkins on my nails. I recommend layering it over a black base as well, it really helps the glitter to pop. I’ve already got plans to wear this all next week for the holiday! 5 Stars from me (a glitter lover as well)!

  3. Well if a Philadelphia Flyers fan counts as a costume, for me everyday is Halloween! Thanks @stef for that little shout out to your hockey obsessed friend (who is starting to really feel down over the NHL lockout – boo! I want my hockey back).

    I am not a huge glitter on the nail type – but these look like so much fun. And I love the color combos – it makes the glitter look that much more fabulous, then just the glitter alone. And of course, my fave look is the black and orange – but the Ultraviolet over a fuschia base is pretty darn striking.

    And if you have some sort of gore-y Halloween costume planned, I think Rockets Red Glare alone (or over and under clear polish) would look like blood splattered fingertips – spooky!

  4. I got to test Embrace, and totally want to use it as part of my slutty Hello Kitty costume :P (JUUUUUUST kidding, that’s NOT my costume!) I wish the glitter was a little more dense though, so my nail beds weren’t visible. RIP looks so good for Halloween!

  5. R.I.P looks awesome!

    Just tried my first Orly polish, “Grave Mistake”. Love the color, but I hate the brush. It’s so thin, which means I have to go over more times in order to get an even coat.

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