Pacifica perfume and body butter review

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I can still remember the first time I discovered Pacifica and their amazingly scented line of products to sooth both body and soul. Stef and I were visiting a friend in beautiful San Francisco and had put aside some time to explore a number of quaint neighborhoods scouted out by our host. In other words, between meals, friends and the obligatory cable car ride, we were going to squeeze in as much shopping as possible. Our first stop was Noe Valley and it looked promising; full of coffee shops, indie clothing stores and charming boutiques. The first place to catch our eye was, of course, all about bath and beauty. We walked into the very cozy, packed to the gills boutique and were greeted by a wall of products from a new company called Pacifica. Glass candles with gorgeous labels called our name and we were instantly immersed in sniffing each and every tantalizing flavor. Time lost all meaning as we squealed and passed our latest favorite over to each other for testing. Soon, our host was clearing her throat and tapping our shoulders, “um guys, we have to get going if you want to squeeze in a shower before dinner.” And that’s how our afternoon spent shopping and exploring San Francisco, turned into an afternoon perusing the Pacifica line. Oh well, cable cars are for tourists, we had found a truly exceptional line!

It’s only fitting that we first discovered Pacifica while visiting lovely San Francisco. The company was co-founded by couple Brook Harvey-Taylor and Billy Taylor, who first conceived the company on the drive home from a surfing trip! They decided to launch their own line “that would reflect their talents, passion for nature and beauty, and healthy, surfer lifestyle.” They (smartly) decided to break into the fragrance world by introducing seven of their favorite blends in candle form and instantly, a hip and affordable brand of high quality scents was introduced to the world. Today, the line has grown to 21 scents and has expanded to perfumes and body butters. Their fragrance blends and gorgeous, colorful designs are inspired by “surfing, sunshine, travel, romance, history, world cultures, art, kids (especially their own), flowers, fabulous food and more.”

Finally, we especially appreciate that the founder’s love of nature and dedication to protecting the environment is reflected in their products. In addition to using natural ingredients and essential oils “Pacifica products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates and lead wicks. Pacifica packaging is both recyclable and made with recycled content and the company reuses and reduces wherever possible. Pacifica is working towards carbon neutrality and is 100% committed to cruelty-freedom. In this regard, the company does not use any animal ingredients, including beeswax, and does not test its formulations on animals or use ingredients that are currently tested on animals.”

Before we get to the reviews, I wanted to add a quick word about Pacifica Candles. They have been my main purchase from the line over the past ten years. As readers of this blog may know, I am a lover of candles and it takes high quality to get a repeat purchase from me. I gladly recommend any candle from this line. They are long lasting, evenly burning natural waxes that emit a fantastic and fresh scent throughout your room (my favorites include Tahitian Gardenia and Thai Lemongrass). Here at we heart this we received a variety of Pacifica items and scents for our lucky testers to review, all based on their signature perfume blends and made with essential and natural oils. Items included:

Solid Perfumes – just in time for summer travel, these tins can be packed and carried anywhere you go! These light blends are perfect for layering (use more then one to make your own signature scent) and are made with organic soy and coconut wax.

Spray Perfumes – Packaged in simple, elegant glass bottles, they are made with natural, pure grain alcohol (corn-sourced and gluten-free). Perfect to layer with their solid perfume for real staying power.

Body Butter – Another one of my personal favorites from the Pacifica line, these rich and luxurious butters will sooth and moisturize even your driest parts (especially great on elbows, hands and feet). Again, these butters are great for layering scents – use one scent to moisturize and another scent from the Spray or Solid Perfume line to invent your own custom fragrance. Pacifica Body butters are paraben-free and made with nature’s best moisturizers – shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil.

Review Team: make sure to let us know what item and scent you received. Let us know if a wall of Pacifica would keep you from further shopping and tourist attractions, and if your item has you dreaming of West Coast getaways and sunny days ahead!


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  1. I got the solid perfume to try out this time – and while I’m not a great fan of solid fragrances in general (they’re too alcohol-y), the Pacifica still smells good! But on a different note, Pacifica is now sold at Sephora and I’ve spent my last few shifts there smelling every single scent trying to decide which is my favorite!

    I’m a huge fan of the body butters, they’re rich and thick and not greasy at all. I cured my bad burn from a tanning-bed snafu last year with the Brazilian Mango Grapefruit butter – and it worked! It’s a tie between Lemon Blossom and Ruby Guava. Crap, I can’t decide.

  2. I chose the Nerola Orange Blossom solid perfume to test, because I’m an orange blossom junkie. And the idea of a portable scent was very appealing to me.

    It doesn’t have a huge orange blossom scent, it’s faint but very pretty (it also contains pettigrain, which is from the oils and leaves of bitter orange plants). It has a soapy smell to it, which I like. Really clean smelling.

    It didn’t last very long on me though, so I layered it with a perfume. That did the trick! It created this nice complex scent (a custom scent like T says above). I’d get a waft of the clean orange blossom, with my spicy oriental perfume on top. Beautiful!

    And can I just give it up for Pacifica’s packaging? So pretty! They do such an amazing job of color choice to match the scent. Thumbs up from this graphic designer, packaging snob!

  3. Oh Wow, Pacifica! What can I say? I’ll tell you, with pleasure! I had the privilege of receiving Pacifica Lotus Garden Perfume. I have other products (mostly lotions and soaps) from this line- and love them incidentally. But honestly, I had no idea just how gorgeous the perfume would be. It is so beautiful on! Try this perfume if you want to feel like you are fresh out of the garden! I love this line because its inventor’s heart and soul are overflowing in each item! Don’t you love when someone has a passion for what they are doing? I do, and when I read the story of this perfume, I couldn’t help but think this all the more. It’s lovely! I couldn’t get it out of its gorgeously decorated box fast enough. It’s delicious on and it stays all day long. I had several compliments from complete strangers that stood in the grocery store line, along with my husband and sister! My family thought It was unique and smelled wonderful. They wanted to know what it was. Jokingly, they asked me if had finally taken my shower and covered myself in some luxurious body lotion. No, my dears, it’s just this adorable bottle of perfume.

    Everything featured comes with a wonderful story to add to it’s uniqueness. Just to give you an idea of the passion that went into it’s creation, read this little bit taken off their website about this fragrance: “It was inspired by two particularly amazing lotus gardens that have really deep meaning to me; one outside of Santa Barbara, California and the other in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Though worlds apart, both gardens are places for contemplation, refuge and pure beauty. Perfumed with green notes, citrus, lotus and olibanum; every ingredient is carefully layered together so that each inhale takes you deeper into bliss. The lotus, said to always be looking for its place in the sun, is a symbol of strength, unyielding passion, spiritual enlightenment and unconditional love. This fragrance is dedicated to all who seek such beauty in life.” Say it with me, WOW! What’s not to love about that kind of care and thoughtfulness that went into this product.

  4. I received the solid version of Lotus Garden perfume. I love anything that has a citrus scent to it and this fragrance is no different. When I first cracked open the adorably portable tin (I love anything I can stick in my purse and take with me), I was hit with a fresh burst of citrus and was in heaven. Once applied, the citrus scent stayed but toned itself down into this really lovely green scent with underlying floral tones and just a hint of citrus. Very refreshing and different.
    Like Stef, it didn’t last very long on me, so I layered it with some Fresh Hesperides lotion which has a similar citrus top note and I got this fabulous, complex citrus-based fragrance. De-lightful!

  5. The packaging is really pretty. I’m not a fan of strong flowery sents but from the reviews so far it sounds like they aren’t to overpowering. I might give this a try. Anyone have a recomendation for a girl who doesn’t really like flowery stuff but more of a clean smell?

  6. I tried the Lotus Garden body butter. First off let me start by saying I’m a huge body butter freak. I love using it because I have super dry skin. I’ve tried so many brands, but haven’t found one that truly is the perfect match for me…until I tried the Pacifica one. For me a body butter needs to be richer than a lotion, smell amazing, soak right into my skin, and not be greasy. I hate it when you end up feeling like an oil pit after applying body butter and in my experience most of them are just a little too oily for me. The Pacifica body butter fulfills all of my expectations of the perfect body butter. I’ve already almost finished the tub I was sent and will be purchasing a new one soon. Luckily for me, my local grocery carries this luxury brand. I would give this 10 stars if I could…definitely a great product!

  7. Well, Tiffany has already covered what makes the Pacifica Body Butters so awesome. They are incredibly rich and luxurious and so hydrating on parched skin (great for sensitive types as well, I’ve never had any stinging or itching on even my most severely dry skin). Plus all that nourishing goodness soaks right into your skin – there is very little time needed to wait while it absorbs. Plus you never have to worry about leaving greasy marks on your clothes or furniture.

    I tested the Egyptian bergamot Rose Body Butter and was so happy with it! I adore Rose scents, but you have to be picky about them – sometimes that can smell a little to “Nana” for me. This Rose blend has a soft, musky undertone to it that I just love! They have done the impossible and made a pretty rose scent that is sexy as well! Well done Pacifica!

    Cori, you should check out the site for a look at the incredible array of scents. I love that they have categorized the scents (Florals, Fruits, Herbs & Spices, Woods & Resins) and have detailed descriptions for each scent – so you should find something that suits you. I would recommend the Tuscan Blood Orange for you – Pacifica describes it as “fun, fresh and fantastic” and I think it sounds lovely for summer!

  8. Ok, i will start by saying that no matter what perfume does not stick with me. I have witness’s and you know who you are. Jo Malone? Nope! Kiehl’s Musk oil? Nope! So, as you can see i was a little skeptical about the solid perfume in Lemon Grass. At first the scent was a little too lemony for me, but then i thought about it some more and thought this would be nice for summer. A solid? well i never tried it, maybe this would be the medium that would work for me. Well, the scent is very nice once its on.Not too lemony at all which is what i thought would happen. Staying power? Nope! I would have to constently re-apply for it to stay. So, unfortunately my review is not as detailed as i would like it to be because i can’t judge others response to it because nobody can smell it. but like i mentioned earlier its with every brand and form. I do think its a great idea for travel. and the packaging is totally cute. I’ll make other people try it for me and see what they say and report back to ya!

  9. Pammie I heart you! I too love when a company is passionate about a product and it really makes a differance in quality! Much like Tyna & Stef devote so much heart and soul to WHT, we all benefit in the end to an owners devotion. I received the Vanilla Vera Cruz solid to test. I most say at first sniff I was a bit turned off, it kind of had a citronella smell to it but being the devoted tester I am, I dutifully applied. On the skin it’s very nice, however like the others said it didn’t have great staying power – but who minds when it is portable and you can just reach in your purse and dab some on! I haven’t tested the layering technique the others mentioned, but I will be sure to try it out. And by the way Bronwen is not fabricating even the slightest about no scent lasting on her. She tried everything during our trip to the South Coast Plaza and we would all sniff her wrist of neck an hour later and poof; no more scent! It’s very strange.

  10. oooooo that Tuscan Blood Orange does sound good. i’m going to the site right now to check out all the descriptions.

  11. Pacifica is such a lovely line! I have been a fan of their body butter for a long time, I even got my Mom addicted to it!

    And I am a scent fiend. I am to fragrance, what Stef is to lip-gloss ;) So when I got to try out the solid
    Egyptian Bergamot Rose scent, I was very excited. It has such the perfect rose scent. It has the perfect blend of Bergamot, Amber, and Orange, with just enough Egyptian Rose to give it that hint of rose. It’s not what you would expect. I think the amber adds a really nice warmth that keeps the rose from being too rosey.

    I tried this out in the a.m. and was happy to find it still going strong in the evening. You can always add a bit more throughout the day if you want to really turn some heads ;) The tin is a perfect travel companion.
    I really want to try some of the other scents, and their candles. I LOVE their candles!
    5 stars from me!

  12. OMG, I first discovered Pacifica in SF too! I have been a fan for so long (wow, it must be over 10 years now) and I think the very first scent I became obsessed with was Mexican Cocoa :) One of their new(er) scents I love is Malibu Lemon Blossom. Thanks for this review–it reminds me of how much I need some new Pacific soaps in my shower!

  13. I love these wonderfully rich body butters! My favorite scent is Thai Lemongrass followed closely by Tuscan Blood Orange.

  14. I love this stuff. First disovered it in my Whole Foods market. I have both the Spanish Amber and the Nerola Orange Blossom. I’ve since combined the two in a single atomizer for a lovely citrus/spice blend.

    They’re quite inexpensive and I would definitely buy these again.

  15. Lynda, I know, right? So inexpensive! Especially the soaps. I just got the Malibu Lemon Blossom for $5.50. And it’s so delish.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..RGB nail color – review =-.

  16. I love Pacifica!! My first purchase was the Indian Coconut Nectar!! OMG!! LOVE it!!

    My second scent Meddeterainian Fig.

    My third Blood Orange!!

    I think my next will be the grapefruit one.

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