How To: Pack For A Glamping Trip

How To: Pack For A Glamping Trip

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As Skinny Cow official Glamp Counselors, we must know of which we speak! I mean, how can we talk about the joy of glamping if we don’t know it ourselves? So with that, we’re off to The Resort at Paws Up this week. And honestly, it’s all I can think about. Because on the scale of glamping, this pretty much looks like the pinnacle.

Just take the two activities we have scheduled. It’s a luxury resort, so of course we have massages booked. But we’re also going on a horseback ride. Tyna and I will be saddling up with a seasoned wrangler for a two-hour ride along the edge of a pristine Montana meadow. We’ll explore a trail forested with ancient Ponderosas and take in spectacular views of the legendary Blackfoot River. I will be imagining Brad Pitt in that river. He did say he’d never leave Montana!

I’m a’coming, Brad!

But before we leave, I first must overpack. Because as legendary as the Blackfoot River is, my suitcase is a close second. I have put out the backs of many a well-meaning do-gooder grabbing my bag at the airport. Shown at the top of the post are just a few of the items that will be accompanying me; glam sunglasses, camouflage jeans, pointy neon nails (that can double as tools OR flares!) and perhaps my favorite item; dip dye cowboy booties. Because life is too short for boring boots!


Life is also too short to skip dessert. And you don’t even have to feel guilty about it if you chose Skinny Cow. You get delicious flavor without all the calories. It’s kind of like glamping itself; you get the beauty of the outdoors with nary a sleeping bag in sight!



So, this week I pack my fancy boots, I pack way too much red lipstick, I pack the ultimate glamping playlist (glam rock meets old school country, of course!) And I pack a stash of Skinny Cow Candy, specifically the rightly named Divine Filled Caramel Chocolates. Because I am definitely going to want something delicious while I sit by the river and wait for Brad Pitt.

Want to go too? (Umm, you do!) Enter the Skinny Cow Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes. Nine winners will get a grand prize weekend at the fabulous Resort at Paws Up October 2-5, 2014, where you will enjoy 5-star tent accommodations, chic campfire cuisine and delicious views with two of your BFFs! Visit Skinny Cow for all the details.

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we heartsters – what’s your favorite Skinny Cow ice cream or candy AND your favorite Brad Pitt movie? (Let’s really have it all, shall we?)

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7 thoughts on “How To: Pack For A Glamping Trip”

  1. Those boots are frecken crazy cool! Are the horses going to try to keep them? You bet! I hope you have a blast and I have been thinking constantly about how great this trip is going to be! I say, so AWESOMEEEEEEE!

  2. I love that you have a plethora of red lipsticks as “must-have”s for your packing list. That and your fake nails also double up as flares. You freaking slay me.

    My favorite thing from Skinny Cow are their ice cream sandwiches–they are the balls. They are massive and do not taste “skinny”. They are a delight.

    As for my favorite Brad Pitt movie: Can I make a confession? I don’t like Brad Pitt. I don’t get it. He has never done “it” for me. He’s attractive-ish, but I just imagine there’s a smell. An unwashed smell (possibly mixed with Chanel No. 5 since he endorsed that a while back). If you made me choose a favorite movie he’s in, I’d go with “Fight Club”, but only because Meatloaf has b*tch t*ts. That’s always a crowd pleaser.

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