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How does one man’s dream to create an institute centered on educating large corporations about sustainable, environmentally and socially conscious business practices relate to skin care? When you’re Joshua Onysko, the visionary behind Pangea Organics, it all makes perfect sense.

Onysko’s desire to create global change by changing the ways of big companies inspired the idea for such an institute, and his way of funding the project was by making thoughtfully crafted skin care products. The handmade soaps he created in his garage became so popular that it lead to a fully fledged business. His company, Pangea Organics, is a multi award winning brand, now encompassing a full line of products that are natural, organic, fair trade when possible, cruelty free and free of parabens, GMOs, petroleum, sulfates or detergents, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors or fragrances. As well as committed to its promise to “Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative.” And while part of the proceeds go to help build Onysko’s Pangea Institute, they also help fund Women for Women International, a non-profit organization dedicated to regaining support and an improved life for women affected by war and conflict throughout the world.

I tested two Pangea products, one which has made a dramatic difference in my skin. First up, the Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Bar Soap($8). Made with essential oils and cold-pressed organic oils, the bar soap is light, gentle and contains whole seeds, providing a natural way to exfoliate. My skin felt smooth and moisturized without any residue. The lavender soothes, heals and relieves tension while the cardamom acts as an antiseptic, cleanses and invigorates. I adore lavender so I found the scent refreshing and calming, yet not overpowering.

While I loved the soap, my favorite part was actually the packaging…

All Pangea products are printed on recycled post-consumer paper with soy based inks, list every ingredient used and are covered with interesting information, inside and out. But this Pangea Bar Soap is by far the most brilliant packaging I’ve seen. Using zero-waste molded fiber boxes, the outer strip of paper can be recycled while the actual box, embedded with seeds, can be planted! How often can you say product packaging leaves you with something beneficial instead of just waste?

I also tested the Himalayan Geranium & Pomegranate Balancing Oil ($50). Inside this demure brown bottle, promising a natural elixir to rejuvenate and nourish every skin type, is one of THE most amazing skin care products I have ever used. I was extremely doubtful that rubbing oil on my face would actually help. In fact that seems like the one thing you should not do to your skin. But after just the first week of use, with a mere 1-2 drops every day, my skin literally transformed!

As someone who is transitioning out of her twenties into her thirties, I’ve noticed significant changes in the condition and appearance of my skin. The balancing oil’s fatty acids, vitamins and the key ingredient; pomegranate seed oil which is rich in antioxidants that repair and encourage collagen growth, left my skin feeling soft, moisturized and supple. I was shocked at how the oil evened out my skin tone, got rid of redness and gave my skin an unbelievable youthful glow. It’s quick absorbing, won’t leave you feeling greasy and has a light, earthy smell thanks to the geranium. While $50 for 1 fl. oz. bottle may seem a tad pricey, you only need a small amount. It’s been over two weeks and I’ve not made a dent in the bottle. Plus it works. It works really, really well. My skin has not looked this healthy in years! If anyone asked me what is one product they must have in their skin care regime, Pangea’s Balancing Oil is definitely it.

I can’t wait to see if my fellow reviewers fared as well with their Pangea products. Make sure you check the comments where they be leaving their reviews on the French Chamomile (with Sweet Orange and Lavender) Lotion ($18) meant to soothe dry skin and help circulation; and the Canadian Pine with White Sage Foaming Hand Soap ($14) made with organic coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils to cleanse and moisturize without detergents, dyes or perfumes.

Pangea Organics has a whole line of skin care products besides the ones we tested, so I encourage everyone to give them a try, not only for your skin, but for the efforts this company is making to improve the world. Reader and testers – has green beauty blossomed in your life with the help of Pangea Organics? Share your favorites in the comments.

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  1. Whoa! It is not very often that I hear that a product is “one of THE most amazing skin care products I have ever used.” How can I possibly resist?

  2. Pangea Organics looks amazing.. I am glad to see another company doing such quality work! I can’t wait to hear what others have to say!

  3. I love the simple yet beautiful packaging of Pangea Organics. The font they use is great, and the designs on the labels are adorable. I’ve never heard anyone have anything bad to say about the line, but for some reason I’ve only ever tried the lip balm (amazing, BTW). Great write up @Kari , I’m going to have to check out more of their products!

  4. Pangea looks like an awesome line! I’ve been trying to transition to an organic soap, but so many of the ones I have tried so far leave my skin feeling sticky and wax-y. Perhaps Pangea is the answer! And I absolutely adore the plantable packaging!

  5. Wow, so many impressive things about this line! The packaging that can be planted, face transforming oil, and the French Chamomile Orange and Lavender Lotion all sound amazing. I will be checking some of these out for sure!

  6. I love my Pangea! I’m just gaga over the Pine and White Sage hand soap I received. What’s not to love? The pump dispenser is earthy and simple; I love a presentation that signifies that which is inside. I didn’t expect the soap to be a rich, frothy lather directly out of the pump…and I adored it! It was almost like washing my hands with shaving foam (if shaving foam worked like soap). Even better was the scent–the pine and sage really say clean and fresh. This isn’t a Pine-Sol-y scent, either; rather this smells like right after you mow a lawn blanketed in pine needles…in the rain. Yes, I do love this. Awesomeness deserving of a superstar 5-star rating.

  7. Pangea Organics is another new line for me, and their products sound wonderful. And I am so intrigued by their plantable packaging! Great post, @kari!

  8. Thanks ladies! :)

    I was really impressed by this line.

    @friendofpyrex, this soap definitely won’t leave you waxy or sticky. It’s quite gentle and washes off easily. The only thing is there were a few comments around the internet that the soap would kind of break down if it’s left wet between uses. It is a softer based soap, but I’ve tried to keep it as dry as possible when not in use and I haven’t had any problems.

    But seriously ladies, the Balancing Oil!! I’m in awe of how well it worked! I also sometimes mix a little into my moisturizer and apply it that way and still get great results.

    Obviously 5 stars from me!

  9. That packaging just struck me as genius, it makes me want it right there!

    @Kari, can I ask what kind of skin you have? I’m seriously thinking about the Geranium & Pomegranate Balancing Oil and while it’s suited for all skin types, I’d love to hear a little more about what type you are. (If that’s not too personal!)

  10. I’m the lucky girl who tested the Pangea French Chamomile with Sweet Orange and Lavender hand and body lotion! I loved the light, smooth texture of this lotion. Also, knowing that it is organic and packed with uber-good for me super ingredients is a big plus and really high on my must list for products these days. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies so any Pangea product is a safe bet. I think the scent was so strong in this lotion that I was not thrilled to use it even though it worked nicely for a hand lotion. It comes on strong and settles strangely into my skin. It is a fantastic product – I love the packaging, the philosophy, and the actual lotion so I’m going to try it in a different fragrance next time.

    I’m also dying to try the oil…it sounds fantastic…great review Kari!

  11. What an impressive line! Great write-up @kari! I want to try all the products, but the one I must have is the Pine and White Sage Hand Soap – just from @sherrishera‘s description!! Mowing a pine needle-blanketed lawn during the rain – that’s great stuff!!

  12. Oh man, @sherrishera has me sold based on that pine-needle rain description too! That sounds amazing!

    @lyssachelle, I have sensitive, combination skin. But I’ve never had problems with breakouts or acne (go Asian skin!) So generally throwing a bunch of heavy duty stuff on my face (i.e. oil) isn’t always the best thing for me.

    While my skin is clear it was also blotchy and a little red/a tad dry in areas. It looked tired and drab from stress, lack of sleep, probably not drinking enough water, aging etc… After one week of using 1-2 drops once a day, my skin transformed. I was honestly shocked at how different my skin looked. It was one of those things where you don’t realize how badly in need you are of something until it you get it. My skin needed that boost in vitamins and hydration. I’m a total believer and use this every day now.

  13. I’ll have to look at this brand. I have to look at the ingredients to make sure I’m not allergic to anything.

  14. @katezena – you should check them out – lots of good stuff inside Pangea. Also, if you check out their site or Sephora they have a complete list pf all ingredients in each product – saves a trip to the store!

  15. @Tyna –I will, but I definitely have to check ingredients. You don’t want to know what I all look for as it’s sheer madness.

    I may test the scrub or mask, honestly. I cannot stand my Burt’s Bees Peach & Willowbark one; the smell is downright bad. The scrub isn’t getting good marks on Sephora though in terms of scent. I’ve been looking at Korres too. Decisions, decisions.

    It has to wait until I get my school stuff and I’m done with FAB (First Aid Beauty) starter kit anyway, so I have awhile to think about it. If only my breakout would go away!

  16. Well, I just found a new favorite eye cream! Pangea Organics has one that is giving my skin some love! They call it “Crème de la Cream”. It smells amazing to me. It’s got a rose scent and contains everything my old eyes need.. lot’s of essential nutrients to protect, soften and nourish the peeps.
    Also am sampling the Balancing oil. I’m so excited to check that out tonight! I sure could use some balance in my life!

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