20 Stunning Partial Balayage Trends You’ll Love

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If you love balayage but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right hairstyle for you, perhaps you can try partial balayage.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, you’re probably wondering what is a partial balayage?

It’s a freehand coloring method that involves adding highlights to your hair.

Think of it as ombre. But while ombre is the transition from dark to light shade, balayage features a more natural-looking and graduated highlighting.

There’s partial balayage, and there’s full balayage.

How is one different from the other?

Partial balayage vs full balayage

Traditionally, a full balayage involves applying highlights all over the hair.

But a partial or half head balayage only covers the top layer of hair and not its entirety.

Half balayage vs full balayage: Which one should you get?

One of the best ways to spice up your hairstyle is to have a balayage.

However, a lot of women may not be as daring to experiment on their hair as some. Especially the ladies who have virgin hair (one that’s never been bleached or treated).

So if you’re not completely comfortable with the idea of coloring your entire head of hair, may I suggest getting partial balayage highlights instead?

It’s a great option to consider if you’re looking to transform your looks without committing to a full reshaping. Plus, with partial balayage, it gives you a more natural look. And it’s also less damaging to your hair (if you’re concerned about that).

Partial Balayage Hair Ideas

If you want to transform your hairstyle, may I suggest these wonderful partial balayage ideas?

Check out these hair coloring and highlighting techniques and get awesome ideas on how to get the beautiful results you desire for your hairstyle.

1. Want partial balayge on straight hair?

Are you in love with your straight hair and wondering if a half head balayage will work for you?

Check out this great example of how the hair highlighting technique can do wonders for your straight tresses.

Doesn’t it perfectly match the hairstyle?

If you prefer subtle and understated hair coloring, this is an ideal way to style it. Not too much; just discreet.

What’s great is that this coloring style looks wonderful on long dark hair. And you can play with it, mixing things up.

2. Gorgeous Beach Blonde Partial Balayage

Check out the woody blonde look that you commonly see in girls that love the sand, sea, and waves.

Get the look of a beach gal with this cool and sexy style.

Brighten up your hairstyle with this warm and woody effect. It’s a perfect way to achieve that summery look.

You can experiment on an ombre effect to accentuate the transition from darker shades to a lighter blonde.

If you want to let loose and have your hair flow and look bouncy, get the desired effect with this gorgeous blend of warm woody blonde.

3. More partial balayage on straight hair

What I love about partial balayge on straight hair is its smooth transitioning.

See how the darker shade shifts to a lighter nuance. If you love the way the beautiful brown transforms into caramel highlights, then this hairstyle is exactly what you want.

With the change of season comes a change of hair color. Perhaps you can try this gorgeous shade.

4. Long wavy blonde partial balayage

Do you want lovely locks that flow gorgeously?

Check out this another fabulous style of partial balayage.

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and experiment, here’s a great hairstyle idea that you should consider.

Just be prepared to be admired. You’ll be turning heads with this gorgeous look.

5. How stunning is this brunette partial balayage?


Check out the soft accents and the flow of the tresses.

This hairstyle can emphasize your gorgeous facial features.

What’s great about this color is that it also works on women with short hair. It’s a perfect look for women who love to dress in white or nude-colored clothes.

Doesn’t this look scream ingenuity?

Give yourself a new look; one that you deserve. Let your beauty shine and get this gorgeous blend.

6. Buttery blonde and brunette partial balayage

See how the buttery blonde shade adds to the complexion’s glow.

If you’re looking to experiment with lighter shades, this gorgeous color is perfect.

What’s good about choosing this hue is that it lets you test out this shade without requiring you to commit to coloring all your hair.

The highlights can also bring out the color of your eyes while adding dimension to your tresses.

With this contrast of colors, you’ll be sure to attract a lot of attention to your sultry locks.

7. Partial balayage on brown hair

Interested in a dimensional look for your hair?

Pull the brown highlights and gently blend them near the middle of your tresses.

Here’s a wonderful hair color that’s easy to maintain. You can be spending all day in the sun and still look gorgeous. It’s effortlessly beautiful.

8. Need ideas for partial balayage on short hair?

Planning to chop your hair off for summer?

Check out this cool bob. It features layers that open up to various shades.

If you’re looking to embrace the beautiful result of your tresses, give this style a try. You may need to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

You will love this partial balayge on short hair.

9. Here’s an idea for a partial balayage on cool blonde hair.

Do you want to add fluidity to your locks?

Check out these blonde tresses with partial hints of gray.

Don’t they shine and look healthy and bright?

Want to get an added tip?

Go ask your stylist for a cut that perfectly frames your face.

May I recommend chopping off some in the front to accentuate the length in the back?

Go ahead and give it a try.

10. Warm fall partial balayage on brown hair

Get that urban look.

Earn the chic appeal with this gorgeous partial balayage.

Check out the exaggerated layers as they blend perfectly in the front and on the back.

But what takes the cake are the colors used to make this hairstyle more appealing.

Don’t you love the brunette look with soft accents of brown and charcoal?

It’s a great option to consider if you want an understated style that requires minimal use of highlights.

11. Caramel-brown partial balayage

Want a hairstyle combo that will give you a boost of confidence?

You will love these caramel-highlighted locks.

If you’ll notice, this hairstyle has a dark shade as the base with hints of caramel brown.

And to add a touch of femininity, check out the gorgeous, loose waves.

Lovely, don’t you think?

12. Beachy blonde partial balayage

Are you ready for summer?

Check out this beach look.

Brighten up your style and let your tresses run loose.

If you’re looking for bouncy waves, this captivating hairstyle does the trick. And to add an extra hint of gorgeousness, let the ombre accentuate your hair.

Please note, however, that you will need a professional stylist (and one who has experienced doing this stuff) to do the job. Don’t risk damaging your beautiful hair on your DIY.

13. Black to brunette partial balayage hairstyle


If you’re looking for a smooth and flowy transition, get the beautiful hairstyle with these bouncy waves.

Aren’t they looking so gorgeous?

To add a bit of pizzazz to your locks, may I suggest getting caramel highlights on your beautiful brown hair?

Get ready for a change in season. When spring is right around the corner, brace yourself for a hair color change.

Should you need ideas on a partial balayge on long hair, take this one. You’re going to look great with this hairstyle.

14. Ashy blonde partial balayage curls

Get a beautiful bounce and volume of your luscious curls with this cool partial balayage hairstyle.

Curls are always a cool trend, but only if you can make it work.

Achieve the perfect curls when you go with partial balayage highlights.

You’ll get the ideal look that’s ready for the beach and the waves.

15. Crystal ash blonde look partial balayage

Check out this sultry hairstyle.

Can you see the partial shades of gray?

Don’t they add fluidity to the overall look of these beautiful tresses?

If you’re looking for great ideas on how to achieve partial balayage on long hair, why don’t you give this one a try?

It’s sexy and delightfully irresistible.

16. Dirty blonde partial balayage with beach waves

If you have brunette or dark hair, check out how the beautiful caramel highlights give this hairstyle a touch of elegance.

And those waves, they make these gorgeous tresses look captivating.

Don’t you wish you can have this style?

17. Dark hair partial balayage with curls

Do you feel the need to change your hair color but just don’t want to give up your black tresses yet?

Enjoy this gorgeous touch. It’s got a hint of caramel highlights. And the curls, they definitely work their magic on this one.

18. Chunky partial balayage to golden blonde

Do you have long hair?

Brighten it up with a touch of caramel on a brunette base.

Don’t the color redefine the curls and overall look of these tresses?

It’s incredibly appealing and sexy, don’t you think?

19. Dark to light partial balayage on straight hair

Tired of your plain hairstyle?

Give your look an edgy touch with these gorgeous icy highlights.

This shade is ideal for women with pale skin and light-shade eyes.

While it may take a bit of work and time to get this gorgeous hairstyle, it’s definitely worth it.

Notice how the contrasting shade adds to the visual interest of the hairstyle.

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, check out these gorgeous locks.

20. Soft, loose curls and blonde highlights partial balayage

Here’s a beautiful look that will have people turning their heads.

Brighten up your profile and accentuate your facial features with this captivating hairstyle.

Don’t it look gorgeous?

Ready to get your partial balayage?

It’s a wonderful choice if you want to get a great look for your hair.

So the question now is who should do it?

Ideally, you should never DIY it.

There are a lot of factors to consider when doing a half head balayage. But the risks are greater. You could potentially damage your hair.

If you don’t know how to do a partial balayage, it’s best to leave the treatment to a professional.

Take the time to research a well-experienced stylist who’s an expert in balayage.

A great way to see if a stylist has what it takes to get the job right is to look at his or her portfolio.

Never assume the latter has the skills to give you the hair color results you desire.

Check out his or her social media accounts for references; Instagram is a wonderful resource.

Benefits of having a partial balayage

Some women like it full; others like it half.

Does it make you wonder why some ladies like partial balayage?

One of the main reasons is the minimal use of bleach. With less chemical use, there is a lower potential risk of damage to your beautiful locks.

Also, some women may be apprehensive when it comes to coloring their hair. So half head balayage is a wonderful option for the ladies who want to get that trendy look but haven’t tried coloring their hair before.

Lastly, a lot of women prefer an understated look rather than a full-on highlighted look.

So if you’re looking to have your natural hair color showing through, you’ll love the way a half head balayage can bring character and interest to your overall look without an overpowering effect on your style.

Have you ever had a partial balayage? Share your experience below!


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