18 Peach Lipstick Shades for Different Skin Tones

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Love having a healthy pop of color on your lips?

If you’re a loud and proud lipstick wearer (and who isn’t, honestly?), you probably have plenty of lipsticks stacked in your arsenal. 

You may have tried all the lipstick shades under the sun, but one hue that will satisfy you if you want subtle glamor on your pout is peach. 

You might think, “Oh, I’ve tried peach before, but it was too orange (or pink) for me,” but perhaps it was because you tried the wrong peach lipstick shade for your skin tone.

A close-up image of a woman putting lipstick on her lips.

Give our stunning recommendations a try, and you might find the perfect peach lipstick shade for you.

From MAC and Maybelline to Revlon, many beauty brands offer diverse peach lipstick varieties that can suit every complexion.

So check out our picks, and you might find your perfect peach pair.

Nyx Professional Makeup Shout Loud Satin Lipstick
Editor's Choice
  • Cruelty-free
  • Super-hydrating formula
  • Suited for fair to dark complexions with warm tones
BingBrush Color Changing Lipstick
Budget Pick
  • Keeps lips moisturized
  • Two lipsticks at one price
  • Color-changing formula
Florasis Blooming Rouge Porcelain Lipstick
Premium Pick
  • Velvety matte formula
  • Luxurious lipstick case
  • Best-suited for warm skin tones

Factoring in Your Skin Tone

Ever picked up a lipstick shade and got disappointed because it doesn’t look the same on us as on the influencer you saw on Instagram?

That may be because you forgot to factor in your skin when selecting a lipstick shade.

Your complexion plays a significant role in how colors look on you, so understanding your undertone will ensure you get a peach lipstick shade that suits you. 

To help you choose the best peach lipstick for your undertone, check out this simple table.

UndertoneIndicatorsBest Peach Lipstick Shades
  • Golden or yellow hues on the skin
  • Green-ish veins underneath the wrist
  • Tans easily
  • Gold complements your complexion
  • Peachy gold
  • Peach with a slight nude undertone
  • Other peach shades with orange, red, and brown tones
  • A balance of pink and yellow hues
  • A mix of green and blue veins underneath the wrist
  • Both gold and silver complement your complexion
  • Peach with cool pink tones 
  • Mauve-toned peach
  • Burgundy-toned peach
  • Other peach shades that aren’t too yellow or pink
  • Pink or blue hues
  • Mostly purple or blue-ish veins on the wrist
  • Silver jewelry matches your skin complexion
  • Skin easily gets burned in the sun before getting a tan
  • Cherry red peach
  • Pastel pink nude peach
  • Rosy red peach
  • Other peach lipstick shades with purple or blue undertones

18 Peach Lipsticks That Make a Statement

After considering your complexion, it’s time to explore your options.

So to aid you in finding the perfect peach lipsticks for your makeup collection, we narrowed your choices down and have come up with a list of the best of the best, categorized by the undertone they look best in.

Because of its naturally warm leaning, peach shades tend to suit warm skin a bit more, but there are still options you can try if you have neutral or cool skin undertones.

For Warm Undertones

Nyx Professional Makeup Shout Loud Satin Lipstick – Silk Peach Nude

One swipe and your lips are instantly dolled up by this lipstick’s vibrant and silky formula!

Primary benefits: Provides hours of hydration; delivers supersaturated color; leaves you with a soft, silky, and creamy pout


  • Cruelty-free
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Infused with shea and mango butter

It’s your ultimate go-to peach lipstick that needs no extra gloss!

Looking for a drugstore peach lipstick that delivers excellent results? 

Nyx Professional Makeup Shout Loud Satin Lipstick is another great option for those who have fair to dark complexions with warm tones. 

What sets this apart from MAC’s nude peach lipstick is that this option leaves a silky and shiny finish — you won’t need lipgloss!

Oulac Nemo Go Home(06) – Metallic Peach Coral

This Oulac peach lipstick leaves a fantastic, shiny metallic finish!

Primary benefits: Delivers a sparkly finish; creamy on the lips; intense color payoff


  • Vegan-friendly 
  • 3D metallic finish
  • Infused with vitamin E and castor oil

This lipstick provides full peachy coverage on your lips in just a few swipes!

A stunning peach coral lipstick shade that will give you ultimate satisfaction is Oulac’s metallic peach color. 

Add this as a new lipstick to your makeup collection, especially if you have a warm complexion in light, medium, or dark skin. 

Plus, this lipstick’s metallic finish glows subtly during the daytime but shines dramatically during the evening, so always have this ready if you want to stand out!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Warm Peach

Opt for this smooth and soft peach lipstick formula that grants comfortable wearability!

Primary benefits: Soft and lightweight on the lips; long-lasting; leaves lips feeling moisturized


  • Emollient formulation
  • Bullet form shape helps with precise application
  • Luxurious rose gold tube

This warm peach lipstick's velvety soft finish will leave your lips plump and luscious.

If you’re looking for warm peach lipstick shades, you’ll love Anastasia Beverly Hills’ peach lipstick!

Get ready to get addicted to its matte lip product with a silky, soft feel and light peachy color perfect for both day and night. 

Whether you have a fair, medium, or dark complexion, this would be the “it” peach lipstick shade for women with warm skin tones!

And if you want it to stand out in the crowd, pairing it with a lip liner will give your lips a more defined, sculpted look, especially for ladies with a fair skin tone. 

Revlon Matte Lipstick – Smoked Peach

The orangey hue of this Revlon matte lipstick is perfect for summer, but you can sport it all year round.

Primary benefits: Leaves lips with vibrant peach color; extremely lightweight; buttery and hydrating


  • Matte formula
  • No-cake texture
  • Infused with vitamin E and avocado oil

Achieving a pretty peach lip is easy when you opt for this cult favorite Revlon matte lipstick in smoked peach.

Revlon has one of the most stunning peach matte lipstick shades on the market. With its distinct smoked peach color, you can expect a vibrant orange-peach shade. 

The warmth of this lip product helps highlight the golden glow of those with warm tones. 

Also, despite its matte formula, this lipstick will not make your lips look cakey, even if you add a second layer. The avocado oil and vitamin E ensure your pout stays hydrated.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick – 540 Peach Buff

Everybody loves this velvety and hydrating peach matte lipstick from Maybelline!

Primary benefits: Delivers a bold lip color; moisturizes like lip balm; provides comfortable wearability


  • Matte formula
  • Budget-friendly
  • Infused with honey to moisturize lips

Achieve a cheeky pop of color on your lips with Maybelline’s 540 Peach Buff!

One peach pink lipstick shade that is a crowd favorite is Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipstick in 540 Peach Buff. 

One of the key ingredients is honey, which helps moisturize the lips and protects them from infection if they’re chapped.

And since the undertone leans more to warm pink, it’s perfect for fair-, medium-, and dark-skinned women with yellow or golden undertones. 

Milani Color Statement Lipstick – Perfect Peach

Turn heads wherever you go with Milani’s perfect peach lipstick!

Primary benefits: Provides a vibrant peachy color; glides on smoothly; long-lasting


  • Cruelty-free
  • Bullet-shaped lipstick for easy application
  • Formulated with vitamins A and C to nourish lips

If you’re running late and have no time for a full makeup routine, a quick swipe of Milani’s perfect lipstick will save you from looking pale.

This Milani Color Statement lipstick is one of the best peach-orange shades you should try.

The color is flattering for those with warm tones and adds a nice glow to the face. Plus, it has a stylish matte finish.

However, what sets this apart from most matte lipsticks is that its formula doesn’t settle into grooves and ridges on your lip’s skin. It glides on smoothly and looks excellent all day.

Covergirl Continuous Color Lipstick – Bronzed Peach

You’ll never be out of the spotlight with Covergirl’s bronzed peach lipstick!

Primary benefits: Makes lips smooth and soft; guarantees no lip wrinkles; adds a bronze shine to your pout


  • Rich and pigmented color
  • Lightweight, creamy formula
  • Infused with shea butter to moisturize lips

There’s no need for constant retouching if you use Covergirl Continuous Color Lipstick in bronzed peach — it lasts up to six hours!

If a shimmery peach lipstick is what you’re after, check out Covergirl’s Continuous Color Lipstick in bronzed peach. 

With its heavily pigmented formula, you are ensured vibrant and colorful lips that last.

And since its metallic brown hue is coupled with an attention-grabbing bronzy finish, those with warm skin tones will love the color this lipstick gives.

Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight and creamy, too!

Laura Geller Italian Marble Sheer Lipstick – 07 Peach Bellini

This lipstick feels like a lip balm and offers a rich, peachy color!

Primary benefits: All-day lip hydration; leaves a sheer finish; provides a kissable pout


  • Handcrafted
  • Infused with vitamin E and high-quality castor seed oil for hydration
  • A stay-put formula that doesn't feather or migrate

Undoubtedly, Laura Geller's Peach Bellini lipstick's classically natural color is a perfect choice for daily wear!

Achieve a pretty tint of color that doesn’t settle into your lips’ fine lines with Laura Geller’s Italian Marble Sheer Lipstick in Peach Bellini. 

It has an impressively creamy formula that glides on smoothly, doesn’t bleed, and leaves a pretty pop of pigment on the lips. It works as a great casual or daily lipstick since it enhances the color of your pout without too much color.

It’s also worth noting that this is one of the peach lipstick shades for dark skin with warm undertones, but it still works with warm undertones in fair and medium complexions.

Ready to Shine Crush on You – Rose-Toned Peach

The Ready to Shine Crush on You lipstick is ready to provide you with a youthful look with its healthy, dewy formula. 

Primary benefits: Long-lasting wear; adds a satin sheen for a glamorous finish; softens and plumps lips


  • Paraben-free 
  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Rich in jojoba seed oil, rosehip oil, olive oil, and vitamin E for hydration

This lipstick will make you ready to shine with its luscious rose peach shade that adds glamor to your face!

Ready to Shine’s Crush on You is a good choice if you want a bright rose, peach lipstick shade. This rose-toned peach color brightens up your face and is excellent for summer! 

It emits a dark peachy red tint on the lips that effortlessly elevates your beauty even if you wear minimal makeup. Plus, due to its warmth, it’s perfect for those with warm skin tones. 

Apart from giving you a gorgeous rose peach pop of color, it will also leave your lips fully hydrated, ensuring they’ll be super plump and juicy all day!

Bom My Lipstick – Light Coral Peach

This velvety matte peach lipstick clings to your lips without leaving them dry and flaky.

Primary benefits: Stays all day long; provides a silk-like texture; adds hydration to your lips


  • Highly-pigmented formula
  • Infused with organic oils and vitamin E for hydration
  • Budget-friendly

This lipstick perfectly gives you that peachy orange glow!

All skin complexions with warm undertones will love Bom My Lipstick in Coral Matte. It has a gorgeous orangey tone, but not too orange (don’t worry!). 

Use this soft and romantic lip color for dates, vacations, and more. A few light swipes will instantly deliver maximum color without making your lips look cakey, dry, and flakey. 

This is thanks to the incorporation of avocado oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, apricot seed oil, and macadamia oil, all working together to maintain a healthy and luscious pout.

Florasis Blooming Rouge Porcelain Lipstick – Peach Petal

Experience peach luxury on your lips with Florasis Blooming Rouge Porcelain lipstick!

Primary benefits: Provides a matte finish; keeps skin hydrated; highly-pigmented


  • Non-drying formula
  • Intricate miniature engraving on the lipstick
  • Housed in a white porcelain case

A stunning peach lipstick shades you’ll love to wear every single day!

Just by looking at it, you’ll instantly notice this lipstick’s sophisticated and intricate details.

Its white porcelain case and distinct, bullet-shaped, art-engraved lipstick are carefully designed, which explains why Florasis Blooming Rouge Porcelain Lipstick is a real stand-out. 

If you have a warm skin tone, this peachy pink lipstick will help bring out the best in you and enable your skin to glow effortlessly.

And since it has a velvety finish, you may also use this as a blendable matte blush.

Ionsgako Matte Nude Lipstick – White Peach

Ionsgako's matte nude lipstick is a favorite thanks to its barely-there nude, peachy lipstick shade!

Primary benefits: Rich color; long-lasting wear; provides a premium matte texture


  • Velvety formula
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Waterproof 

Flaunt the "no makeup" makeup look while still looking classy and sophisticated.

Ionsgako Matte Nude Lipstick in white peach is deemed one of the best barely-there peach lipstick shades for fair skin with warm undertones. 

This stately peach lipstick shade features an earthy hue with just a hint of an orange undertone.

Just a quick swipe, and your lips will enjoy the full and rich pigment from the product. And its long-lasting formulation ensures that they stay that way for hours.

Bourjois Paris Rouge Velvet Lipstick 2.4g - 15 Peach Tatin

Be prepared to say “Au revoir” to your old peach lipstick once you try Bourjois Paris Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Peach Tatin.

Primary benefits: Provides a matte, velvety finish; long-lasting wear; easy application


  • 24-hour wear
  • Housed in a distinct, tapered lipstick case
  • Slim lipstick design with a tear drop tip for accurate application

We love how long-lasting this lipstick is — it promises 24 hours of intense and beautiful lip color!

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Peach Tatin leans more towards peach in the tube but reveals an orangey pink undertone once swatched, meaning it will look lovely on warm-toned ladies.

It also provides a lovely matte finish without cracking and drying your lips. Instead, its high-quality formula brings a velvety feeling that keeps your pout smooth and plump.

And, if you find yourself running out of blush or eyeshadow, this stunning peach color is a great fit, showing its incredible versatility.

MAC Lipstick Down to an Art – Peachy Nude

Look effortlessly beautiful with MAC’s Down to an Art creamy peachy nude formula!

Primary benefits: Smoothens lip lines; provides semi-lustrous shine; gives your pout a comfortable and lightweight feel


  • Creamy formula
  • Rich color payoff
  • Unisex formulation

The perfect lipstick you need for days when you want to look naturally gorgeous!

One of the best warm-toned peachy nude lipsticks for fair skin is from MAC, providing a smooth and lustrous color. 

Even those with darker, warm complexions will appreciate the lipstick’s color since it’s not too pale but relatively rich, deep, and warm. 

Its color is a medium coral with a stunning satin effect. Once applied to your lips, it effortlessly gives off that natural, sunkissed makeup look in a creamy finish. 

For Neutral Undertones

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Color – Peachy Pink Nude

This luscious, barely-there peach lipstick is universally flattering.

Primary benefits: Eight hours of natural glow; leaves lips soft and creamy; keeps pout shiny


  • Infused with argan oil and vitamin E
  • Non-sticky and lightweight formula 
  • Provides long-lasting 3D shine

You'll want to have this peach shade in your bag all the time!

Are you searching for the best peachy pink lipstick shades that lean more toward a nude? Look no further than Rimmel’s New Nude Collection by Kate Moss. 

The peachy pink nude, in particular, boasts a beautiful neutral tone that’s not too warm or cool. Because of that, it can complement people with neutral undertones.

Plus, it’s an easy everyday lipstick that allows you to ditch lip balm since this lip product is richly infused with argan oil and vitamin E, effectively nourishing your lips.

BingBrush Color Changing Lipstick – Cool Pink-Toned Peach

Bing Brush's Color Changing Lipstick provides a formula that matches neutral skin tones. 

Primary benefits: Provides intense hydration; leaves lips feeling silky; provides non-fading color


  • Comes in a slim lipstick design for application accuracy
  • Contains vitamin E, beeswax, olive oil, peach, and plant extract for healthy lips
  • Budget-friendly

This perfect peachy pink lipstick doesn’t make you look pale or washed out!

Wanting color for your pout shouldn’t mean dealing with cracked, dry lips.

BingBrush’s Color Changing Lipstick pink-peach lipstick shade helps combat that with a formula that works like lip balm but offers an intense, long-lasting tint.

Its stunning color changes from light pink upon application to pink after two hours and medium peach pink after five hours. 

With its cool pink tone balancing out the warm peach lipstick shade, those with fair, medium, and dark neutral skin tones are the best complexions for this stunning lip color.

For Cool Undertones

Wet N Wild Perfect Pout Lipstick – Peachy Frosty Pink

Achieve that picture-perfect pout with Wet N Wild’s No More Drama lipstick!

Primary benefits: Lightweight; extremely moisturizing; glides on smoothly


  • Vegan-friendly 
  • Comes in a slim, easy-to-transport design
  • Enriched with vitamin E to moisturize lips

This lipstick provides a show-stopping pop of peachy color for those with cool skin tones.

“No More Drama” is needed once you get your hands on one of the best pinky peach lipstick by Wet N Wild.

Its slim design allows better lip application control, ensuring the edges and corners of your lips are coated with its soft, matte formula.

Once applied, you get a peachy-colored lip with a strong, frosted pink finish, perfect for those with cool skin tones.

Mynena Matte Lipstick - Rosy Pink Peach

Look beautiful with Mynena's Matte Lipstick that leaves a radiant, cool-toned peach lipstick shade that suits all occasions!

Primary benefits: Weightless on the lips; provides full coverage; non-transfer formula


  • Quick-dry, matte formula
  • Gluten-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free
  • Made from nourishing ingredients with a sweet vanilla scent

If you want to add life to your face, add this Mynena Matte Lipstick to your daily makeup routine!

Mynena produces several light peach lipstick shades, but one that’s catching the eye is its dazzling rosy pink peach matte lipstick. 

It looks frosty and instantly striking, thanks to its predominantly cool pink tone that’s intensely vivid. And since it has a noticeable light pink tint, cool complexions can easily stand out with this hue. 

What’s even more fascinating about the product is its non-transfer formula, guaranteed waterproof, kiss-proof, and non-sticky. 

A woman is making a kiss with her lips painted with peach colored lipstick.

Find Your Perfect Peach Lipstick Shade

Peach is an incredibly versatile color and works for day-to-day and even special events.

If you pick the right shade that matches your skin tone, you’ll always look gorgeous and runway-ready.

So give peach a try. If you haven’t fallen in love with the color yet, you may have used a hue that didn’t best suit you. Recheck your skin tone and undertones, and give it another shot!

Go through our recommendations and experiment by mixing and matching until you find the perfect peach shade for you.

Once you do, we do not doubt that your favorite peach lipstick will be a mainstay in your makeup arsenal.

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