Philip B. Botanicals review

Philip B. Botanicals review

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So, you may already know that I am a big make up junkie. From the days I was buying Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, I have been obsessed with the latest make up products. However, it wasn’t until years into my makeup addiction, that I discovered a new and better high – hair and body beauty products! There is nothing better than stepping into a steaming shower and lathering up with an extra foamy, yummy smelling shampoo or body gel. And when you are ready to join the big leagues, one of the best lines in the entire business is Philip B. Botanicals.

Founded by its namesake, Philip B, one of Hollywood’s most renown hair care experts, this line of high quality products is packed with pure, natural botanicals and essential oils (and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.) Philip B. launched his fabulous line, after witnessing one too many clients sitting in his chair with fried and frazzled hair. He noticed that most products, even those high priced ones, were all “predictable formulations of detergent, water, and fragrance. Conspicuously missing were the quality ingredients; i.e., proven botanicals at active levels high enough to ensure performance and results.”

It was than that our hero, Mr. B., decided to take matters into his own hands by crafting his own line with the hopes of “spark(ing) a change in an industry with infinite room for improvement.” He started sourcing natural botanicals worldwide and worked with a group of chemists as he formulated his own concoctions. Lucky family and friends tested his genius formulas and soon, due to great results, Philip B. Botanicals were released to high praise worldwide. Today, Philip B. is regarded as a pioneer in the hair care industry and while most people would feel content to rest on these laurels, Philip is still involved with every aspect of his business. He still actively helps in the formulating of his products and makes sure that his personal touch is still seen and felt in the Philip B. Botanicals line.

Thanks to Kelly for sending we heart this an array of Philip B. products for our testers to review. From body washes (like the Thai Tea Body Washicon) to shampoo and conditioners (Stef will fill you in on the African Shea Butter Shampooicon) to hair styling products (such as the Drop Dead Straightening Balmicon), we’ll give you our honest assessment.

But first a few things to keep in mind about all of the products from Philip B. botanicals. First, the entire Philip B line is now environmentally friendly, with “new paraben, phthalate and petrochemical free formulations. Even better, (they’ve) slashed the carbon footprint for the journey of (their) products — from manufacturing to distribution– to the absolute minimum.”

Secondly, each of his products is designed to evoke a feeling – warming, cooling or refreshing – and due to the “pure botanicals and essential oils used in potent, unheard-of-in-the-industry concentrations”, you will see, feel and smell visible results.

Lastly, would you look at that packaging! Philip B. only just recently revamped their look. Everything from bottles to labels and boxes and bags. And I could not be more impressed with gorgeous, luxurious looking outcome.

Ladies, let us know which product you received for review and share with our we heart this readers your Philip B. Botanicals experience!

9 thoughts on “Philip B. Botanicals review”

  1. I received the Nordic Wood Hair and Body Shampoo. First off, I love that it is two products combined into one…body wash and a shampoo. Also, the smell is incredible. It reminds me of a fresh cut Christmas tree or hiking in a snowy pine forest. I made the mistake of letting my husband smell it because I knew this would be a scent he would love. He stole the bottle and quickly put it in his travel bag. I had to let him know that I really needed to test it out first, but promised him he could use it too. My husband is not one to care about hair products. He uses Head and Shoulders most days, so it says a lot that he wanted to try this just by the smell alone. The bottle is just about empty sitting in my shower right now because he has been using it everyday since then. He loves this stuff and says it makes his hair feel very fresh and clean. He also likes that he can use it on his body as well. I thought it did a great job making my hair and body squeaky clean and would buy this again in a heartbeat. I would love to try some of Philip B’s other products too and can’t wait to hear about the African Shea Butter line Stef. Sounds wonderful!

  2. I picked the African Shea Butter Shampoo to review. Anything with “shea butter” in the title always grabs me! Well, just plain “butter” too really. This wasn’t really what I expected, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. While it was quite creamy, I thought it would be richer and more moisturizing, a special occasion shampoo (anyone else have those?) But it was really more like an everyday shampoo with a bit of oomph. Surprisingly, what my hair really needed was an everyday shampoo! Because I always tend to choose things that are heavy, my hair has been kind of flat and needing to be washed by the end of the first day. The Philip B. was light, with just a touch of richness. My hair felt fuller and looked cleaner. The scent is pretty non-existent, honestly I prefer something that smells a bit more. But I was so pleased with my bouncy results that I would definitely buy this again.

  3. I was lucky enough to get to try the Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath!
    (ingredients include: Cocoa Butter, Oat Protein & Wheat Amino Acids With Moisturizing Aloe)

    One of the happiest body washes I’ve ever tried! It REALLY smells like chocolate milk and leaves your skin nice & soft and smelling great. You can also use it for a very sweet chocolate bubble bath, but watch out because you will want to eat the bubbles & you shouldn’t. ;)

    If you like sweet smells and a great softening body wash, you should definitely give this a try. I know I will be trying more Philip B. & if you have a friend who LOVES Chocolate, this is the ultimate gift!

    5 stars from this Chocolate loving gal!

  4. I received the Santa Fa hair and body wash. I think Tyna got confused and was giving it to the person in my profile pic, not a lady like myself. Start off, i bring it into the shower with me. i noticed when i poured it out it was a dark green. Looked really nice and smelled nice too, but i’ve never received a dark green shampoo. Then it clicked, hair and body wash combo, santa fe scent, dark green…wait a second! This is for a man! But for the sake of WHT, i washed my hair with it anyway. It was nice, but honestly it wasn’t strong enough for my hair. it was limp. But this can’t count as a real review from me. I left it in the shower and told my husband to use it. He put it in his hockey bag but he is inbetween seasons (one week) so i’ll know more next week and come back with a proper review for a male.

  5. I received the Drop Dead Straightening Baume. It is silicone-free, which is unusual for a hair straightener. It has all sorts of natural extracts in it, including chamomile, horseradish, sage, and garlic! It is completely unscented, though – those ingredients are for hair’s “natural beauty and shine.” This is most definitely an excellent hair straightener. I have very thick, coarse, frizzy hair – and it worked very well to straighten in all conditions I tried it in. (It has not been humid here in Michigan yet, though – so I’ll report back after that happens). This did not get rid of all my frizzy fly-aways though – and it claims to be a frizz eradicator. It made the hair feel a little heavy but still with too many fly aways – and I use a flat iron even after I blow dry, so I wasn’t expecting to see any. I’m going to have my hair stylist try it out at my next appointment and see what she thinks of it after only a blow dry – since she’s the only one who can truly get rid of my frizzy’s for good!

  6. Stef, I have special occasion products too! I also love Shea Butter, glad to know there is another everyday shampoo I can go to.
    Mel, really no scent with all those things in it? How strange, wonder how they do that.
    On to the review…I received the Thai Tea Body Wash “A spiritual blend of Thai Tea, Honey, Coconut, Milk Proteins, Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Ginger Root and Citronella extracts.”
    The smell of this is what grabbed me first. I wanted to drink it! Into the shower it goes. I actually forgot it was in there for a bit, I wish I hadn’t because I would have immediatly ordered another bottle using the WHT link to The lather, the smell, the squeky clean feeling you get it’s all wonderful. This is a smoothing and cooling bodywash. My skin had the sheen of exfoliation and felt minty cool. This is so worth the price and I’ll try my hardest to only use once a week so I can make it last.

  7. I totally have special shampoos and conditioners (and body washes, moisturizers, and more)! And some of the best special occasion products are from Philip B. I’ve used their body washes wish are extra foamy and luxurious and the best conditioner ever is Philip B.’s White Truffle. It’s a special occasion one for me (I have fine, limp hair so its too much for everyday) but it’s a godsend for ladies with chemically treated hair that needs some TLC.

    I was happy to test the Light Weight Deep-Conditioning Crème Rinse which is perfectly suited for everyday use. This conditioner has a very light, sugary and yummy scent that I really liked. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy when using it and I love how easily and quickly it rinses out of my hair. The conditioner left my hair shiny, smooth, and static free (a problem for me). I noticed after a week or two of use, my hair definitely had a bit more shine and was less prone to tangles. I would totally buy this and recommend it – especially for people that need a conditioner but nothing too heavy (that’s why it’s Lightweight!).

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