Phytoceane Costa Rica Moisturizing Body Water

Phytoceane Costa Rica Moisturizing Body Water

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A Powerhouse of Skin-Quenching, Scent-Infusing Refreshment

I wonder how many of my posts over the years touted the sea in some manner? I know my favorite ones did. By nature, the sea is healing and calming, yet somehow the source of energy and life. I love its power. Which brings us to Phytoceane, the French born company that scientifically extracts the sea’s most desirable assets, and from them creates the most powerfully amazing beauty products.

Up till now, I had known that Phytoceane made splendid facial scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers. (In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say their Moisturizing Fusion Cream is the best daily moisturizing cream I’ve ever tried—and I’ve tried a lot!) But today I’m here to tell you about Phytoceane Costa Rica Moisturizing Body Water ($48/100 ml).

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Phytoceane Costa Rica Moisturizing Body Water may come from France, but they have captured the essence of the tropics in this light body mist. Vague scents of tropical fruits, wood and white flowers mingle with moisturizing guava extract and Phytoceane’s emblematic Jania extract to create a body spray that is so much more than a light perfume, it moisturizes beautifully as well.

Jania is a vegetal sea coral, small and red, that has an unusual ability to bind trace elements and minerals of the sea. Phytoceane cultivates this natural sea coral in their lab, conserving the natural resources of the sea, and extracts from it the virtuous, ultra-moisurizing Rubimarin. This Jania extract is found in all Phytoceane’s products, including Costa Rica Body Water.

The scent of Costa Rica is so intoxicating (yet ephemeral) that one might forget this body water is a moisturizing powerhouse. A few spritzes of this on the chest, back, arms and legs really rejuvenates skin. I used this Moisturizing Body Water in lieu of a heavy body cream during California’s most brutal heat wave. My skin has never been softer. Really.

Use it fresh out of the shower, out of the pool, the ocean or the sun, the feel of the mist on the skin is cooling and refreshing. I’ll bet this would even fare-me-well in a wintery clime, but living in Southern Cali, I’ll likely not find out. The moisturizing power of this little spray really has me baffled. Jania is good stuff.

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Phytoceane has really impressed me with a stellar lineup of products, along with their deep respect for the sea and its conservation. Sign me up!

So, here we go again with my love of all things ocean. Isn’t the sea grand?

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