Pin-up girl hair kit by Rsession Tools

Pin-up girl hair kit by Rsession Tools

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stefI used to believe when it came to hair, bigger was always better. That hole in the ozone layer? I’m very sorry, but unless my hair reached death-defying heights, I was not complete. Then along came the 90’s and suddenly it was in fashion to grow hair long, but not high. My hair was soft, straight and utterly boring. My 80’s hair would have kicked my 90’s hair’s butt! Then there was jobs, and bobs, and before you know it-I haven’t owned a can of hairspray in close to 10 years.

This needed to change. I needed to look back at my hair ancestors and all their high hair glory. I wanted something big and fun. Something that looked like sculpture (and took almost as much construction). Something to shake things up a bit. The Rsession Tools Pin Up Girl kit arrived just in time!

Created by 2 hairstylists with huge clients and a very impressive resume to their names, the kit is a site to see. 12 individual items (over 75 pieces, just a portion shown in the photo below) color-coordinated with your hair that allow you to create the perfect up do. Whether it’s a high and sleek ponytail, a super chic bun or the classic, huge beehive. Most intriguing was something called a hair bun, a foam donut shaped item that is to be hidden in your hair and built upon so it can reach exciting heights. I popped out for some Aqua Net (what a comforting smell!), mixed a pitcher of Tom Collins and called Christy over to play beauty parlor and come up with a hair do worthy of Mad Men week.


Along with all the tools comes a very clear and easy to follow instruction manual for the 3 styles mentioned above. But I wanted to do something a bit different, a half up do. Something perfectly 60’s. A bit prim and proper, but a bit risque too. A style that shows you want to let your hair down but you’re not quite ready to. Much like the times, they were a-changin’ you know.

How did we do it? I’m not quite sure to tell you the truth. There was a lot of back combing and a LOT of hairspray. What I do know is that no matter what kind of pin or clip we needed, it was found in the kit. Even a pointed tip brush. And the height achieved could have never been reached without the hair bun, probably my favorite hair accessory I’ve ever used. Could I have done it on my own? Not the first time. But I think with practice, you could do this yourself. And certainly the more modern styles could be easily achieved with all the items in the kit (bungee elastics, clear pony tail holders, sleek headbands).

The final word – I love this kit and can see pulling it out for any number of reasons, whether it’s a something fabulously drastic or a simple daily style. I think this $22 purchase is a very worthy investment to keep you out of a hair rut.

14 thoughts on “Pin-up girl hair kit by Rsession Tools”

  1. You look FAB! And I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom. You look like you’ve just come off the runway. I also love the lip color.

  2. I am jealous of the hair height that you attained here! I saw one of those bun things at Ulta and am considering getting one. I’m finally letting my hair grow and it does nothing on it’s own because it’s baby fine. Also, if you think Aquanet is good, try Elnett. You’ll never get that hairstyle out! It’s magical!!!

  3. Let me tell you the Aquanet was in FULL effect :) But Krista, next time we will go one step more and get the Elnett! Im intrigued!!!

    We had fun, and that kit is awesome. It really has everything you need and I swear my inner hair stylist came out and knew what to reach for, it was great! And I know from a friend who does hair that the brush they include is the master of all teasing brushes, and great for hot rolled hair too, as it doesn’t brush your curls out!

    This kit is well worth the $!

    And the finished product! How awesome does Stef look.. I swear Joan I thought she looked straight off the run way too!!
    Stef you look awesome… just like Mrs…. Heart…she’s GORGEOUS!! :)

  4. All right, I totally need that kit! I have long hair but it is thin and fine hair – I love to pull it back and pull it up, but sometimes it needs some oomph. Adding some height and volume with the donut looks like just the thing. plus, I ‘m dying to try out that “teasing” brush! I wonder if I can still create the Robert Smith/defying gravity hair-do’s of my youth?

    It looks super cute on you Stef and I love the orange daisy too! You are now officially ready to rock a Mad Men party!

  5. Oh Ms. Daisy, you have the the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! You look stunning.. just stunning! Derwood is one lucky man! We already knew that though! Great job Christy!

  6. Oh I love this kit! Half of the fun after growing your hair out (which I just did) is being able to wear it up in fun ways. The little bun is genius – you can add volume without having to worry about matching hair color to a fall or extensions. Was it hard to cover the foam bun?

    I remember friends of mine having a tease brush like that in high school! They were pretty awesome for poufing bangs – ha! I imagine it would work wonders when pulling hair up. I need this, I need this!

  7. awe I can’t wait until my hair gets long enough so I can do fun stuff too! I’m in the process of growing it our right now and it’s in that awkward annoying stage. blah!

    Your hair looks really cute Stef! I love the daisy and your dress (at least I think it’s a dress)looks really cute too!

  8. Thanks Pamela! We had fun, Stef is totally the ultimate Mad Men party hostess!! She really looked like a movie star! & she makes a mean Tom Collins!!

    & Corinne that teasing brush rocks the Mic!!! :)

    Yay for huge hair!!!!!

  9. Aww, thanks for all the sweet words everybody! I highly recommend a night of big hair, it makes you feel pretty fabulous. I have a feeling this kit is going to get used a lot…

  10. Karen-
    Girl, forget the Snickers. You could put a whole sandwich up in that hair!

    Guys, if you don’t know Karen already, click on her link. Her site is a daily must read!

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