PSA: Why you need Bobbi Brown’s New and Limited Edition Creamy Color For Lips & Cheeks

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We review Bobbi’s latest and greatest multi-tasker, that you should snag while you can

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks

I’ve long since established that I am gaga for cream blushes. Even more so if I can multi-task and use the product for both my cheeks and my lips. Imagine the insane level of wanting/needing/coveting that came upon me when I saw that Bobbi Browniconjust came out with a brand, spanking new product for her Desert Twilight collection.

Folks, may I present to you Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeksicon!
*cue trumpets and the choir of angels*

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks

When assembling a new, seasonal makeup collection, most brands will typically reissue old colors in covet-worthy new packaging, or, at best, you may get a few new shade offerings. Rarely, does a brand CREATE A NEW PRODUCT ALTOGETHER. You know who does? Bobbi does, y’all.

I’ve long been a fan of Bobbi Brown and will constantly sing the praises about her Pot Rougesicon – a product that is one of my staple items. The staying power is unparalleled and you can wear them as both a blush and a lip color – they’re pretty much a perfect product.

This latest offering from Bobbi Brown takes all that is great in the pot rouge, and makes it a little more sheer, even more natural, and just as gorgeous. And all packaged in a handy, totally portable little tube. For those of you that find the pot rouge a little thick (the consistency of lipstick), you may enjoy the thinner and lighter consistency of the new Creamy Color.

The Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeksicon ($20) is available in only two lust-worthy shades: Pink Truffle (the perfect medium rose shade with a hint of nude) and Honeyed Tea (a lovely medium, tawny brown)

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks swatchesPink Truffle, Honeyed Tea photographed outdoors

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks swatchesPink Truffle, Honeyed Tea photographed indoors

Both shades look very natural once on. I’ve read that some people are nervous about the brown Honeyed Tea shade, but let me tell you that if you have fair skin and dark hair like me, you NEED this shade. It looks so natural and lovely once on – it makes my hazel eyes pop and my face just looks…so much better. The Pink Truffle shade is equally lovely and imparts a soft rosiness to lips and cheeks.

I found that both colors are extremely buildable. You can even pair this with your favorite blush for more depth. Once on, this feels like velvet on my cheeks and like a balm on my lips. The lasting power is pretty awesome, too – this is like a cheek stain on this oily/combo-skinned girl, but I do need to reapply on my lips a bit. Overall, if you’re looking for a beautiful and portable pop of color, you may need one (or two) of these babies.

Now that I’ve gotten the word out on these, let me give you the bad news: these are also LIMITED EDITION. When I first wrote this post, they were temporarily out of stock Bobbi’s site and Sephora – but as of today they are back on the shelves – so grab them while you can! Additionally, as I am writing this, they are still at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus (use code JULYFS for free shipping from Neiman’s).

In a perfect world, I’d love to see the Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks added to Bobbi’s regular collection and see a red, peach, and/or a plum added. A girl can dream…

we heartsters – are you running to a Bobbi Brown counter to lay your hands on the Creamy Color for Lips and Cheeks?

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  1. Well you’ve convinced me @krista! I adore almost everything Bobbi puts out – her products are always so pretty and wearable and have such nice formulas. While I like the Pot Rouges – I am not a fan of products that you have to stick your fingers into a pot to get to it – I’m a bit of a germaphobe I guess. I love that these are a bit lighter in pigmentation and come in a handy little tube! Pink Truffle you shall be mine.

  2. Great review, @krista! I haven’t tried Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouges, but these seem rather on the small side for $20. But I have to admit that your glowing review made me pretty curious.

  3. @krista is a blush fiend. And a cream blush addict. So, if she says you need these – I’m thinking you do! I find cream blush can be drying but these look anything but. Almost like a liquid lipstick instead.

    Thanks for the great review!

  4. Okay…been using these for a while now…I didn’t think I could love them more than I first did. But I do. Lots more. I really hope they make these permanent *whines*…

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