PUR minerals double ego eyeliner review

we heart this: PUR Minerals Double Ego Eyeliner

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Here’s why it’s our Product of the Week…

Name: PUR Minerals Double Ego Eyeliner ($21)


What it does: Double Ego is a dual ended eyeliner, pencil and liquid in the same shade.


Why we love it: Have you ever packed a makeup bag for a getaway, only to end up hating every packing decision you made? That pretty much describes ever trip I’ve ever taken (unless I over pack, which is a whole other story). Double Ego has arrived to assure that I no longer have regrets…at least not in the eyeliner department.

PUR-Minerals-Double-Ego-eyeliner-liquidMadagascar, Milan, Bora Bora, Bali and Rio de Janerio

Here you get a pencil and liquid liner in one lil’ multitasking stick. Talk about convenience!

PUR-Minerals-Double-Ego-eyeliner-pencilMadagascar, Milan, Bora Bora, Bali and Rio de Janerio

I like to think the name “Double Ego” refers to the switcheroo you can do with these. If you want a simple, traditional line, use the mineral pencil. Go on and smudge it if you like. Or, use the felt tip liquid liner for a cat eye. OR, if you’re like me and you’re halfway through applying the pencil only to think “you know, a cat eye would actually be better…” totally switch midway! Because they’re the same shade they work beautifully together.

Indecision aside, most of my cat eye looks start with a pencil anyway. I like laying a thick line with pencil then fine-tuning with liquid.

Both ends are long wearing, but the liquid is even more so. I really had to put some muscle in it to get the swatches off my arm. Both ends are also nicely pigmented with inky rich tone.


The shades are all named after exotic locals. The swatches from left are:

Madagascar – Chocolate Khaki with gold shimmer (this is the only shade with shimmer that I tried)
Milan – Black Ink
Bora Bora – Royal Blue
Bali – Emerald Green
Rio de Janerio – Dark Purple

The line up also includes:
Queensland – Aquatic Teal
Tasmania – Dark Chocolate
Swiss Alps – Frosty Pewter

A final note: James Vincent was raving about these when I attended the Makeup Show Los Angeles Press preview. And honestly, if James raves, I listen. You should too.


we heartsters – do you agree that Double Ego is just one the most genius things ever?

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6 thoughts on “we heart this: PUR Minerals Double Ego Eyeliner”

  1. Best of both worlds! I too have a tendency to change my mind halfway through, so having a perfect shade match would solve a lot of headaches! These look like they have really great pigment too. Can’t wait to check them out!

  2. How did no one ever think if this before??!!! I must -MUST have these!! The colors, the endless possibilities – just simply beautiful. Thank you for showing me what I’ve been missing!

  3. This is the best idea ever–I always do my top lid with liquid liner and switch to a pencil for the lower waterline, so this is perfect! And Bali looks beautiful; such an intense shade.

  4. I just got the blue in my BoxyCharm this month and LOVED it. It tested the ‘marathon training’ of this week – and could only get it off with my Estee Lauder eye makeup remover. Good stuff!!

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