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We have a lot of beauty obsessed readers out there and today, I’m thrilled to tell you all about one of the newer and most buzzed about lines out there, pūr~lisse. Launched in the fall of 2008, this line centers around their patent-pending secret, the Lotus Lupine Peptide Complex, and can be found in the bathrooms, travel bags and vanities of those in the know in the beauty industry. I’ve tested hundreds of creams, serums and balms, from drugstore bargains to high-end items that cost more than my monthly utilities and I can tell you, I was impressed with the effectiveness and quality of the pūr~lisse products. You can read my review and those of the lucky testers that tried pūr~lisse in the comments section of this post. First, let’s take a look at the background and concept of this innovative company.

Pūr~lisse, which translates to “pure” and “smooth” in French, was founded by Jennifer Yen, a working actress (and one time Power Ranger!) that found her sensitive skin was suffering from the “damaging effects of bright lights and heavy makeup” common to the industry. To compound the problem, Jennifer was dismayed to discover many of her beauty product standards only added to the irritation. Soon Jennifer began a quest to create products that were both effective and delicate enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Jennifer spent over three years researching and developing her products, which are based on her grandmother’s time-tested Chinese beauty rituals coupled with modern French skincare technology. The result was pūr~lisse’s “unique patent-pending secret; the Lotus Lupine Peptide Complex. This age-prevention complex formula combines powerful antioxidants, Chinese plant extracts, French marine plants, vitamins, and peptides to keep skin beautiful, healthy, and young-looking.” Lotus Lupine Peptide Complex contains five key ingredients working together to protect and enhance your skin; Lupine Peptides (which stimulate vascular growth, cellular activity, and cell oxygenation while increasing skin smoothness), Blue Lotus Flower (contains antioxidant properties that stimulate circulation while providing soothing and calming relief for inflamed skin) White Tea (discovered in China more than 5,000 years ago, White Tea is the most antioxidant-rich of all teas and defends skin from stress, and cellular damage), Soy Proteins (offers superior anti-irritant properties, increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture and helps produce Collagen and Elastin), and SeaSilk (protects skin from environmental damage, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and provides skin firmness).

Wow! I love the combination of up to the moment technology and time proven Chinese remedies. To top if off, the entire pūr~lisse line is free of paraben-preservatives, petrochemicals, propylene-glycol, chemical colors and fragrance – oh and of course, are cruelty-free. Whatever your skin care needs, this carefully edited line of eight effective products can help protect your skin from damage and aging while visibly brightening your skin tone. Our members will be filling you in on these four products:

pur-protect spf 30icon – Finally, a spf 30 product that doesn’t feel (or smell) like one! Absorbs completely and contains White Tea to sooth delicate facial skin.
pur~eye adoreicon – an amazing, do-it-all eye serum that fights eye area problems four ways (hydrates, reduces wrinkles, aids puffiness and diminishes dark circles). If you are a sufferer dark circles, you will want to check out my review in the comments! This stuff really works. And word must be out, because I’m having some difficulty finding this in stock for you guys!
pur~youth preserveicon – an age-delaying serum that soothes fine lines, calms skin and brightens all at once. Can be used alone or under makeup day and night.
pur-lip comforticon – a petroleum-free lip moisturizer containing Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to hydrate and protect lips.

If my experience with the pur~eye adore is any indication, I am looking forward to hearing the thoughts and results from our review team! Ladies, lets us know which item you tested and if pur~lisse’s combination of modern technology and ancient Chinese remedies has made you a believer.


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  1. This is going to be a mini review, because I selflessly didn’t take any of these products (yes, I am a giver). BUT, I did sneak in a 2 day use of T’s pur eye-adore.

    Super impressed with this. I love that it’s a serum, it’s light yet super rich. It feels amazing on, sinks in quickly and instantly hydrates. I’m a total eye cream junkie and I can honestly say, this is going to be a future purchase.

    Great packaging too. Hard to describe but it’s that new type that’s popping up that twist and the pump pops up from the body, then twist back in again after use. Rather hi-tech!

  2. Well, as I stated in my post, I was thoroughly impressed with my pūr~lisse, product, the pūr~eye adore. As Stef mentioned, the packaging is really nice, the top twists up and dispenses just the right amount of product for one application and then can be twisted down flush with the container – which means you can travel with it without worrying about spills. As far as the serum – wow! It’s a rich and luxurious cream the sinks right into the skin around the eye. I can feel it on my skin all day long, but it is not greasy at all and stays locked in place. I also can use it at night without waking up to crusty eyes from the cream seeping into my eyes in the middle of he night. Best of all, I saw a VISIBLE improvement in my eye area! This serum is great for minimizing fine lines and hydrating but what I was super impressed with was the dark circles under my eyes. I have suffered from dark circles since I was a kid – the have just always been there. After three weeks of daily use (morning & night) I have a seen a big improvement in the coloration around my eyes. My skin looks brighter, clearer and the bluish color has noticeable faded. Love my Pūr~lisse – it ‘s the only effective cream for my dark circles I’ve ever found. ! (I have tried many other eye discoloration creams, including a very expensive, well-known version, no names but it starts with an “H” and the Eye Adore is far better than anything I have ever tried). If I could give 6 stars I would!

  3. I’ve been hearing good things about this line. A friend of mine has been using the youth preserve serum and her skin is looking amazing. Like, I’m jealous of her amazing! I like the idea of mixing modern French tech and ancient Chinese traditions too. Very cool.

    Looks like I may have to check this out…

  4. The pur-lip comforticon is in a word, amazing.
    It is super moisturizing, and is the perfect lip-stick base. I have been putting it on at night before I go to sleep, and have been waking up with a very happy smile!

    My lips were already feeling the wrath of the Desert Summer when this arrived, and let me tell you it offered instant relief.

    I’m with the girls on this one. 5 very satisfied stars from me. & I highly recommend this for everyone trying to beat the summer dry lip syndrome.

    And like I said it’s the perfect lipstick base, so to improve your lipsticks staying power, rock this first and you will be moisturized and satisfied with long lasting comfort and color!

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