Good Skin Depends upon Kindness (and Science)

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Radical Skincare Review: Youth Infusion Serum

I’ve said many times that natural skin care products are great, and that a little bit of science makes them greater. Let’s be real: we have known for years that herbs like rosemary and vitamins like C are good for the skin. We know that Hyaluronic Acid is essential for sealing in moisture. The rest is up to the alchemists (and just maybe, your attitude). If that last is a radical idea, Rachel and Liz Edlich have done well in naming their line, Radical Skincare.


Radical Skincare wants to empower you and your skin. Yes, you heard right. Let’s start with the skin part. Radical Skincare created this thing called “Trylacel Technology”. This technology combines antioxidants, anti-aging ingredients and soothing ingredients in a form that maintains the stability and potency of its ingredients. Basically, creams almost universally break down the efficacy of even the best-selected and combined ingredients.

Trylacel Technology suspends these ingredients in a bi-lipid membrane, so the purest forms of all the active ingredients are delivered right into your skin. This means that collagen and elasticity improve by 128% – that number floored me. Skin tone improves, pore size and wrinkles are reduced, and hydration is increased. Wow.


I sampled the Youth Infusion Serum ($170) in the Radical line and was quite impressed. The serum is not oily (my biggest peeve of serums), and a small amount is easily distributed. The serum is meant to hydrate, lift and rejuvenate, while preparing your skin to receive high levels of active ingredients.


I felt like my oily skin probably didn’t need a day moisturizer in addition to the serum since it immediately made both my wake-up and my before-bed crepey, alligator skin feel smooth and moist.

Also, the serum itself contains high levels of active ingredients (HA, Retinyl Palmitate, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Grape and Coffee Seed Extracts). However, since there is no SPF, I used my inexpensive drugstore moisturizer afterwards in the day.


At night I tried it with my drugstore night cream. The suggested use of the Youth Serum is, of course, in concert with Radical’s Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum and Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture. If my budget permitted, I’d certainly give those a go. Results are clearly favorable, particularly my skin tone and elasticity.

Radical Skincare is never tested on animals. That would be unkind. Kindness figures big into the Radical line and brings me to the other part of their skincare philosophy, empowering you.


Enclosed with my pamphlet of Radical products, I received a little booklet entitled “Radical Living, Going Above and Beyond.” These are actually excerpts from the Edlich sisters’ upcoming book by the same name. Bringing nature and science full circle in a very holistic approach, is a collection of personal stories of kindness, told in a pay-it-forward fashion.

I admit I might have sobbed a moment when I read about Liz helping an elderly woman (who reminded the author of her mother) figure out airport security. The message? Stop and smell the roses. Give a little bit of yourself. Be kind.

Beauty, it seems, does start from the inside, but that doesn’t mean the outside can’t have a little help.

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  1. I’m sold! I love a good serum for my aging face! Radical Skincare sounds like a great line.. love the sister’s mind set too.. Need much more of it today!
    I actually don’t mind products not having SPF in them. unless I know what kind is used, I’m not entirely sold on or want them in my products.

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