Relogy Acne Treatment System Review

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Can this 3-step system claim victory in the fight against acne?

Relogy Acne Treatment System photos: we heart this

When you have skin issues, there’s no shortage of people telling you what products you should use, or what you’re doing wrong. Ads for acne products try to convince you that if you just use their product, your acne will magically disappear (just check out the before and after photos!) And EVERYONE and their mother has an opinion on why you have acne – whether it’s “science” or an old wives tale, they’re going to put in their two (million) cents.

I’ve heard it all and honestly, I’m a little frustrated and a little jaded. I’ve tried DOZENS of products at all price ranges, both prescription and non-prescription. I tried “gentle” products, I tried melt-your-face off products. I even tried eating bittermelon soup, which my Vietnamese grandma promised would help (it didn’t, and I’m pretty sure she says that about everything that tastes bad).

Closer look of Relogy Acne Treatment System

I’m basically stuck at square one in figuring out what will solve my skin care issues; continuing to try tons of products in hope of finding something that will treat my acne now, since my skin issues aren’t quite the same as when I was a teen. It’s a rollercoaster ride of hope and disappointment. But, after trying the Relogy Acne Treatment System ($49.95), I’m actually thinking I might be able to get off this ride.

The Relogy system features a trio of products that combat acne from different angles, using a variety of different natural, gentle, and very effective ingredients. Honestly, it sounded like just another acne skin care system, but with an eco-friendly twist to it – but I was wrong. It is ACTUALLY a legitimate acne treatment system, and it ACTUALLY has a plethora of natural ingredients that target acne issues! Let’s take a look at them:

Rinse-Free Foam Acne Treatment

Closer look of Relogy Acne Treatment System ingredients

Active ingredients:
Bergamot – is calming and also has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties
Meadowfoam Seed Oil – an anti-oxidant that moisturizes skin, helping it heal
Salicylic Acid – an exfoliant that helps to aid skin turnover, also reduces oil

Relogy Acne Treatment System swatches

The directions say you can use a quarter-sized amount of the Rinse-Free Foam as a leave on treatment, or you can use it as a regular face cleanser. In either case, you definitely need to use a good makeup remover before using this treatment. I preferred using this as a regular cleanser. Although it didn’t feel like it rinsed off completely, my skin seemed to improve quickly after I started to use this product twice a day.

Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk

Closer look of Relogy Acne Treatment System

Closer look of Relogy Acne Treatment System directions in the packaging

Active ingredients:
Coconut Milk – gentle and easily absorbed, moisturizing
Jojoba – healing, anti-microbial

Skin Balancing Lotion swatch

As directed, use just a pea-sized amount of the Skin Balancing Lotion for your entire face – and be careful, because one pump’s worth of product is WAY too much. This lotion is very moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy at all. It’s a good product, but since the other products weren’t overly drying, I didn’t really need to use this. For those with drier skin, it can be used at bedtime for nighttime moisturizing and the non-greasy formula makes it nice under foundation.

Targeted Spot Treatment with Seaweed Extract

Relogy Acne Treatment System

Active ingredients:
Seaweed Extract – exfoliant
Lactobacillus/Bean Seed Extract – anti-inflammatory
Rosemary Leaf Extract – fights signs of aging and dark spots
Tea Tree Oil – a natural anti-septic
Salicylic Acid – an exfoliant that helps to aid skin turnover, also reduces oil

This liquid rollerball pen applies the Targeted Spot Treatment

This liquid rollerball pen applies the Targeted Spot Treatment just where you need it. The clear liquid is applied in a thin layer – you can barely see it. You’re supposed to use it just on the spots you need it, but I have a LOT of acne, in large patches, so I went a little roller-crazy.

Even when rolling it ALL over my cheeks, it didn’t dry out or irritate my skin. I used this at night primarily, but didn’t have any issues when I applied it under my makeup. This stuff is pretty effective.

Natural, cruelty free and vegan
My acne improved very rapidly
No side effects (no flaky skin or sensitivity, although please note that my skin is not sensitive at all)

It’s only available online from RelogyNow and products are available only as a set
The website and information are a little hokey

The Relogy Acne Treatment System is one that I actually feel is effective on my acne. I’ve been using this for about a month, and I have fewer and smaller breakouts, although there’s still quite a bit of hyper pigmentation and scarring. I’m hoping that continued use of this will make my skin even clearer! I don’t want to promise that it’ll do the same for your acne, but I’m pretty impressed.

we heartsters – have you tried the Relogy Acne Treatment System in the battle against blemishes?

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  1. I haven’t heard of the brand until today, but I am really intrigued! I love the ingredients. It’s wonderful to hear that you didn’t have any side effects and that your acne has reduced! That’s always a great sign. I really enjoy hearing about new effective skincare brands that aren’t exploited all over my television screen all day long. Great review @lipglossandspandex

  2. I am super stoked to try this system!! I have tried so many products with little lasting success. I am totally game to try something more natural and with a solid review from someone that I trust.

  3. @lipglossandspandex – Great review. I know you have tried numerous products and you are just as selective as I am about your skin products. I’m so thrilled to hear such positive things about Relogy.

    I wish you did not have to purchase the entire set. I have trust issues and like to add one thing at a time. This way if I have a reaction to something I can pinpoint what is causing it.

    1. I agree @hao9703 – I don’t like being forced to buy sets either. Good point too about pinpointing a product that doesn’t work for you.

      It’s not quite as bad as being forced to sign up for autoship, but close!

  4. Post baby my hormones are all over the place. One week my skin looks great, the next it’s totally trashed. I’ve been hesitant to go to my usual acne treatments lest it get on (and irritate) his baby skin. I may need to look into Relogy as an alternative treatment!

    Oh, and I totally go rollerball crazy, too! They’re just so fun!

  5. I contacted Relogy with some questions and they were very prompt to return my emails and very helpful. I’m really blown away by their customer service. Although my set won’t last the full 60 days, I’m still happy with Relogy as a whole, especially with their customer service.

  6. Each product has something that’s grabbing me: foam, coconut and a roller ball. All things that I have a weakness for! Glad this is working for you @lipglossandspandex – and even more so that they have good customer service. That’s so important.

  7. @Stef, @hao9703–I contacted Relogy regarding the trio and if it could be split up. They said that for current customers, they would in fact break up the trio, and gave me pricing. I strongly encourage you to TRY the trio in its entirety and then go from there. You can even try the products one at a time and then add another product after awhile, and then add the last product awhile after that since they have a “Guaranteed Happiness in 60 days, or your money back” policy which gives you plenty of time to test each product individually. Again, the Relogy customer service team was very accommodating when I emailed them.

    I’ll admit, the website doesn’t inspire confidence. The website doesn’t look as professional as some other skincare brands, and the explanations of the product ingredients could use a little refining. Navigating around the site is also a little bit convoluted. But don’t let this deter you! If you have any questions, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact customer service.

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