Remington Hair Accessories - Photos and Review

Remington Hair Accessories – Photos and Review

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Bored with your hair? Change is just one accessory away…

hair accessories 

I’m very simplistic when it comes to hair accessories. The most you’ll see gracing my head is a hair band and a bobby pin or two. When these cute hair accessories by Remington were dropped onto my doorstep, I instantly felt the need to start being adventurous with accessorizing my hair and guess what? – I had SO much fun doing so!

Remington Hair Accessories aren’t meant to make you feel like you’ve time warped back to your kiddie years. These are fashionable, feminine and make a fun statement on hair of all lengths and types (without feeling super young). To me, they look a lot more high end than most of the hair accessories out there. The ones that I got to play with are absolutely perfect for when you throw your hair up into an effortless, but fashionable ponytail. With a few of these, you can customize the look in just a matter of a few seconds.

colored bobby pins

Of course I was instantly gravitated towards the rainbow set of Painted Bobby Pins. Who doesn’t need more bobby pins? They get lost all the time and I always need to pin my bangs back when it’s time to wash my face or for working out. I loved mixing and matching these for a pop of color.

stylish hair bands

This Mint Green Bow Headband was one of my favorites. While you can use it to push your hair back, I used it more as a decorative piece. The tiny silver bow was so chic against the mint green. I like how it polished the overall look of my quite casual side braid. It was easy to slip on and off without accidentally pulling my hair out of its braid. While there were no teeth on this headband, it stayed on nicely all day!

My second favorite were the Duel Flower Barette Clips. They come in a set of two and are so versatile. You can pin them in a chignon, or use them as a clever way to get those side bangs out of the way.

I pinned mine right next to a ponytail, making it look like I used a fancy ponytail holder but nope! I simply pinned it right next to the base and voila – a festive ponytail. What’s cool about these is you can also pin one to your blouse as a cute brooch a.k.a. backup hair emergency accessory! I feel like I had to mention that because I know we LOVE dual purpose products here at wht!

The best part about these Remington hair accessories is that they won’t cost you more than $10 each. Affordable and stylish? You really can’t go wrong.

we heartsters – How would you work these Remington hair accessories into your own hairstyles?

photos: Amanda for we heart this

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2 thoughts on “Remington Hair Accessories – Photos and Review”

  1. I just looked in my gym bag and saw a plethora of the rainbow bobby pins. They sure have come in handy :) I also just learned from Allure magazine that the bumpy side of a bobby pin is the side that should be against your head. Crazy!

  2. PAINTED BOBBY PINS?! Why didn’t I ever think of this? PAINTED BOBBIES!!!!!!! I need to paint some of my bobbies now…..(why buy them when I can paint them any color in my stash?) But then, no one ever sees my bobbies so what would be the point in painting them?

    Hm….must think on this.

    The hair accessories are super cute though. I love wearing flower bobbies.

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