Replere – a rad new skin care line designed to fight free radicals

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Our review of the new skin care collection from renowned dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer

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How often do we hear about everything we love being bad for us? Fast food makes us fat. Alcohol causes cancer, heart disease and bad decisions. The sun will give us melanoma. Coffee contributes to stress and heart attacks. We are a nation of gluttons. It all seems so negative.

Those of us with our glasses half full, however, see things another way. McDonald’s has quit supersizing. A glass of red wine a day is full of heart-healthy resveratrol. The sun is our best source of vitamin D. Coffee is full of free radical fighting, anti-aging antioxidants. This last indulgence, coffee, is a primary ingredient in Replere, renowned dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer’s antioxidant skincare line.

Replere collection

Replere is a natural skincare line that features a broad range of potent anti-aging ingredients, including Coffea Arabica Extract, to work together in stopping the attack of free radicals on the skin, thereby reducing skin damage and reversing the visible signs of aging.

Free radicals are a bi-product of the things we eat and breathe. Pollution creates free radicals (I must have free radicals living on top of each other since I live in super-smoggy Los Angeles!) Eating processed foods or non-organic fruits and vegetables treated with pesticides can also generate free radicals in the body.

Some of this we can control, some we cannot. Antioxidants combat these, both internally and externally. Dr. Palmer seeks to address both the internal and external benefits of antioxidants in the Replere line.

Replere collection

While eating lots of minimally processed organic fruits and vegetables can reduce free radicals in the body, sometimes we need a boost. For this boost, Replere has Restore & Fortify Beauty Shooters ($37 for 14 1oz shots), a shot to be drunk daily providing a days worth of antioxidants through its Coffea Arabica (coffee) Extract, Camu Camu, Goji, Acai, Chokeberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate and Resveratrol formula.

Restore & Fortify Beauty Shooters

I tried a few of these shooters. The taste is fruity — not at all unpleasant — with a slightly bitter aftertaste (you can dilute with water if shots aren’t your thing). These are easily portable and highly convenient. It’s nice knowing that this one little shot gives you a days worth of combat against those free radicals.

Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash Swatch

Externally, I sampled four products from Replere’s carefully curated line. Let’s start with the Deep Clean & Clarify Face Wash ($38, 3.3 oz); a wonderfully rich foam cleanser in a pump dispenser. This is recommended for all skin types, exfoliating as well as cleansing with Glycolic, Salicylic and Azelaic acids. Coffee, Green Tea, and Vitamins A and E, along with other naturally derived antioxidants work to even out skin tone and minimize pore size.

After using the face wash, my skin felt slightly tight, but not dry. In fact, my skin is quite soft to the touch after using this. I imagine those with drier skin may be a tad more sensitive to the acids in spite of the mitigating antioxidants.

Pore Minimize & Mattify Skin Tonic

The Pore Minimize & Mattify Skin Tonic ($42, 5 fl oz) is an alcohol-free toner with many of the same ingredients found in the face wash. These ingredients work to exfoliate, fade brown spots, minimize pore size and reduce shine, while the addition of Hyaluronic Acid boosts moisture.

This gentle and refreshing tonic is exactly what my aging oily skin needed. Upon application, there is a slight tingling feel on the skin, and the toner toner leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean, without tightness. Best of all, for those of us fighting shine, it leaves behind a perfectly matte surface – all ready for moisturizer and/or makeup application.

Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion

The Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion ($90 1 oz) is recommended for all skin types and contains the ubiquitous Coffee and Green Tea extracts along with those of the famously effectual Goji, Acai, Grape Seed and Pomegranate fruits.

Close up image of Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion benefits text

This day lotion claims to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimize redness and even out skin tone. The coffee extract gives this lotion a brown color and clearly (and strongly) smells like your morning cup of joe.

A brown color lotion in the packaging lid of Protect & Rejuvenate Day Lotion

This brown color transfers to the skin as well, looking a little like a tinted moisturizer when it goes on. Redness seems to even out on contact, no doubt due to the brown. The color does absorb rather readily, leaving soft, even skin in its wake.

The size is small for a daily moisturizer and the pump dispenser makes it unlikely you’ll be able to get to every last bit. The dispenser does, however, make sure to keep light and bacteria out, ensuring the stability of the product inside.

Repair & Replenish Night Crème swatch

The Repair & Replenish Night Crème ($124, 1.7 oz) once again contains many of the ingredients found in the Day lotion along with Hyaluronic acid to boost moisture. This crème comes in a covered jar that dispenses by pushing on it. A larger size more suitable for daily use than the Day Lotion, it is also brown in color and has the consistency of pudding. This, too, smells strongly of coffee (and Acai).

Repair & Replenish Night Crème swatch

I love the consistency of this crème — not too rich — but it does have a tendency to leave a slight residue or tackiness on my face that’s still there after a full night’s sleep. I was concerned that the brown color would transfer to my pillowcases but that never happened. My skin did seem extraordinarily soft without my usual morning oil slick.

Overall, the Face Wash and Skin Tonic are my favorites of the Replere line, both cleansing and exfoliating while keeping my skin soft and oil-free. Instant gratification.

The Day Lotion and Night Crème are both effectual but do have a strong tint and scent. On the other hand, this coffee color and scent may be a good thing: with a Starbucks on every corner, coffee is already the most commonly consumed antioxidant source in the United States. It was just a matter of time before we started slathering it on our faces!

Forget moderation when it comes to this indulgence—antioxidant gluttony via Replere skin care is not a deadly sin.

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  1. Your review grabbed my attention with the word “coffee,” @sherrishera ! These products sound fabulous, and I’m sure I would love them for the smell alone. How great that the cleanser exfoliates, too. Do you have any idea how long one bottle of cleanser will last?

    1. The foam nature of the cleanser means that the smallish size of the container is misleading–it lasts quite awhile! I still am using mine and it’s been about a month or so…

  2. I got to try the Skin Tonic and.. both are awesome, simply put.. The Pore Minimize & Mattify Skin Tonic reminds me of Origins’ constant comfort line and I love that product.. This comes with more benefits. It seems to add more moisture to my skin and has no dying alcohol. It has Glycolic, Salicylic and Azelaic acids work and Coffea Arabica Extract. I used this right after a nice shower. I used my hand to spread all over my face, neck, chest, and back of hands.I loved the plug at the center of the bottle’s stopper- I’m always spilling products and the price tag on this is something you don’t want to waste. I thought my skin did look better.. calmer and my pores don’t’ look as obvious. I like the packaging.. Green white and tan just go well together. I liked this product a lot.

    On to the Night Crème. Sometimes I use night creams in the day time if I’m home relaxing and not going anywhere. I know they all work their magic while we sleep but whatever! With this you have to use this at night because you look like you were playing in the mud with the Night Crème I used about a two dime-size squirts from the very cool dispensing top it has like a pump that releases just the right amount . over entire face, neck, and backs of hands. I used this every other evening to start and now use it every night. It really is a very well crafted jar – you won’t waste a drop of this The crème is a bit sticky feeling in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror you’ll think you look like you were out sun tanning the day before, After I washed my face and took a closer look at my skin I was impressed.. very nice product It has powerful antioxidants: Coffea arabica extract, pine bark, goji & açai berries, grape seed, pomegranate, green tea, and vitamins A, C and E.

    I love a good antioxidant for our skin and my only wish is that it was just a little more affordable. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 star rating is because it’s soooo expensive! But worthy the splurge if you are looking for a VERY good product to use!

    1. @irene, you’re smart! I didn’t catch on to that pump dispenser for a long while…I thought it was a strangely designed false top so I just unscrewed the lower top and dug in. The pump makes me use the product much more judiciously, but I know I can still scrape the bottom and sides for every last bit.

  3. @Sherrishera, not I, my husband figured it out.. I was like look at the weird top on this container.. what a waste of plastic…
    It’s genius! I’m glad I can get every last drop of this too!

  4. I tested out Replere’s Skin Tonic and the Repair & Replenish Night Creme and I have to say, I was super impressed with this line. The tonic does have a nice tingle to it and really worked well on my oil prone skin, leaving a clean matte surface. I found myself using it a lot in the morning to prep for makeup application and it works great. The night creme, however, is my favorite. This luxurious creme is packed with powerful ingredients, I love the coffee smell and I swear, it made my face so smooth and soft every morning when I woke up. Yes the color throws you a bit, but I didn’t mind because the creme really worked to even out my skin and actually bring some suppleness back. I’ve never used a jar with the push top to dispense, and I LOVE it! Keeps all the bacteria out and dispenses just the right amount. I really want to get more, when mine runs out, but the price tag definitely hurts. But, with how effective it was, in a short amount of time, I may have to make the splurge….four strong stars for me, only because of the price. Well done Replere!

  5. I tested Replere’s face wash and day lotion. I have very, very oily skin, but I found that using it twice a day was a little bit drying. I did like its chemical exfoliation properties though, and felt like my skin was smoother. It does cleanse, but a separate makeup remover is needed if you wear any makeup at all. I personally prefer cream facial cleansers that have a thick lather to foaming cleansers…although the texture of this is thinner than I would like, how it preforms is pretty impressive. The scent is clean and refreshing. It is expensive, but since most people would probably use this only once a day, or once every other day, as a chemical exfoliant rather than a twice-daily face wash, it will last awhile. I’d give it 3.5 stars.

    The day lotion surprised me at first because of the color. It is quite tinted, but looked okay on my medium skin tone. On lighter skin tones, it might be too dark. It was nicely moisturizing, and didn’t make my face oily. I do like the packaging with the pump, but as @sherrishera pointed out, it makes it hard to get every last drop–which is a big deal when you’re paying $90 for 1 ounce! I’d say that it’s a decent lotion, but the price is high for its performance.

  6. Mmmmm, coffee scented cream and lotion! I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee and having it available for a cream/lotion sounds like a great way to start my day! Not sure about at night time, or at that price tag ($90 and up is a bit steep for me!) but it certainly sounds like something I’d like to try! Great review @sherrishera !

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