RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner review

RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner review

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Is it the answer we’re seeking for long and lush lashes? See our before and after photos!

We Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. photo: we heart this

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” ~Audrey Hepburn

Eyes are undoubtedly one of the first features that a person notices. The eyes and eye area can say so much about a person. They can indicate age, if the nearby skin is dry or wrinkled. They can also indicate emotions, such as surprise or fear or happiness. Or even show signs of good health or illness. Researchers have even found correlations between eye characteristics and personality traits, so it’s no wonder that women seek to enhance this feature as much as possible with makeup, creams, and other products!

One ocular feature that is particularly desirable is long, lush lashes. Long lashes are a universal sign of health, youthfulness, and beauty. There are numerous ways to temporarily enhance the look of your eyelashes, but it was only recently that products were developed that could improve the look of your lashes for an extended period of time. RevitaLash Eyelash ConditionerWe Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. ($69) is one of those products.

One of the most popular and renowned lash treatments in the industry, the RevitaLash formula contains “a proprietary blend of proven functional cosmetic ingredients…combined with an infusion of powerful peptides and soothing botanicals, designed to both beautify and nourish the eyelashes.”

We Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. Day 1: My lashes before RevitaLash (lash photos: marilyn for we heart this)

The story behind RevitaLash (and its parent company, Athena Cosmetics Inc.) is even more beautiful than the eyelashes that they promise. Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff developed RevitaLash for his wife Gayle, whose lashes were damaged by the chemotherapy she was receiving to treat her breast cancer. Miraculously, her eyelashes began to appear healthier within weeks.

Today, Athena Cosmetics Inc. donates units of RevitaLash to worthy causes, volunteers their time and energy towards events such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and makes cash donations to organizations that seek to find a cure for breast cancer. Honestly, reading about Gayle, and Athena’s commitment to philanthropy nearly brought tears to my eyes!

Now on to my RevitaLash Eyelash ConditionerWe Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. experience! The 4.1ml tube that I received to test is about the size of a liquid eyeliner tube. It seemed a little small for what was theoretically a six month supply. But the packaging is sleek and slightly clinical looking.

The brush is similar to that of a liquid eyeliner brush, and easily applied the RevitaLash conditioner. For the next 30 days, I faithfully followed the directions and applied Revitalash once daily, before bed…

We Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. Eyelash Update: Day 14 of my RevitaLash regime

My Revitalash routine had me dutifully applying one coat of the product every night (before bed) to both my top and bottom lashes. Occasionally during the application process, I would get a little in my eye, and it stings quite a bit. While Revitalash states that it shouldn’t get in your eye with proper use (and is safe for eyes), I’m a bit of a klutz, and it did make my eyes red and watery for a minute or two.

After three weeks (the minimum amount of time needed to see results), my eyelashes did seem slightly longer and fuller, both my top and bottom lashes. It can take anywhere from 3-10 weeks to see results, and I would say that I’m definitely beginning to see some lengthening of my top lashes, and an increase in the number of lashes along my lower lashline. Now, I can’t wait to hear about the lash results for my fellow testers!

We Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. Day 31: The results.

• Easy to use brush applicator.
• Appealing packaging.
• Less expensive than many other eyelash conditioners currently on the market.
• Did not cause darkening of the skin or iris (although these are listed as possible side effects).
• Definitely a company that I can get behind!

• It takes several weeks to see results.
• Must continue use to maintain results.
• It burns if it gets in your eye. While it will not cause lasting damage, it hurts like heck!
• Caused some momentary irritation of the eyelid.
• Possible side effects include darkening of the skin or iris.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with RevitaLash! I look forward to continuing to use the rest of my six month supply, and seeing if my eyelashes are even more dramatic.

Fellow testers and wht readers – have you grown lush lashes with the aid of RevitaLash? Meet me in the comments to see more reviews and talk eyelashes!

Shop RevitaLash Eyelash ConditionerWe Heart This tries out the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and offers a full review on the RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. at!

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20 thoughts on “RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner review”

  1. I did not test RevitaLash but I couldn’t wait to read about your experience @lipglossandspandex – the photos speak volumes! Although your lashes were beautiful to begin with…

    I’ve been scared off by the possible darkening of the iris. I wonder how rare this side effect is?

  2. I used RevitaBrow and after about 3 weeks I saw darker and thicker eyebrows. It didn’t grow in any of the sparse areas on my brows, which is what I was hoping for, though. A few weeks after I ran out of the product, my eyebrows reverted to normal.

  3. RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner has finally begun to wow me. It’s been in the works for 57 days now after receiving this product on February 2nd 2011. I have good lashes to begin with so it was difficult to see any dramatic changes until a few weeks ago. I was beginning to question if I’d see any significant growth at all. I should have taken a picture of my lashes like Marilyn did at the onset, and another now because I do see a difference in the thickness and length of my lashes both upper and lower. I’m glad I have persevered and can see the difference for myself. I am impressed with the loving story behind the invention of this product and support its cause wholeheartedly. I have already recommended this product to a friend who is undergoing chemo-therapy and loosing her hair. I am glad we have many products to help bridge that gap and make life a bit easier to cope with trying times in our lives. The only think I wish was that it worked faster, but shame on me for wanting something overnight. That’s really unrealistic thinking! Remember anything worthwhile, 9 times out of 10 has to be waited for. This is worth waiting for! I give this four solid stars- 1 less because it is rather expensive.

  4. I can’t really see a difference in the photos. Is it just me?

    Even though I don’t need this (my lashes are long enough! No need to make them touch my forehead! Yikes!), I might keep this in mind if I ever think about filling in those few sparse areas from my trich.

  5. What a beautiful background story -thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to hear about your future results, too. Please keep us informed for as long as your supply lasts!

  6. While I don’t have a need to use any of the RevitaLash or RevitaBrow products I have recommended them to patients while working as a radiation therapist. A lot of my patients were on chemo as well, and eyelashes and brows aren’t just “normal” looking, they’re important! You have no idea how much crap can get into your eyes without the protective hair. My patients loved the products, so that’s testimony enough for me!

    Great photos @Lipglossandspandex !

  7. Thanks for reviewing this! On the fence about this for the longest time, but now when has their 20% event, I will definitely be buying some! Thanks, as ever!

  8. @irene, I know how you feel! I was hoping for really dramatic results within three weeks, but I had to remember that it takes time for these things.

    It is kind of hard to tell from the pictures, and the progress was slight, but noticeable (at least in the mirror)! As of today, I’ve been using it for just under 8 weeks, and can REALLY see a huge differences in my lash length! (I tried to photograph it for you gals to see, but again, the pictures looked the same). I pinky promise my lashes really are longer–I can especially tell when I put on mascara. It ALMOST looks like I have on fake lashes, it’s that great! (I’ve been using the same mascara, so it’s not the mascara that’s doing it).

    I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 if I could, because it is spendy. However, I’m pretty sure I’d buy it in the future!

    1. Marilyn,lipglossandspandex
      Something recently started to happen because of Revitalash. I’m finding myself not having to put mascara on as much or only a little. I like when I do though; cause they look really good!

  9. Oh…I wish I had taken photos! I was able to test RevitaLash and I was so excited to do so. I am into lashes! It took about 3-4 weeks for me to notice a difference but I did notice. It wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped. A few years ago I dropped the big bucks for Latisse and had dramatic results with it…but I have heard that no matter what they say that there is something in there that isn’t great for your eyes. So this is definitely a safer product. I put some RevitaLash on my brows too and noticed a difference in this one area that had thinned out a bit. I think for the money it is worth the results…but you do have to be diligent about using it. 4 stars because it does what it is intended to do…but it doesn’t do what you really, really hope it does – make your lashes really crazy long and thick.

  10. Oh, I see a difference in those pics! It’s slight, but it’s there. And I saw a difference in my lashes too. Again, slight but there! But honestly, my lashes are pretty long and full to begin with. I bet if you started with really sparse lashes, you’d notice the increase even more. (And it’s a really sweet story that this was developed for his wife.) Despite having pretty nice lashes already, like anyone I’d love them longer and fuller! So I faithfully used this every night for a month and a half. That’s the key consistency. And that was HARD! There are very few things I do daily. But if you use it, it does work.

    I think if you really need this, it’s well worth the price and the commitment. 4 stars from me!

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  14. I tested Revitalash a few years ago. I experienced some success with the product. I saw a bit of growth. But I think that I saw more lushness and fullness with my lashes rather than a lot of new length. So I do feel that it works. But I was super nervous about the possible side effects. So for that reason and the price I did not repurchase. But if I lost my lashes I would certainly turn to this product for help as it does seem to work. So I am giving it 3 stars for now.

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