RUCHE – vintage inspired, modern appeal

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RUCHE - vintage inspired, modern appeal

I think I was born in the wrong era. I’ve always wanted to be a girl of the 1950’s. I absolutely love the style of that time period. I daydream about dressing up in high heels, wearing an adorable a-line dress that shows off my imaginary 24 inch waist. In this fantasy I always have my makeup freshly applied and my hair perfectly styled. I envision myself sitting in my spotless home, while the kids play without a peep in a room nearby (of course, without making a mess or having one single fight). Luckily for me, I can fulfill part of this fantasy without leaving my messy home, while the kids fight in the other room; as I shop online at one of my new favorite vintage inspired stores RUCHE.

RUCHE describes itself as “the modern woman’s boutique with a vintage touch”. This online boutique handpicks each item they offer from small boutique lines. These are not clothes you will see on the lady next to you in the checkout line. These are pieces that will make you stand out in a crowd and make all the women you know secretly wonder where in the world you shop. Clothes that are hip, trendy and perfect for the vintage-loving women of today.

RUCHE offers clothing, accessories, shoes, purses, and jewelry. Not only are the items vintage inspired and unique, but they are also very affordable. RUCHE prides itself in believing that “you don’t have to empty out your pocketbooks to look good.” Seriously, gotta love a company that has that motto!

If you need inspiration for the vintage inspired outfit of your dreams, check out their lookbook for outfit ideas and suggestions. The outfit that seriously left me lusting was this one entitled Freudian Frills (shown below), which consists of a gorgeous ruffled top in blush, a cream colored lacy cardigan and a flattering a-line belted brown skirt. Paired with this is an adorable floral headband and the peep toe wedges; how can I resist? Especially at about $250 for the WHOLE outfit.

Harmonic Rhythm

Another favorite was Harmonic Rhythm (top photo). I adore the dandelion bowtie skirt especially paired with the floral headband. The whole outfit (including boots) will cost you under $167!

If you are a modern, vintage loving girl, do yourself a favor; go check out RUCHE!

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  1. These clothes are amazing…they remind me of Anthropology. I’ve always been a frequent shopper at the sale racks there but even those will empty out your wallet pretty fast. What is knocking me out almost as much as the style at Ruche is the affordability. @Tiffany – you may have solved my winter wardrobe woes singlehandedly with this post. Thank you!

  2. @tiffany, thank you for the great post! I love these clothes and they remind me of Anthropology as well!
    I am so tired of all the clothes out there (and people) looking so cookie cutter, that is why I love vintage so much! Thanks for some fresh, unique vintage inspired clothes!

  3. These clothes are adorable and affordable.. Now, that’s something to talk about! Stephanie makes a great point about vintage clothes being unique and not remotely like what everyone is wearing..This was so refreshing to see! Great post @tiffany.

  4. The Dandelion Skirt is amazing! RUCHE seems to have some pretty impressive offerings. I just love vintage looks!!

  5. oh this is just great…Another website with cute, affordable clothes to suck me in :) And I thank you @tiffany for introducing me to RUCHE! I love sites like these as I am a huge fan of mixing different brands and price ranges in my wardrobe. It’s really important to so you can still feel stylish + not break the bank at the same time :) I’m so excited to go home and browse this site.

  6. @tiffany, Oh no! Another website with cute, affordable clothes to suck me in! I all ready have a long list of wants!!! ACK!

  7. well, I’m bored at work and just went window shopping at RUCHE. I have found some very cute Fall dress that I will be purchasing later tonight! :)

  8. So many things on the RUCHE site caught my eye! @tiffany, are their things cut true-to-size? Thanks for the shopping tip!

  9. I agree on the “Affordable Anthropolgie.” Why does Anthropolgie think they need to charge $298 for a cotton dress???

    But ie “vintage inspired” vibe there – those clothes are so cute, so fun, so me! I have a feeling I’ll have no trouble emptying my wallet there! Amazing discovery!!!

  10. To be honest, I’ve never been that great of a fan of vintage style…but looking at just the sample picture you put up, all I can say is let the browsing begin! Thanks for the find! =D

  11. The vintage look isn’t usually one I wear, but I do love it! There are so many adorable things on RUCHE’s website, and I was surprised how affordable many of their dresses were. I’ve bookmarked their page already. :)

  12. Fell in love with their jewelry and purses too. Really cute stuff. Best of all…affordable and stylish!

  13. @tiffany – This was a great post. I love RUCHE because lately when I have been shopping I feel like many of those clothes are just not that unique.

    I love Harmonic Rhythm!!

  14. Great review. Often, I long to wear the later 40s/early 50s style. I want to get in touch with my ladylikeness (is that a word) while maintaining my 21st century social status. I”m going to check out Ruche. I wonder if they carry plus sizes.

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